34 Fiery Kids' Books About Dragons

duncan the story dragon

This dragon book is at the very top of our list of favorites! This cute guy desperately wants to get to the end of his book to find out how it ends.  It is a real struggle when his imagination goes up in flames with every page.  A book-loving dragon, Duncan, will forever find reading a challenge. Winner of numerous book awards....no surprise here!



Best-Selling Children's Dragon Books Spark the Imagination

Dragons are creatures that have appeared in folklore and across cultural celebrations, as depicted in stories about the Chinese New Year, for many centuries. They have different physical traits, for instance some have two legs and others have four. Some are winged and others are not. They often breathe fire and can be very menacing creatures. But then again, they can show up in children's dragon books and movies as very friendly and lovable. Therein lies the magic of this mystical creature. It can be whatever a child imagines it to be.   



Dragon Books for Toddlers

The littlest kids often have the biggest imaginations. Dragons may not exist in the real world, but they are very much alive and thriving in these adorable, gentle books for the youngest of readers. These sturdy board formats are the best dragons books for toddlers who will enjoy reading these stories over and over again.


 dragons love ice cream 

Imagination and interaction are at play in this cute board book. Toddlers will enjoy lifting the flaps to learn all kinds of interesting facts. Where do dragons sleep? What do dragons eat? What do they really love?



goodnight dragons

A padded board book tells the story of a sweet little boy who loves dragons. He takes on the task of tucking these fire-breathing creatures into their beds of clover fields every night. Somehow he knows just what they need to settle into a night of peaceful rest!



 there's a dragon in your book 

This is the cutest, interactive little fire-breathing book for preschoolers! Toddlers will be enthralled with the idea that fire-breathing dragon might possibly reside within this book. The author warns readers not to tickle the dragon's nose. For what happens next is a sneeze which will cause the entire book to go up in flames!



 my lucky little dragon 

This sparkly, sweet little book featuring a cute version on its cover is actually about all the creatures who make up the Chinese zodiac. Each page features a cute animal with a friendly name. The very last page is a mirror to reflect the cutest face of them all!



 dragons are real

If preschoolers don't believe in dinosaurs, they sure will after reading this colorful book full of facts. For instance, they sneeze fire and love barbecue. Anatomy is also explained in this sparkly and tactile book for toddlers.



 my magical dragon

An adorable, interactive book for toddlers about a very friendly fellow. He take a prince and princess on a fun adventure and frolics with his friends. A spinning wheel and holographic foil cover bring an extra colorful element of entertainment!



 never touch a dragon

Preschool readers are definitely encouraged to touch all the fun  parts in this interactive board book. A jolly fun read-aloud with all kinds of tactile elements for little fingers to explore. If your child has a budding interest in fantasy creatures, this book hits all the marks!



 good night baby dragons

A simply magical book introduces young readers to a wide variety of fiery beasts. Who knew there could be so many? Underwater, flying, fire-breathing , teeny tiny, and enormous dragons....and more! Follow each of these mystical creatures throughout their days to find out what exactly they do!



 peep and find dragons 

This colorful  book is perfect for toddlers who will love peeking through all the die-cut holes. Each page offers a glimpse into the exciting scene playing out next.  There are all sorts of friendly dinosaurs to explore like those who swim, fly, and sing.  A fun, sturdy board book for little  fans to explore!





Dragon Stories for Kindergarten and Up

Dragons are magnificent creatures that can take on all kinds of personas in picture books for children. Sometimes they are best of companions, and other times they are fierce enemies. We usually associate them with knights and castles. But in these funny, action-packed, entertaining stories, these imaginary beasts show up in all kinds of surprising places! Here's a list of the best dragon books for kids in kindergarten and up. 


 puff the magic dragon

You will probably find yourself singing your way through this classic book. The illustrations are magical and dream-like  in this best-selling title.  A beautiful tribute to dragons, imaginary lands, and believing in the impossible. This book is at the tippy top of our absolute favorite books for children about mystical creatures that can morph into best friends and confidants. 



  dragons love tacos

The title of this book is so preposterous that you just have to buy it now! It's actually a best-selling children's book full of silliness. The authors offer up the secret for getting fiery beasts to come to your party- serve lots of tacos. Dragons absolutely love them. But watch out when they consume the spicy salsa! Readers will be tickled by the antics in this funny book.



