5 Interesting Facts About Popcorn for Kids

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Fun Facts About Popcorn for Kids

Popcorn is a food that is enjoyed by lots of kids. For some, it is an occasional treat associated with going to the movie theatre. For others, popcorn is part of their regular rotation of snacks, packed in lunch boxes or as an after-school option for hungry bellies. The popularity of individual bags that can be tossed in the microwave for a few minutes has elevated popcorn to a new level. Little kids can make their own freshly popped batch without the help of parents. Those who can't get enough will enjoy these fascinating popcorn facts. Also, be sure to check out the best children's books about popcorn for more information about the history and all the varieties of this popular snack.

  • Old Maid is a name for a kernel at the bottom of the bag that never popped. No matter how closely you follow the instructions, it is almost impossible to pop all the kernels without jeopardizing the entire bag. Adding a few more seconds on the microwave timer may garner a few more pops, but at the risk of burning the already perfectly formed popcorn.
  • Popcorn was invented more than 5000 years ago. Charles Cretor is credited with inventing the very first popcorn machine in the 1880s. However, archeologists have found evidence  of popcorn from Peru perhaps dating back to 4,700 B.C.
  • Popcorn is very popular in Nebraska. This produces approximately 250 million pounds of popcorn every year, more than any other place in America. Approximately 67,000 acres of farmland spreading across 30 counties is devoted to growing corn specifically to make popcorn.
  • Pillsbury is credited with the popularity of microwaveable popcorn. Their bags originally contained perishable ingredients and were purchased as frozen items from the grocery store. Within 2 years, total sales skyrocketed to $53 million. 
  • Popcorn is a healthy alternative to junk food. Compared to other crunch snack food like chips, popcorn is lower in both fat and calories. Popcorn can also provide a good source of protein, which equates to about 3 cups for a full serving. Popcorn is also gluten free, making it a great option for people with dietary restrictions. Of course, all of this information assumes that popped corn is eaten in its simplest form without the addition of butter or salt. And forget about the kettle corn varieties which are high in sugar and other unhealthy additives.




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