14 Outstanding Children's Books About Astronauts

Goodnight, Astronaut

Luminescent illustrations add a certain magic to this astronaut bedtime story. Little children will love learning about the experiences of the author, famous astronaut Scott Kelly. The lyrical text will lull little ones into a sleep filled with adventurous dreams into outer space. Older children will appreciate the technical aspects of the story as well as the inspirational message about reaching for the stars.



Astronaut Books for Kids Are Out of this World

Spark your little one's interest in outer space through reading children's astronaut stories. These books will inspire kids to think about the vast universe and all the possibilities that exist within and even beyond our solar system. One of the best ways to expand a child's mind is by building a home library with a wide selection of scientific topics about space missions. Kids especially interested in space travel will also enjoy stories about the sun that introduce the star closest to Earth and the role it plays in supporting life on this planet. Your child may be the next astronaut to fly to the moon and beyond, or perhaps even the engineer who designs a new rocket ship or space station. Their dreams for the future will be ignited by the books you read to them today! Next, read all about rocket ships the way these awesome machines work and introduce basic terminology for curious future space explorers.


Where's the Astronaut?

It's never too soon to spark a baby's interest in outer space. This adorable toddler book about astronauts has fun, interactive elements like lifting flaps and peaking into a mirror. Little ones will have fun finding hidden people and objects under the sturdy flaps. Pair this with a plush astronaut or spaceship for a cute baby shower gift!



 Astrid the Astronaut

Meet Astrid, the star of an easy reader chapter book series, who eager to start the new school year. She and her best friend make plans to join the Shooting Stars club, an organization for kids who are fascinated with outer space. But Hallie changes course and decides to do the art club instead, Astrid is left wondering if she can have any fun without the comfort of her friend at her side. Will Astrid muster up the courage to find her own way, which includes a trip to an actual space camp? An appealing and accessible book for kids learning how to navigate friendships and staying true to their own interests.




 Astronauts on the Space Station

José is leading a team of astronauts on a mission to the International Space Station. The group has very important research to conduct once they arrive. They are tasked with studying the effects of outer space on plant life and the human body. Unfortunately, they encounter a problem when some floating debris that damages their space ship and the astronauts must work quickly to come up with a solution. 



 Astronaut Handbook

Aspiring astronauts will learn a lot in this humorous book about a group of googly-eyed adventurers. They hop aboard the Vomit Comet for the trip of a lifetime to the moon! This gang also endures tedious measurements as they are fitted for spaces suits. They learn about a weightless, zero-gravity environment and sample all kinds of food in space. Non-fiction books about astronauts have never been so funny!


Ultimate Spotlight: Astronauts 

A fun book full of interactive features like tabs to pull and flaps to lift. Preschoolers will love learning about what astronauts wear in outer space and how they train for their missions. Colorful pictures and age-appropriate content will keep the attention of little readers ready to blast off on an adventure. They will have fun sending a rocket ship into space and moving the astronauts around on each of the pages.


Space for Smart Kids: A Little Scientist's Guide to Astronauts, Gravity, Rockets, and the Atmosphere 

A sturdy board book about outer space, just right for babies and toddlers, is a unique choice for baby showers and birthday parties. Animated rockets and lively, expressive planets teach little tots interesting terms like ozone layer and gravity. Kids will also learn the names for different parts of a rocket as they travel with a little astronaut on a trip to Mars. Simple text and colorful pictures teach young readers all about exploring the big universe.



 Mousetronaut Goes to Mars

An astronaut mouse, who bears the mighty name Meteor, is off on a exciting mission to Mars. Author Mark Kelly, United States Navy captain and commandeer of space shuttle Endeavour, brings his own experiences to life in this picture book. Children will be inspired by the tiny rodent's courage when he boards a rocket ship and blasts into outer space to save the day. The award-winning illustrator, C.F. Payne, creates an out-of-this-world pictorial that matches the excitement of this journey. Back matter includes fascinating details about space travel for kids who want an in-depth tutorial.



 i want to be an astronaut

Byron Barton's signature graphics work especially well in this astronaut book for toddlers. Little tots will love learning about what astronauts eat, how they move around in zero gravity, and what happens when a spaceship needs to be fixed. Short, simple, and easy-to-understand text is just right for young audiences with curious minds but short attention spans!



 Mousetronaut: Based on a Partially True Story

Astronaut Mark Kelly found inspiration for this book based on his own experiences taking mice on a journey into space. In a story about hard work and perseverance, kids will learn that these traits are far more important than size. A tiny mouse with big ambitions earns a place on the rocket ship over larger mice. When an unforeseen disaster occurs, the astronauts have to rely on the smallest crew member, Meteor, to save them from catastrophe.

 Can Princesses Become Astronauts? 

