15 Wild Children's Books About Cowboys and Cowgirls

Cowboy Camp

Cowboys are supposed to be tough and brave, but Avery isn't feeling like he fits the mold. While attending cowboy camp, he struggles to master the lasso and saddle. When a bully in the group starts to shake things up, Avery learns that he may have some cowboy skills after all. He stands up for the other campers and proves that courage comes in many different forms. 


Exciting Cowboy Books for Kids

Cowboys have carved a place in American history as rugged, hard-working individuals who live in harmony with the animals and land. Their personas are larger than life in movies and television shows, so it's no wonder that young children develop a fascination with cowboys. They are a popular choice for Halloween and dress-up costumes as well as characters kids like to imitate during pretend play. Reading children's books about cowboys and cowgirls will teach youngsters all about these horse-riding, lasso-throwing, cattle-herding men and women.



Kids will love the in-depth look atthe Old West.  Detailed pictures capture the excitement from early morning cattle round-ups to dinner around the campfire at the end of the day. Readers will learn what cowboys wear, the techniques they use while out on the range, and what happens at rodeos. This book is not a fictional story; rather, it is a very straightforward, detailed account of the life of ranchers.


i'll be a cowboy

Sammy has been excited for awhile about an upcoming party at school. All of the kids get to wear costumes. There are so many different options to consider. Sammy is thinking about being a knight or a pirate, but maybe his cowboy outfit will be the best one to choose. A delightful book for toddlers who love to engage in pretend play.


 cowgirls go to school 

    Nellie Sue is eager to start the new school year. She dresses in her apparel and heads out with her usual enthusiasm and zest for western life. Like many kids embarking on a new adventure, Nellie Sue is met with a few challenges. When the desk next to her best friend is occupied, she is forced to sit at the desk between a couple of troublemakers. Will she be able to use her imagination, which may be the size of Texas, to turn this day around and make some new friends? An inspiring story for little ones who need to adjust, adapt, and solve problems just like real cowgirls.



 Good Night Cowboys 

This sweet book  is the perfect bedtime story. Little kids will be lulled to sleep with all kinds of fun images dancing across the pages. Colorful pictures and simple text introduce toddlers to square dancing, lassos, rodeos, roping steer and all kinds of other cowboy activities. A wonderful introduction to life on a ranch for little ones.



 I Wanna Be a Cowgirl

A bouncy, rhyming book, just right for the preschool and kindergarten crowd, captures the heart and creative mind of a little girl. She engages in pretend play, where she gallops away on a (pretend) horse into the majestic, mountains (of her back yard). Whimsical illustrations add a fun and light tone to this endearing story. It's a refreshing reminder that little ones can explore, create, and dream without boundaries or limitations.



 Lasso the Moon

 Lasso a little one to sleep with this adorable bedtime book. Toddlers will fall in love with Little Tex and Rio Rosie, the cutest little cowboy and cowgirl pair, as they journey into the dark, starry night. There is something incredibly appealing about the sweet simplicity of the rhymes and illustrations. This one will soon be a favorite of your tiny tot. 



 Every Cowgirl Loves a Rodeo 

The county fair is definitely one of Nellie Sue's favorite events of the year. She throws on her cowgirl hat and enjoys a day playing games, petting animals, and competing in the (bike) rodeo. This year she is determined to beat A. J. Pickett, her close friend and chief rival in the competition. But when a goat interferes while A.J. is in the ring, Nellie Sue comes to the rescue. She's a trustworthy soul who values friendship over winning. An action-packed book about a cowgirl with a big heart.


 B is for Buckaroo: A Cowboy Alphabet

This may be an alphabet book, but it is quite an advanced introduction to a vast array of cowboy terms better suited for older children. The illustrations of cowboys riding horses are so intriguing that they could be framed and hung on the wall. Each word is accompanied by a lengthy explanation that will appeal to advanced readers who want a deeper understanding of their way of life.



 Cowboy Small

This is one heck of a cute  book just right for preschoolers and toddlers. The story, short and sweet, is about the partnership between a rancher and his horse. He feeds and cares for his beloved partner, Cactus. In turn, Cactus, helps herd the cattle and does other helpful work on the ranch. At night, the two enjoy peace and quiet together under the stars. Inquisitive little readers will love learning about life on the range. They will also learn the names of the  equipment and protective clothing.




 Cow Boy Is NOT a Cowboy

 Merle (a bull) is minding his business on Humdrum Farm when Goat Girl appears one day and turns his life upside down. Feisty and energetic, she is looking for a little excitement and Merle may just be the answer. He is a Boy Cow (cowboy!) after all, so that must mean he likes to go on adventures. At first Merle tries to correct this misunderstanding, but upon reflection, he wonders if maybe living life like a cowboy has its perks! Hilarious illustrations reflect the mood of this farm that is a bit monotonous and capture the essence of an energetic goat who knows there is more to life.



 The Gingerbread Cowboy

A galloping-fun twist on the popular fairytale, The Gingerbread Man. This time the setting is in the Wild West and the cowboy cookie is on the run. There are many dangerous obstacles to escape on the ranch, starting with the rancher himself! The lasso-toting cookie takes readers on a wild romp past the grazing caddle and the hungry javelinas. But will this sugary cowboy ultimately meet his demise when he stumbles upon a napping coyote? Readers will be left hanging on until the last page, wondering whether or not there will be a happy ending.



 The Toughest Cowboy: or How the Wild West Was Tamed

 The name of this cowboy, Grizz Brickbottom, pretty much sums up his tough character. If that doesn't tell you enough, he flosses his teeth with barbed wire! This guy has spent his life herding cattle and chasing mountain lions all on his own, so he decides it's time to find a canine companion to help. After a mix-up of sorts, Grizz finds himself with a poodle who is used to a more coddled lifestyle. This rest of the story continues with deadpan humor, mishaps, and a little potty talk. Lots of  jargon best read out loud with an accent for emphasis!


 Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse

Nellie Sue is a true cowgirl at heart who lives her life like she's in the Wild West. All of her chores are done under the guise of a rancher girl, like tending to the animal sty (or organizing her stuffed animals), or rounding up the cattle (i.e. inviting all her friends to a birthday party). When her father announces that he bought her a horse, Nellie Sue has to stretch her imagination more than ever and gallop away on a shiny bicycle. This adorable book is for every little gal with big dreams and a creative mind.



 The Story of the Cowboys 

Kids who want to know a thing or two about real cowboys will enjoy this non-fiction picture book. These characters show up in movies, cartoons, and stories, and sometimes are a far stretch from the authentic cowboys that have made their mark in American history. This book takes a look at some real events and what life was really like for these tough men who worked on the range.


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Cowboy Stories Take Kids on a Wild West Adventure

Kids can go on a fun trip to the Wild, Wild West from the comfort of their favorite reading spot. These picture books feature cowboys riding on the backs of a galloping horses through magnificent mountains. They take little ones on fantastic, breath-taking adventures to places where they spend their entire lives doing work they love. The characters in these books have a lot of important lessons to share about working hard, choosing a life you love, and standing up for personal morals, values, and beliefs. 


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