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Not Quite Narwhal

Narwhals are sometimes called "unicorns of the sea". This is the story of Kelp, a sea creature who moves with a pack of family narwhals, even though he doesn't seem to be exactly like the others. His tusk is a littler shorter, his swimming isn't particularly strong, and his doesn't really share the same culinary desires. One day when he is washed ashore, Kelp discovers somebody else who looks just like him- an actual unicorn! A case of identity crisis takes the protagonist on a journey of self-reflection with a satisfying conclusion.




Best Kids' Books About Narwhals 

Unicorns may be figments of the imagination. Unicorns of the sea, however, are very much the real deal. Officially called narwhals, these two ton animals are actually mammals found in Arctic coastal waters. The mystical, majestic whales are popping up in children's picture books everywhere. And children's book illustrators have been quite successfully in transforming the enormous sea beasts with sharp tusks into lovable characters. After reading the best children's books about narwhals, move on to kids' mermaid books to explore life underwater with these beautiful marine creatures.

 Since this is not National Geographic, let's take a peek at kids' narwhal books with fun stories that take place deep underwater. A friendlier and more colorful version of these deep sea creatures may not depict reality, but they are perfect picture book personalities for little readers.

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What is a Narwhal?

A cute lift-the-flap book for the tiniest of readers. Fun tidbits appear under each flap, perfect for budding ocean life lovers.





Where's the Narwhal?

Just look at that face! And that tusk! It looks like candy! Little readers can have fun searching for the narwhal and his other sea friends under red flaps throughout the book. 



Just Narwhal

This one has to be the most adorable narwhal book we have seen so far. Candy-colored sequins may be what initially attracts little ones to this title, but the story is even sweeter! Narwhal is feeling a bit down because she doesn't possess any talents like her mermaid friends. When she is asked by the mermaids to judge a painting contest, Narwhal learns that her talents consist of being honest and fair.


Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea!

A story of friendship between a narwhal and a jellyfish is a winner. This book is perfect for newly independent readers who are ready to dive into a short chapter book about adventures under the sea.




It's Nice to be a Narwhal

Sequins change colors as little fingers engage with this whimsical touch and feel book. A funny addition to any narwhal-lovers' bookshelf.



The Lost Narwhal

Based on a true story, poor Mel the Narwhal is lost at sea. He finds himself far, far away from home and has no idea how to return. Eventually, a pod of beluga whales takes him under their wing and treats him like he is one of their own.


Nighty Night Narwhal

Toddlers will relate to Nelson the Narwhal, a feisty sea creature who is decidedly not ready for bedtime. A padded book with a gentle rhyming story will entertain and coax the most stubborn little ones into a deep sleep.



Wendell the Narwhal

Wendell is having a really tough time making friends. All of the sea creatures have judged him for his pointy horn. Some are afraid and others think he looks downright ridiculous. Poor Wendell is discouraged especially because his horn make no noise so he can't join the sea symphony. Will he ever find a way to fit in and will others learn to see past his tusk?






Never Rub Noses With a Narwhal

A non-fiction book about the Arctic will captivate readers with its stunning illustrations. All kinds of critters and creatures make an appearance in this educational book with a glossery that will fascinate older children. Narwhals, caribou, belugas, ravens, and walruses are just a few examples of the animals highlighted.




I Am a Narwhal

For kids who want to learn the truth about Narwhals, this book is a must-read. It is chock full of information about the habits, behavior and other interesting little-known facts about this mysterious deep-sea creature.



I'm a Narwhal

The narwhal in this Little Golden Book takes the cake for being the cutest! Young readers will love learning all about the mysterious sea creature. Kids will enjoy the colorful illustrations as they delve into all kinds of interesting facts about life as a narwhal in the deep, deep sea.



Narwhals and Pirates

This is quite the interactive spin-the-wheel, lift-the-flaps, pull-the-tab kind of book based on an ocean life theme. This book is chock full of adventure and perfect for toddlers. Narwhals make a fun appearance for what is likely a young reader's first introduction to these mysterious creatures.




Narwhals Are Awesome

If you are looking for a solid, non-fiction book about narwhals, we highly recommend this installment from A Day in the Life: Polar Animals. Learn about where this sea creature lives, how it cares for its young, and what it eats. An informative map of the narwhal's body is a fascinating addition for budding marine biologists.




Probably a Narwhal

This fun book about a narwhal is more fantasy than reality. Nevertheless, it's a super fun story about a little girl who blames a narwhal for her messy ways. Her bedroom is an absolute disaster, but of course it was a mysterious narwhal's doing. One day when a narwhal actually does appear in her bedroom, a very unlikely and special friendship forms.




Oh No, Narwhal!

Poor, little narwhal! All he wants to do is play with his friends, but his tusk always gets in the way.  Toddlers will love the catchy, rhyming text about the cutest narwhal they have ever seen.