 dragons love tacos 2 the sequel

The first one was such a big hit that the authors couldn't resist continuing the fun. This time they are distressed to find out that their favorite tacos are no longer available- anywhere in the world! They scheme to go back in time before the extinction of tacos. Let's hope they stay away from the fire-inducing salsa breath this time!



attack of the underwear dragon 

 A silly, action-packed book about a little boy with big dreams. Cole is an assistant knight who has been diligently practicing his sword skills. They come in handy when he is forced to defend his favorite knight from the King Arthur's Round Table against a ferocious beast wearing, of all things, underwear! This funny book has all of the ingredients to induce giggles with every reading.



little dragon and the new baby 

Consider this endearing book two gifts in one if your reader is also about to be a big sibling. A cherubic dragon is less than pleased with the arrival of an egg. He goes to great lengths to avoid the inevitable, like disguising the egg with paint and even hiding it. Then one day, the egg cracks and big brother learns that this new addition may be a good thing after all.



 how to catch a dragon

Follow a group of highly determined young kids who set up up traps to catch a sly dragon. It's the Chinese New Year so the streets are bustling with people celebrating. Bright illustrations depict all the fun festivities like the release of paper lanterns and fireworks. A handy guide in the back of this dragon book covers Mandarin terminology and other information.



 dragon night

A fantastic story about friendship and overcoming your fears. Georgie is a young boy who is terribly afraid of the dark, especially when it's time to go to bed. A dragon in his favorite book is equally afraid of the knight who always wants to fight. The dragon magically escapes from the pages of the book one night and takes the boy on an adventure of a lifetime. After conquering his fear of the dark, Georgie decides to return the favor and finds a way to help the dragon get over his fear of the knight.



 there's no such thing as a dragon 

Find out what happens when Billy Bixbee's mom tells him that dragons do not really exist. She's a non-believer until the tiny little creature he found in his room quickly grows bigger than his house. Lots of good messages in this fun dragon book, especially about how problems grow out of control when you choose not to confront them.



 the knight and the dragon

An inept knight and a not-so-frightful dragon are paired up in this comedy of errors. Neither of these characters is cut out for their professions. They frantically dig into books and ancestral history to figure things out before the big match-up. Lots of humor is dished out in a book about false bravado and total incompetency. 



 dragon gets by

A silly beginner reader book by best-selling author Dav Pilkey. Dragon is a lovable, albeit sometimes absentminded, creature who gets through the day with a few hiccups. For instance, he buys a little too much food and can't fit it in his car. Also, he is so determined to get every last bit of dirt off his floor that he sweeps a hole right through it. For those of us who mess up now and again, this fire breather is a relatable fellow!



 the truth about dragons

An amazing book for toddlers and young children learning to overcome anxiety and confront their fears. A little girl is terrified of her first day of school. She cautiously approaches what appears, in her mind, to be a castle full of menacing dragons. They are fierce, fire-breathing creatures, at least upon first glance. When she peers a bit more closely, she notices some interesting things. Some are coloring quietly and others have mismatched clothing. Perhaps these dragons are not what they seem...and maybe, just maybe, school won't be so bad after all!



 dragon was terrible 

Dragon's behavior is the absolute worse, but not in the way you may think! He burps at the wrong time, he mistreats his books, and he takes treats from tiny unicorns. All the villagers have had it, but not even the knights or king can seem to correct his horrid behavior. Believe it or not, this wild beast can finally be tamed by only one thing- the power of reading!



 fire truck vs dragon

A fun rivalry between arch enemies plays out at birthday parties, campgrounds, and other gatherings. The flying, fire-breathing beast has met his match in a fierce, water-spraying fire truck. Who will win the epic battles that ensue? Readers may be torn about who they want to win, but maybe they won't have to choose after all. A highly unlikely friendship develops over time, which is such a good lesson for preschoolers navigating challenging social situations!



 you don't want a dragon 

You can trust the little boy in this book as he has had firsthand experience with a pet dragon. His wish finally came true when a dragon moved into his home. The only trouble is that the dragon was the kind that breathes fire and cannot be domesticated! Lots of belly laughs to be had by readers who watch the chaos unfold. A fun, raucous good time as long as it's not happening at YOUR house!