Short rhyming verse and charming illustrations depict a little princess in a variety of occupations. Teachers, builders, veterinarians and, of course, astronauts are all amazing professions for princesses everywhere to pursue! A wonderful message to inspire little girls to dream big, reach for the stars, and never quit. The message strikes just the right tone for girls who can achieve whatever they want in life. This book is perfect to give girls of any stage and approaching any big milestone on their journey. 



 Who Was Neil Armstrong?

A fascinating chapter book provides kids with insight into Neil Armstrong's childhood and the path he followed to become a world renown astronaut. Short, illustrated chapters are perfect for beginners who will learn about the first man to walk on the moon. The book takes readers back to Neil's childhood as an Eagle Scout when he built model airplanes. There are lots of interesting excerpts about space travel, technology, and other interesting events. 



 So You Want to Be an Astronaut 

An inspirational picture book perfect for any kid who dreams of space travel. Told from the perspective of an astronaut, kids will read about all the training it takes before setting foot on a rocket ship. In addition to technical abilities, readers will also be challenged to think about the values and traits they need to possess in order to reach this lofty goal.



If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon

Quite easily the best birthday book for kids who love outer space, this exciting picture book features a group of astronaut partygoers. They hop onto a rocket and blast off for a an epic celebration on the moon. Lots of lessons about the atmosphere are embedded in a story with kids observing what happens to birthday candles and balloons on the moon. Sidebars provide extra information for kids interested in more facts. Be sure to check out the back of this entertaining children's astronaut book for additional terminology and lessons about outer space.

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Astronaut Stories Inspire Space Exploration

Take your little ones on a journey to out space from the comfort of your own home. The best children's books about astronauts take kids on an extraordinary expedition into the atmosphere. Young readers will learn all about the spacesuits that protect them from temperature fluctuations and keep them safe from space dust and other particles. Kids will be fascinated to read about how these explorers breath, what they eat, how they go to the bathroom, and fall asleep in a place where there is zero gravity.

Curious minds will be fascinated by the extensive training, upwards of 300 hours, in space simulators and virtual reality laboratories. Inspirational stories may even inspire some to go into a career working for NASA or  a technology company that builds space exploration equipment. The experiences shared throughout these books will encourage readers dream about all of the exciting missions they want to complete in their own lifetime.



Best Astronaut Toys for Kids Who Love Outer Space  

Looking for a creative gift to give a science-minded child? Grab a few books about astronauts and add a toy rocket ship to the package. Birthday gifts that stick with a theme elevate the fun factor to a whole new level. Below you will find some favorite space-related gifts that will stir up the imagination and inspire children to dream about their own trip to the moon one day! 


nasa space shuttle toy

NASA Space Shuttle

Imaginations will soar with this realistic space shuttle. The light and sounds and mechanical doors that open and close provide extra entertainment. The set comes with an astronaut figurine as well.


astronaut costume 

Astronaut Costume

Not just for Halloween! This costume will encourage endless hours of pretend play all year long. Kids will feel like they are real-life astronauts in this space suit with a NASA patch, as well as zippers and pockets. The set comes with a backpack with a place to personalize it and a NASA cap. Suitable for ages 3-7.



lego astronaut set


Lego Space Mission Set

A fun lego set that includes a space craft, a couple of asteroids, and astronaut figurines ready to explore Mars. Hours of imaginary play are guaranteed with this lego kit designed for children who love outer space and adventure. Geared toward kids 6 and older, this toy would make a perfect birthday gift along with some books about astronauts!



stuffed astronaut and space shuttle 

Plush Astronaut and Space Shuttle

Pair this soft and cuddly stuffed set with a few children's astronaut books for a fun birthday gift idea. A perfect way to inspire toddlers and encourage imaginary play. The shuttle, which is about 10 inches tall, is the perfect size for little hands to explore and play.


astronaut on the moon


Astronaut Trivia for Kids

 After story time is over, you will want to share these cool facts about the life and history of astronauts and everything we have learned from their explorations.

  • The term ASTRONAUT literally means star sailor. It's a Greek term formed from the words astron and nautes. Sailors are typically considered explorers at sea, but it makes total sense to use this word for those who navigate outer space.
  • Have you always wanted to be a little bit taller? Then consider becoming an astronaut. When in microgravity, astronauts grow by about 3% , but unfortunately this is only temporary. As soon as they return to earth, their bodies shrink back to original size.
  • A trip to the International Space Station sounds pretty interesting. But in addition to becoming a highly skilled astronaut, all individuals must learn Russian before they go. It is essential so they can read and understand manuals on the Russian side of the station.
  • One dirty little secret about being an astronaut is the need to wear diapers when on a space mission. Called Maximum Absorbency Garments, they come in handy during long missions when using a proper bathroom is just not convenient or even possible.
  • Sally Ride is a famous for two good reasons. She was the first American female to travel to outer space, and she was also the youngest astronaut from the US to travel to the moon.




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