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11 Cool Facts for Kids About Pirates

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Cool Pirate Facts for Little Mateys 

Authors of children's pirate books put their own spin on these characters, often portraying these adventurous characters to fit their storyline. Here are some interesting pirate facts that are perhaps a bit more true to life! 

  • Pirates were oftentimes ordinary people forced into a life of sea robbery due to financial hardship.
  • Words and phrases like Arrrgg and Shiver Me Timbers were written in the Disney script for Treasure Island. There is no evidence that real pirate-speak exists.  
  • Pirates did really wear earrings but not to show off their treasure. It was a tactic to ward off seasickness. Unfortunately, it must have had more of a placebo effect since balance issues are part of the inner ear, not the earlobe.
  • Pirates did have flags with menacing symbols, but not necessarily the skull and crossbones flag we see in every pirate book and movie. A couple of examples include an hourglass with the devil and a blood-red skeleton.
  • Eyepatches were worn to adapt to lightness and darkness as pirates moved above and below deck. This life-saving technique was needed to make quick adjustments to brightness during raids.
  • The concept of walking the plank is likely fiction created to add drama to pirate stories. Instead, pirates just swiftly pushed their victims overboard.
  • Pirates' drink of choice was called grog. This mixture of rum and water added to the rowdy nature of these notoriously loud mateys.
  • Pirates were sometimes commissioned by the government, especially during war. These pirates were called privateers.
  • Treasure maps were not utilized by pirates to find hidden gold and jewels. However, they were known to steal sailing charts to help them navigate at sea.
  • The most feared pirate in China was actually a woman named Ching Shih. She established a terroristic reign over the South China Sea with a fleet in the hundreds. When the navy was unsuccessful at controlling her, the Chinese government was forced to step in and negotiate a truce.
  • Blackbeard was real. This feared pirate, whose birth name was Edward Teach, was a threat to anyone who dared to set sail on the Atlantic Ocean. He rightfully earned a place in pirate folklore for his brutal ways. Many people still question where he may have hidden his vast treasure.





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