 do not bring your dragon to the library

Library etiquette can be awfully challenging, especially for disobedient, fire-breathing dragons who have no business being around books! A very funny picture book that could be pretty helpful for little humans who may need a reminder or two themselves. Cute illustrations and rhyming text make this dragon book a fun read-aloud.


ellie's dragon 

Imaginary friends can be the best friends sometimes. They are loyal, reliable, and always know exactly what to say and do. A little girl, Ellie, is lucky enough to have found the perfect "friend" at a time in her life when she needs it most. She discovers a miniature dragon in a carton of eggs at the grocery store, moves him into her dollhouse, and takes him with her to school and everywhere else she goes. As Ellie grows older and more independent, her little pal fades into the distance. A beautiful story of imagination, friendship, and fantasy!



 when a dragon moves in

A little boy's imagination runs wild on the beach one day. While his mom and dad are preoccupied catching rays and reading, he gets busy building a huge sandcastle. A dragon moves into his creation and things get interesting. At first, they enjoy each other's company playing quietly on the beach. But after awhile, the dragon's behavior takes a turn for the worse. Kids will laugh at the crazy antics and imaginary playtime at the beach!



 the storybook knight

This heartwarming story about a knight, Leo,  who does not like to fight is perfect for children who appreciate the softer side of life. Leo's parents are determined to turn him around so they send him off with his weapons to fight a dragon. Along with his sword and shield, Leo takes a stack of his favorite storybooks. Kids looking for a little bit of adventure and a lesson in the power of words will enjoy this gentle knight vs. dragon book.


 the paper bag princess

A feisty princess stands up to a fierce dragon after it burns her clothing, destroys the castle, and kidnaps her fiancé. Wearing nothing but a paper bag and having no weapons, she relies on her intelligence and quick wit to outsmart the dragon. A best-selling Robert Munsch classic that will have kids cheering for a brave girl who uses her words to win battles.

 saint george and the dragon

A brilliant, Caldecott Winner about a knight who makes it his mission to restore peace and order to the people who live in the countryside. A fierce dragon has been tormenting the poor people for many, many years. Finally, thanks to a brave knight who takes matters into his own hands, they can live a life without fear.



Dragon Chapter Book Series for Tweens

These imaginative dragon chapter books for advanced readers will take them on a fantastic ride to faraway, magical places and times. Here is a list of the best tween dragon novels for bookworms ready for hours of fire-breathing, page-turning entertainment.


 rise of the earth dragon

The Dragon Masters Series is a collection of best-selling easy-to-read chapter books for newly independent readers. The books have plenty of illustrations, fast-paced plot lines, and just the right amount of text to keep the pages turning quickly. 



the dragonet prophecy

The Wings of Fire is a popular series with a whopping 14 titles. Guaranteed to keep your child's nose buried for quite awhile! These books are geared to more advanced readers in the 9-12 age group. 



 summer of the sea serpent 

Merlin Missions is series for kids who are fans of Magic Tree House books. Readers in the 7-10 age group will enjoy the ongoing adventures of Jack and Annie. With 27 books and  counting, these fast-paced action/fantasy books will spark you child's imagination for many hours! Not all of the books involve dragons...but here are a few that do!



 how to train your dragon 

How to Train Your Dragon is a New York Times best-selling series of 12 dragon chapter books that inspired a popular movie. Join Hiccup and his toothless dragon on page-turning adventures suitable for the 8-12 age group of readers. 


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Fantasy Dragon Stories Take Kids to Faraway Places

Stretching the imagination of young children will serve them well later in life. Kids who dare to believe in the impossible, if only for the time they get lost in popular kids' dragon books filled with facts, will learn how to think outside boundaries later in life. The biggest thinkers and contributors in life are not restricted by conventional ideas and limitations. We've put together a comprehensive collection of the best out there. Learning how these fire-breathing beasts are steeped in Chinese culture will help your children broaden their imagination and get lost in a world where anything is possible. So pull together your kiddos, gather up some of these fun books and sit down for hours of fiery reading enjoyment. 



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