38 Adventurous Children's Pirate Books


pirate boy

This is one of our favorite books for preschoolers. A tiny tot named Danny enjoys sitting with his mother and reading all about pirates. His imagination carries him away and he wonders what would happen if he sailed off with some buccaneers. His mother gently assures him that there is no obstacle that would get in the way of her retrieving him from the pirate ship at sea.

pirate ship

 Kids' Books About Pirates Full of Fun Facts 

For all the small mateys in your life, we've gathered together the most swashbuckling pirate books to stretch their imaginations. Perhaps your kiddo caught the pirate bug watching a favorite TV show. Buccaneers have a sneaky way of showing up at theme parks attractions, trick-or-treating on Halloween, and in the movies. Avast Ye....we have gathered simply the best stories for kids of all ages who are looking for a little adventure at sea! So batten down the hatches for your are sure to be buried reading for a long while.


10 pesky pirates 

Ahoy, matey! Lift the flaps to discover all kinds of fun surprises aboard the ship. Toddlers will get to practice counting with their pesky pirate friends. Cute illustrations in bright colors add to the festivities happening at sea.



pirates don't take baths

A feisty piggy despises bath time, so he pretends to be a whole cast of different characters to try to avoid his fate. Eskimos, astronauts, knights and most certainly pirates never take baths. A funny story about a nighttime routine that piggies, and maybe some toddlers, would prefer to skip.


 goodnight pirate

The best way to fill a little one's night with sweet dreams is by reading a bedtime story. And for kids who love pirates, reading this sweet, simple, rhyming book is the perfect way to end the day. Charming pictures and rich, vibrant colors in blue hues capture the calm sea at night.



 even pirates poop

Pirate Pete is a bit puzzled about the purpose of the potty. He uses it for all sorts of creative things, except for its main purpose. Preschoolers will get a kick out of lifting the flaps in this interactive pirate/potty book complete with a rewards chart.


 go go pirate boat

Aye, this is our favorite board book , set to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat. A captain and a couple of pirates set out to sea in search of a treasure. A jolly fun read aloud perfect for the preschool crowd.


 pirate ship

If a preschooler can't play on a real pirate ship, then this book is the next best thing! A highly interactive book with flaps, tabs, spinners, and other entertaining features, little mateys will get lots of practice using their fine motor skills.


 we're going on a treasure hunt

An adventure-seeking cast of eclectic pirates sets sail, determined to overcome every obstacle in search of the elusive treasure! Cheer on these friendly mateys as they face some rough water and other kinds of trouble.



 good night pirate ship

Join a couple of munchkins as they explore and say goodnight to all sorts of objects related to pirate ships. Learn about spyglasses, treasure chests, pirate flags, pirate clothing and other  aspects of a buccaneer's life.



 lit for little hands peter pan 

A lavishly illustrated, interactive board book tells the true story of Peter Pan. Toddlers will enjoy helping Peter try to catch his shadow, fly through the sky, and battle pirates. Lots of wheels, flaps, tabs and other engaging features.


 pig kahuna pirates

A little imagination on the beach makes for a big adventure! Big brother pulls little brother out of a cranky mood when he invites him to play in his pirate ship made of sand. Join these two piglets as they morph into pirates and sail out into the high seas for lots of swashbuckling fun.



 narwhals and pirates

Toddlers who enjoy interactive board book will never put this one down. There is so much to see and do with this gem. Wheels to spin, tabs to pull, and flaps to lift! All kinds of water creatures, including some crazy shark pirates, are frolicking in this fun book.



 pirates in pajamas

Join some totally cute pirates as they ready for bed in their favorite pajamas. Somehow it's hard to look tough in polka-dotted, fuzzy, and downright fancy sleepwear. The Leaky Parrot is a pirate ship full of sleepy buccaneers that maybe (or maybe not?) will be tough enough to brave the seas in the morning.



where's the pirate

A short and sweet pirate story for babies. Tiny tots will love finding all the little pirates behind soft, red flaps. They will especially enjoy the reflection of their own appearance in the mirror on the last page. A cute addition to your little one's library.

bizzy bear pirate adventure

A super cute, chunky interactive board book with a darn friendly pirate at the helm. Lots of tabs to pull and flaps to lift as little ones help Bizzy Bear find the hidden treasure. If your toddler is not yet a pirate fan, he or she will be if you buy this colorful, entertaining book just the right size.



