33 Spooky Kids' Skeleton Books


skeleton hiccups

A strange and silly book about a skeleton who can't seem to shake a case of the hiccups. His ghost friend tries to teach him all the tricks to get rid of them to no avail. The poor guy tries to proceed with all his chores but the hiccups keep interrupting him. This is one that will tickle the funny bone of your little readers.



Educational Children's Books About Bones 

The human body's bones are a fascinating, interconnected structure to study. Curious kids love to take a peek under the skin to learn more about the anatomical pieces that hold us together. Bones often take on a life of their own, especially around Halloween, when they appear as spooky creatures that make creaking, cracking, and crunching sounds in the middle of the night. The most entertaining and educational skeleton books for children include a mix of both scary stories and biology lessons. Collect a few to read with little ones who want to learn more about what lies beneath their skin! 





 i spy a skeleton

A spooky I Spy book challenging young readers to find hidden pictures of skeletons, gargoyles, blackbirds and other objects. Part of the best-selling series, kids will be inspired to collect more of these activity books after completing this creepy edition.


bonaparte falls apart


A cute bony fellow is literally falling apart no matter what he tries to do. Bonaparte tries to throw a baseball, but his arm detaches from his body. When he sits down to eat a meal, his jaw falls from his face. Like any child who feels anxious and clumsy, Bonaparte is not looking forward to the first day of school. Fortunately, his loyal friends, Mummicula, Blacky Widow, and Franky Stein, know just how to screw Bonaparte back together.



 skelly's halloween

Along the same theme as Humpty Dumpty, this fun Halloween story cover the events that unfold after Skelly the Skeleton has a fall of his own. The exuberant fellow relies on the help of his trick-or-treat pals to put this bones back together again. 



bones skeletons and how they work

A substantial and visually appealing look at how the human skeleton compares to that of different species. A favorite of teachers, this popular book grabs the attention of readers with some incredible side-by-side images of ribs, spines, skulls, hands, and feet of humans and a variety of animals. Amazing gatefolds open up to present life-size pictures of bones with clear labels. 



there's a skeleton inside you

 In a most unusual and interesting story, a couple of aliens teach children all about the skeletons that are hidden beneath their skin. When their spaceship breaks down and they need a helping hand, Quort and Oort decide they must grow one. This endeavor takes readers down a path of learning all about their bones and how they work.



skeleton for dinner

A misunderstanding leads him to believe that he is going to be a menu item, rather than a guest, at a dinner hosted by a couple of witches.  So he takes off on foot with his friends Ghost and Ghoul close behind him. Poor Little Witch is upset at her friends' surprising departure from the dinner party, but a creature in the haunted forest clears up the confusion just in time.



give me back my bones

Take a trip to the bottom of the ocean in this entertaining book about a pirate skeleton. This fellow finds himself in a predicament with all his parts scattered about. Kids will learn the names for lots of bones- femur, tibia, fibula, clavicle, and more- as they watch the skeleton slowly but surely pull himself together with the assistance of some fish and sea creatures.




A classic by best-selling authors Janet and Allan Ahlberg. It's a whole lot of funny, a little bit strange, and always a hit for kids of all ages. The repetition is great for beginner readers and the humor will deliver a few chuckles. A friendly but somewhat creepy family (with an even creepier dog) heads out into the dark, dark night for some fun!



 skelly and femur

This hauntingly illustrated picture book will mesmerize kids who love a scary thrill. Something seems to be causing a bit of mischief around Skully Manor. Things are disappearing, like Femur's bone and Skelly's buttons. What spooky critter is behind these missing items? Preschooler will be eager to guess what could possibly be happening.



the bones you own

 A great book for preschoolers and young elementary school children who want to learn all about bones. This National Geographic Kids non-fiction book about skeletons teaches readers all kinds of interesting facts in a simple and easy-to-understand format. Kids will learn why it is good to drink milk, how babies are born with 350 bones but adults have just over 200 bones, and more bone trivia.



 silly skeletons

An engaging pop-up book with moving parts. This sturdy book, perfect for preschoolers, follows a couple of trick-or-treaters on Halloween as they make their rounds. When they encounter a couple of skeletons, they can't tell if they are the real deal or just some kids with pretty awesome costumes. A fun, non-scary story that children will want to read all year long.  


bonaparte plays ball

A charming book about friendship and standing up to bullies. Bonaparte's baseball team, the Little Monsters, are getting ready to play in a championship game. But the poor bag of bones ready to fall apart with every swing, throw, and catch. Even worse, he's terribly afraid of the taunting and teasing he will surely encounter from the opposing team. Kids will love reading about how his friends stand beside him. 



