12 Brilliant Kids' Books About the Sun

sun one in a billion

Sun! One in a Billion

Told in first person narrative, kids will be immediately captivated by the sun's brilliant personality that shines through. The protagonist delivers a comprehensive lesson about its role in the universe. Readers will learn how the sun is classified in the Milky Way, which stars are the nearest neighbors, how far away it is from earth, and more interesting facts.


Brightest Sun Books for Children

The sun may be 93 million miles away, but it is the visual alarm clock for little ones waking up in the morning and settling in for bed at night. The solid looking ball in the sky is really a photosphere of insanely hot plasma. Ironically, the sun is entirely too hot for anything to live on it, and yet every living being on planet Earth relies on the sun to survive. The sun is at once fierce and beautiful as is moves across the sky, rising in the east and setting in the west. Reaching children's stories about the sun is a great way to share all the intriguing, scientific facts woven throughout books that are easy to understand for the youngest little ones. Additionally, be sure to read stories about thunderstorms to help young readers understand the connection between the heat generated by the sun and the lightning and thunder associated with big storms.


i like the sun

I Like the Sun

A cheery, rhyming story celebrating the sun in all its glory. Jubilant characters bask in the warm rays of the shining sphere, spreading light and happiness everywhere. A fantastic read for preschoolers with a page in the back filled with scientific information all about the sun.




what the sun sees

What the Sun Sees

A unique concept book that presents opposing stories based on night and day. When the sun rises, the sky is a breathtaking blue color and the world below comes to life. The animals awake from slumber and fill the barnyard with loud chatter. People flood into the streets to begin their daily activities. Flowers blossom in fields flooded by sunlight. Flip the book over to view what the world is like once the sun sets and darkness settles upon everyone. Little ones are sound asleep while a quiet calm surrounds them. A lovely, repetitive book that conveys the significance of the sun in the daily rhythm of all life.



the sun is kind of a big deal

The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal

A comical story starring the sun, who deserves to be front and center of this cartoon-style picture book. Set against a black backdrop, the stand-out character shares tons of snippets. There are lots of easily understood concepts and explanations for the sun's role in providing light and heat to all those on Earth. There are also plenty of more challenging tidbits with sophisticated, scientific terminology explaining more about all the various planets and the singular star in the entire solar system- the sun! 



if sun could speak

If Sun Could Speak

The sun speaks loud and clear in this funny book packed with valuable STEM information. In a lighthearted, humorous tone, the golden sphere introduces some pretty complex concepts that will appeal to readers interested in the earth sciences. A wide breadth of topics are covered, including the sun's history, myths, and scientific discoveries. Written in lyrical language, kids will hardly notice they are receiving quite an education about the sun's past, present, and future, as well as other valuable facts.



stella keeps the sun up

Stella Keeps the Sun Up

An energetic little girl who is full of ideas decides that life is too exciting to sleep. Since the setting of the sun is associated with bedtime, Stella formulates a plan to keep the sun awake forever. With the help of her friend, Roger, the kids try several tactics to no avail. From trying to pass a cup of coffee to the shining sphere to flashing a light in the sky to keep the sun awake, their ideas are ineffective at keeping the dark at bay. After tirelessly working toward they goal of avoiding sleep, the friends start to wonder if maybe taking a rest is not a bad thing after all.



the way to start a day

The Way to Start a Day

A poetic, meditative tribute to all the different ways people throughout history have worshipped the sunrise. Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, cavemen, and other cultures throughout various lands all sing, chant, pray, and hold rituals around the sun rising every single day. A Caldecott medal book with evocative pictures that capture the spirituality of sun worship.



dear sunshine

Dear Sunshine

A short, sweet, and sunny book about all the ways this gigantic star in the sky takes care of the living things below. An easy-to-follow introduction perfect for toddlers. Bright, cheerful pictures will make little ones smile as they learn about why people, plants, and animals rely on the sun for survival.



sun and moon

Sun and Moon

A gorgeously rendered picture book about Moon's desire to trade places with Sun. the wise Sun, although amenable to the switch, suggests that Moon evaluate his life one last time before deciding. Readers are then whisked away on an enchanting journey where the foxes hunt freely and children sleep deeply. The beauty of the night is brought to life, and Moon reconsiders whether he wants to leave it all behind. 


 the sun shines everywhere

The Sun Shines Everywhere>

People are united by the one sun that shines above everyone and everything. No matter where or when people live their lives on this earth, they all enjoy the gift of light and heat provided by the same brilliant sphere in the sky. Told in rhyme, this story celebrates the sun's role in building community, embracing diversity, and caring for the environment.


sun up sun down

Sun Up, Sun Down

A basic introductory book about the sun on the right level for preschoolers. Interesting, retro-style illustrations and short sentences keep even the youngest audiences interested and engaged. 




Just right for toddlers and preschoolers, this little book covers some basic concepts around playing outdoors in the sunshine. Pictures of little cherubs putting on sunscreen and wearing hats to protect their faces will seem familiar. Kids run around outside and take a dip in the pool with the sun shining high in the sky.


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Stories About the Sun: Earth's Most Important Star

There are lots of reasons to read stories about the closest star to our planet. In fact, it is a second generation star which means that it was partially formed by other, older stars. Through reading kids' books about the sun, young minds will learn that rays take eight minutes to reach Earth, and that it emits more energy in a single second than humans have produced in over 10,000 years. Readers will be fascinated by facts about the sun, like its gravitational pull is responsible for anchoring Earth with the other planets in the solar system. The sun's energy drives the entire climate system, however, slight variations in the heat it emits is not a contributing factor in global warming.

Kids interested in learning the reasons why temperature are rising will like reading picture books about climate change. The sun plays a vital role in providing the necessary heat and light for plants and crops to grow. Through a process called photosynthesis, plants utilize the sun's energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates. These carbohydrates, or sugar, are required for plants to grow. But it is not the only natural resource required to support our natural food source. There are a variety of insects that play a crucial role in pollinating the plants and vegetation humans and animals consume. Here are some of the best books about the most valuable bugs.

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