 lift the flap friends pirates 

If you can't take your toddler to tour a real pirate ship, this fantastic board book is the next best thing! Explore the every corner of the ship by lifting the flaps and discovering hidden treasures. Preschoolers will love this zany crew and learning all about life at sea.

pirate ship



 how i became a pirate

Numerous book awards have been given to this very deserving book. Told through the eyes of a little boy who has joined a pirate captain and his crew, youngster will learn plenty about life on board the ship. The voyage is full of pirate-speak and raucous behavior, which is all fun and games until it's time for bed. There surely are no goodnight kisses or bedtime stories with this bunch of scurvy dogs.


 the pirates are coming

Appealing, cartoonish illustrations enhance this charming book that is a twist on The Boy Who Cried Wolf! A boy named Tom makes it his mission to protect all the villagers from pirates. Every day he climbs to his lookout point and shouts out warnings every time he spots a ship. After too many false alarms, his voice falls in deaf ears and the villagers go about their busy days. But what happens when the day comes that pirates actually do appear in the distance? 



 Pirate Nell's Tale to Tell

Nell is not like any of the other pirates who have joined Captain Gnash and his crew. She has been preparing her entire life to become a pirate by reading books. Unfortunately, Nell, toting her handy Pirate's Almanac, finds that her literacy is not well respected amongst the other pirates or even the captain himself. One particularly rough day at sea, all of that changes when Nell, and her book, save the day.  A fun read-aloud with charming illustrations and a message that is absolutely on point.



 the antlered ship

A beautiful story featuring a crew of animals who discovers the greatest treasure of all- friendship. Marco the fox is not like the others. He has many burning questions about the world and has been unsucceful finding like-minded foxes that share his curiosity. So he eagerly joins a pirate ship with other furry crew members and a deer in command. They set sail on a journey that is about both the physical adventure at sea and personal growth.


 chicken of the sea

It's time for some chickens to get out of their comfort zone at the farm and seek adventure on the high seas. This feathered bunch is led by a haggard pirate captain on the journey of a lifetime. Lots of silliness ensues as these chickens learn about seasickness and courage.



 the grumpy pirate

Gus is one heck of a grumpy guy, so much so that the other pirates are about to make him walk the plank. They are sick and tired of this foul-mood bucaneer complaining about every single thing, from the time he gets up in the morning until he goes to bed at night. They make a plea for help from the Pirate Queen who decides to give Gus a parrot, who happens to be very grumpy himself.  When Gus comes face to face with his unpleasant feathered friend, he finally realizes that maybe it's time for an attitude adjustment of his own.


 there was an old pirate who swallowed a fish

A fun spin on the classic song "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly", this fun pirate book provides a sneak peak at the strange diet of a buccaneer.  Sure to elicit lots of giggles, each page builds on the previous as a pirate eats some gold, a map, and even the entire pirate ship.



 the berenstain bears pirate adventure 

Generations of readers have been enjoying the escapades of the Berenstain Bears family. Join the cubs as their imaginations run wild on their high seas adventure! Kids will love to follow along with a day full of pirate pretend play that culminates in a search for the treasure.



 pirates love underpants

Another fantastic book from the Underpants series featuring a cast of colorful pirates. They set out on a quest to find a unique treasure- a pair of gold underpants! Join a feisty crew of underwear-obsessed buccaneers who deliver an entertaining story full of humor and wit.


 pinkalicious and the pirates

A perfect book for budding readers who will learn that friends can be found in the unlikeliest places. Pinkalicious and Peter are startled when they run into some pirates at their favorite hidden cove. They put on brave faces to confront these unfamiliar characters and find that these buccaneers may not be so scary after all.


 The Pirates Next Door 

We surmise that young pirate fans would not be upset if the Jolly-Rogers moved next door. That is exactly what happens in a small town when a strange family settles in to make some necessary repairs on their ship. The adults steer clear of this new clan, but an inquisitive child strikes up a friendship with a pirate boy, much to her parents' dismay. When the pirates set asail once again, the townspeople find buried treasure left behind as gifts. They come to realize that they were wrong in their assessment of their temporary neighbors.



tough boris 

"You can't judge a book by its cover" has never been more true. Boris may look a little rough around the edges, but his insides are a different story. Readers are taken below deck for a sneak peak at the human side of pirates and their real emotions. Hint: This book can also help kids who are dealing with the loss of a pet. 



Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC

Instead of pillaging other boats, the pirates are ordered by their captain to capture every single letter of the alphabet. A fun seek-and-find element turns identifying letters into an exciting adventure at sea. Solid alliteration paired with each letter of the alphabet helps little readers learn the sounds. And a friendly cast of animal shipmates with plenty of pirate-speak provides swashbuckling entertainment. 



pirate princess

What happens when the circumstances into which you are born don't suit you? Well, you take charge of your own destiny, just like Princess Bea! Tea parties and other princess-like pursuits are not to her liking, so she joins a pirate ship to live out her dream on the sea. Unfortunately, the crew relegates her to cooking and swabbing the decks. In an ode to girl power, Princess Bea shows these mateys that their stereotypical views of females need to be revamped. A wonderful book for every kid who doesn't fit in the box with a pirate spin.



 Pirate vs. Pirate: The Terrific Tale of a Big, Blustery Maritime Match 

One of the most unique pirate stories about an intense rivalry between Bad Bart (a boy) and Mean Mo (a girl). One hails from the Pacific, and the other from the Atlantic. They meet in the middle for a series of competitions (like swimming with the sharks, throwing cannonballs, and lots of other tough stuff!) to prove who is the most worthy of pirates. Lots of action with a surprise ending that will warm your little reader's heart.



the pirate cruncher

You may want to buy this book for the artwork alone, it's that stunning and full of details to examine. The rhyming story is a fun read aloud from start to finish. But please note that these pirates are not the friendly sorts, so some of there activities may be a tad disturbing to little readers. Overall, we give a thumbs-up to this action-packed book about some nasty pirates who live up to their reputation.



 Dirty Joe, the Pirate: A True Story

Dirty Joe isn't an ordinary pirate pillaging the seas for just any old treasure. Nope! In fact, we're pretty certain he's the only pirate on the hunt for....dirty socks! As he leads his crew across the sea, determined to find the stinkiest treasure of all, Dirty Joe comes head to head with quite a rival- Stinky Annie. A tongue-twisting, jovial good read-aloud that will have mateys giggling until the very end.



Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map

Pete the Cat is always up for some groovy music and an adventure! In this action-packed book, he discovers a treasure map and sets out to find the buried gold. Pete and his pals are on a mission, and even a big, scary sea monster isn't going to get in their way. A bonus page of stickers in the back adds an extra touch of fun.



100 Questions About Pirates

Inquiring minds will devour this interesting pirate guide filled with answers to all kinds of pressing questions. There are also tons of pirate jokes and fantastic illustrations throughout. Looking for a gift? This novelty book would make a great companion to a few of our recommended picture books. Mateys everywhere will love it!

It's Not a School Bus, It's a Pirate Ship

A reassuring first day of school book that will speak to kids who like pirates! A little boy is feeling anxious about riding the school bus. He has all the usual worries, like where will he sit and if he will make any friends. With the help of his imagination, he decides the school bus is really a pirate ship full of mateys waiting for him to join them.



 How to Be a Pirate

This Little Golden Book is packed with the pirate-speak and terminology. Kids will enjoy listening to this rhyming pirate book and studying the goofy pictures of some  friendly pirates. Readers will learn some tidbits about pirate hygeine, etiquette, and fashion. Most importantly, kids will read about all the most important rules for being a good pirate.

 pirate stew

This imaginative book by Neil Gaiman is about the culinary adventure of a pirate and his crew. One starry night, they head out to make delicious pirate stew! In a non-sensical, humorous read aloud, kids will witness flying houses, donut feasts, and all kinds of other crazy events. 


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Reasons to Read Pirate Books to Children

What is it about pirates that are so fascinating to kids? We guess it has a lot to do with the way these swashbucklers are portrayed on TV and in the movies. Maybe it's the fascination with a fantasy world where dragons and other creatures battle for control. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, with its talented cast and phenomenal movie set, has certainly fueled the pirate frenzy. And for younger kiddos, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, a twist on Peter Pan, is a hugely popular cartoon series. There are many other movies and programs that have also glorified and romanticized the life aboard a boat. In reality, however, the way these characters are presented in entertainment is often very different than how real pirates really behaved.

We've gathered together some of the best  books for kids that will take them on adventures out in the high seas! Real pirates may be unsavory characters in real life, but in these picture books, they are just a rowdy bunch looking for a swashbuckling good time. Grab your favorite little matey, scoop up some of these recommended reads, and settle in for a fun ride!


pirate flag


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