 skeleton cat

A silly book about a cat who has exhausted his nine lives. When he comes back in skeletal form for his tenth, he decides he wants to take a stab at being a drummer.  So in a creepy, phantom form of his previous self, the cat heads out to find the perfect band to join. He rattles and shakes his way through town, creating quite a stir.



 dem bones 

 Artful paper collage illustrations bring to life a story that teaches kids all about the bones in their bodies. A fun rendition set to a traditional African American spiritual song, this rhyming read-aloud is a great addition to any child's reading list, especially around Halloween. 



skeleton play

This is rhyming book starts off a bit creepy as it takes readers on a journey into the afterlife of two skeletons. It is a vibrant, playful world full of smiling  faces enjoying all of the same activities as children. The message is that death does not necessarily lead us to a sad, dreary place. The author wrote this book to memorialize his conjoined twins who lost their lives shortly after birth.



my amazing bones and skeleton

 The eye-catching artwork is notable in this non-fiction book  for young children. Even though these bony structures have taken on a scary persona in picture books, kids are reassured that they are not frightening at all. In fact, this collection of bones is an amazing part of the human body that allows us to grow and move. A great starter book for budding scientists eager to learn more about the human body.



bone by bone comparing animal skeletons

Children learn about all the bones that make up animal skeletons. But this book also takes a unique approach by encouraging kids to imagine life without bones, with extra bones, with longer or shorter bones, and other oddities. While less scientific than some of the other non-fiction skeleton books, it is a good companion book that encourages kids to think outside the box.



the skeleton book get to know your bones inside out

Everything kids ever wanted to know about bones can be found in this informative title. One part medical reference book and one part fascinating trivia, this book is a must-read for any child interested in a deeper dive into human anatomy. 3D computer generated images fill the pages, giving kids an opportunity to explore every detail of a skeleton.




Skulls can elicit feelings of fear based on their creep-factor in books, movies, television, and especially around Halloween. Well, this spunky girl is here to set the record straight. Armed with a whole lot of facts, and quite a bit of humor, she teaches readers about all the important ways the skulls protect our brains and bodies. While mostly a factual, non-fiction book, the illustrations add just the right touch of irony by poking fun at the way they have become a symbol of danger.


 dry bones

A board book for toddlers that is a great introduction to the bones in our bodies. The holes in the die cut pages show the interconnectivity of the human skeletal system. Set to the African American spiritual song, this rhyming book begs to be sung.



 if you ever meet a skeleton 

If you run into a bony guy on Halloween, should you really run and hide? This rhyming book challenges readers to think about whether or not skeletons are to be feared. After all, they are terrible at hiding, they can't run fast at all, and they are fraidy cats. Kids will be tickled to know that maybe, just maybe, all skeletons want is a friend.



skelly the skeleton girl

A slightly creepy story with illustrations that resemble the work of Tim Burton. When Skelly stumbles upon a bone, she is determined to find it's rightful owner. On her quest, she meets up with a monster, man-eating plants, and even a skeletal goldfish. Finally, she finds the owner and makes a new friend along the way. The story is short and simple, just right for a (very brave) preschooler up for a creepy little read.



cinderella skeleton 

Quite a ghoulish rendition of Cinderella with intriguing illustrations that may result in a nightmares. This book is fantastic work of art and imagination, but it's not for the faint of heart. Cinderella Skeleton has to complete a list of chores, which include hanging cobwebs and arranging dead flowers, but time is running out. The Halloween Ball will be here soon and she wants to find her happily-ever-after. Lengthy story and creepy plot not suited for young, squeamish readers.



samira and the skeletons

Sometimes a lesson in science class can backfire. In this funny and relatable story, Samira is quite disturbed by the lesson on the human skeleton and can't shake the image from her head. All day long, she imagines the skeletons living inside the bodies of her classmates and eventually that's all she can envision. With the help of her mother's creative thinking, Samira finally comes to terms with her wild imagination and learns to appreciate (rather than fear) all the bones that make up the human structure.



can a skeleton have an x-ray

When kids get hurt, doctors take x-rays to see if bones are broken. But what happens when a skeleton itself is injured? Can it get an x-ray, too? The answer to this question along with all kinds of other strange inquiries are presented in this fun, quirky picture book. Some of them are easy to answer based on proven facts, like why the earth spins. Others are more philosophical in nature, such as whether or not colors smell. A unique book that will prompt your kids to come up with some crazy questions of their own.



skeleton meets the mummy 

 A cute book for preschoolers who are up for a good little spook! It's Halloween night and Sammy heads through the woods to meet up with his friend Derek for a night of trick-or-treating. Some scary scritching sounds in the dark are unnerving and frightening. Readers will be relieved at the end to find out that a case of mistaken identity explains everything.


the skeleton inside you

This is one of the best non-fiction books about the skeleton for elementary school children. The colorful and humorous illustrations will keep readers engaged as they learn about all the bones in the human body. Kids learn about all the important things there bones do with the help of ligaments and joints. This edition is part of an award winning series of science books for children.



 A fantastic non-fiction, easy-reader book for kids who want to learn more about the human body. The names of all the bones in the body are identified. Kids will be interested to learn how many bones are in their body, what they are made of, and how each one plays an important role in how the body moves as a whole. Photographs of real human bones fill the pages of this high-interest title for kids.



bones bones dinosaur bones 

Byron Baron is a master at writing and illustrating picture books that are favorites of toddlers and preschoolers. In this story, a group of paleontologists head out on a expedition to dig up dinosaur bones. They return to the museum to reconstruct a Tyrannosaurus rex. A complex process is described in brilliant simplicity that even the youngest readers will follow.


whose bones are those

This book, with eye-catching, cut-paper illustrations, is a fascinating introduction to all the bones that make up a variety of skeletons. Each page presents a collection of unorganized bones followed by a picture of them arranged to form the structure of a recognizable animal. Kids will love playing a guessing game with the introduction of each new pile of bones. It's a stimulating picture book for young toddlers who will soon be interested in learning more about their own body.



 the school skeleton

This edition of the beginner chapter book series, A to Z Mysteries, takes kids on a sinister journey. The skeleton that resides in the nurse's office at school has disappeared. There are clues all around the building, like a coded note and a fingerprint, that may help in solving this mystery. The principal, the janitor, the teachers, and the kids all join forces to get to the bottom of the disappearing object. Illustrations throughout will grab the attention of young readers eager to find out what happens.


book of bones 10 record breaking animals

 An award-winning, non-fiction book about animal skeletons that will appeal to kids of all ages. Kids are asked to guess which animals have the shortest, longest, heaviest and spikiest bones. After each guess, a colorful spread of the actual animal in its nature habitat appears on the next page. This trivia-packed gem of a book is surprisingly humorous for a book about animal bones. There are tons of tactile elements that will keep even the youngest of little readers engaged.


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 Skeletons Stories Are Fun to Read on Halloween

Some stories are centered around silly, spooky bony creatures that make appearances around Halloween. They hang around scary ghosts, frightening mummies, freaky goblins and  wicked witches, and while generally harmless, these bundle of bones provide a fair share of scares during the month of October. Other skeleton books for children are more scientific. They give kids an overview of all the bones in the human body and hopefully pique their interest in studying anatomy further. Whether your child is interested in fiction or non-fiction, you will find lots of good options to keep them entertained! 




Interesting Facts for Kids About the Human Skeleton

Skeletons are pretty incredible, complex structures that are the infrastructure of our bodies. They provide the framework, protect our vital organs, and connect together in a way that allows us to move. Kids probably don't think much about their bones until they actually break one. When that happens, they are forced to really think about the vital role they play underneath layers of skin and muscle. For curious kids, here are some interesting facts that will blow them away. 



  • Babies have 300 bones when they first enter the world. Over time, almost 100 of these tiny bones fuse together. The end result is a fully formed human skeleton with exactly 206 bones. All of these bones work together, so when one of them is broken, the surrounding bones can no longer function or move correctly. 
  • Bones heal without any medical intervention. As soon as a bone is broken, the body immediately begins to generate new bone cells to heal it. One purpose of a cast, brace, or splint is to hold the limb in position so that the bone heals properly. Otherwise, the bones could fuse together in a crooked manner and cause serious medical problems later on.
  • Kids can take care of their skeletons by eating healthy and exercising. Teaching your children how to eat properly will ensure that their bones will stay strong for the rest of their lives. Encourage them to eat foods rich in calcium like broccoli, fish, and dairy. Exercise is also key in strengthening the bones. Weight-bearing activity is especially helpful to ensure the skeleton does not weaken and cause problems for kids when they are older.
  • Teeth, which are part of the skeletal system, are stronger than any bone. They have an enamel coating that protects all of the sensitive nerves and tissues buried inside of them. Think about all of the work teeth have to do to keep people nourished and fed. They do more work and can endure more wear and tear than any single bone in the human body. 
  • Over half of the bones in the human body are located in the hands and feet. There are a total of 27 bones in each hand and 26 bones in each foot. In other words, of the 206 bones in the human body, 106 of them are in the hands and feet.
  • The femur is the longest bone in the human body.This important bone that extends from the hip to the knee and plays a crucial role an allowing humans to stand and move around. The femur supports many critical muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Since this bone is so strong, it takes a severe event like a traumatic fall or car accident to break it.


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