Someday, Narwhal

Buyer beware, your child will be asking for a baby narwhal after reading this book! Thankfully, pet narwhals are not part of our reality, but this charming book sure makes it seem like a fun concept. A cute, little narwhal lives in a fishbowl, dreaming of a world outside of his small and boring domicile. His boy makes this dream come true by placing the fishbowl in a wagon and taking him on a big adventure.




Narwhal on a Summer Night

Jack and Annie are sent to Greenland for the adventure of a lifetime- rescuing a narwhal! This Magic Tree House book for early readers takes the kids back in time to meet Leif Erikson. A history lesson and a book about narwhals all in one make this a real page turner.

Little Narwhal's Day

A narwhal and a beluga whale take readers on a fun journey deep into the Arctic waters. There readers are introduced to all kinds of interesting sea creatures like Arctic char and Arctic terns. Unusual and captivating illustrations add to the mystery of life in a part of the ocean rarely seen. 



Narwhal Coloring Book

83 pages of coloring fun for narwhal fans. These magical deep sea animals are joined by other creatures including unicorns, mermaids, tropical fish and more. Add a brand new carton of crayons and you have an enjoyable and affordable gift for a child who loves narwhals.


You Are My Special Narwhal

A candy-colored book featuring a narwhal reminding children that they are loved. A board book format just right for toddlers, this darling story focuses on the special, unique, and wondrous traits of the child. Pair this book with a soft narwhal plush for the perfect newborn or birthday gift.


Baby Narwhal Finger Puppet Book

Babies will love this interactive finger puppet story about a narwhal living his best life. The little creature swims around in the water, plays with new friends, and returns to his family for bedtime. His smiley face and sparkly tusk poke through every page. Parents can wiggle him around from start to finish for some extra fun.


Narwhal: The Arctic Unicorn

A gorgeously illustrated picture book follows the journey of a pack of narwhals. Winter is over and it is time for them to make the treacherous journey north. Along the way, they use their tusks and clicking sounds for navigation and to communicate with each other. In addition to searching for fish to eat, they have to navigate obstacles like huge ice mazes and hungry polar bears. This non-fiction narwhal book is chock full of information, including side bubbles with interesting facts and several pages of extra material.


Little Narwhal, Not Alone

Like a lot of little kids, a young and curious narwhal wanders off to explore. He encounters new marine life and discovers all kinds of interesting things in the depths of the ocean. When he finally tires and wants to return home, the little narwhal realizes he has wandered way too far. Feeling lonely and upset, he starts to swim back, hoping he can make it safely back to his parents. When he runs into a group of belugas, he discovers a new kind of family. Although they can't communicate with each other, they sure do know how to play! Loosely based on true events.


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Narwhal Stuffed Animals and Gifts for Kids 

A fun and thoughtful gift for children is to pair a fun toy with a book about the same topic. Here are some of the cutest, softest, most engaging narwhal toys that would nicely complement a story about these deep sea creatures. These plush, interactive toys will help children develop their cognitive and motor skills. And best of all, they are perfect companions to snuggle up with during quiet story time.

Stuffed Narwhal Mommy and Babies

A mommy narwhal has four little babies tucked away in her belly. Kids will love unzipping the pouch and playing with the newborns. Simply adorable narwhal plush toy set.


Adorable Plush Narwhal

This darling stuffed narwhal comes in five different colors. Super soft and marked with little stars that add a splash of color. Adorable gift to pique a child's interest in this mysterious sea creature. Don't forget to pair it with a book about narwhals.



Sterling Silver Narwhal Necklace

A beautiful narwhal with blue rhinestones dangles from a lovely sterling silver chain. This piece of jewelry would add the perfect touch to a gift of narwhal children's books.

Narwhal Backpack

Just the right size for toddlers and preschoolers, this narwhal backpack is simply adorable. Fill it with narwhal picture books and head to a quiet place for some reading time.



Precious Moments Narwhal Trinket Keeper

An exquisite narwhal ceramic container perfect for storing tiny treasures. This beautiful little piece is perfect for storing narwhal jewelry.

Sterling Silver Narwhal Studs

Adorable narwhal earrings just right for small ear lobes. Little girls will love these studs, especially when paired with a narwhal necklace!

Narwhal Squishy Toy

Squishies are all the rage for little kids who need to let get of some stress. This cutie pie smells delicious and is ready for little hands to squeeze away.




Fun Facts About Narwhals

The narwhals in kids' books are a far cry from the real animals that live in the depths of the ocean. Picture books paint these creatures as colorful, friendly sea creatures with a mystique similar to that of mermaids and unicorns. There is nothing wrong with playing into the fantasy and imagination of young children. But for more science-minded little ones, these facts about narwhals will pique their curiosity and desire to learn about what real narwhals are really about.


  • The dagger, or tusk, jutting out from the head of a narwhal is actually a front canine tooth. The tusk is made of ivory, measures up to 10 feet long, and weighs about 22 pounds. It looks like a weapon but some scientists have a theory that it serves more as a sensory organ to survey the surrounding environment. 
  • Narwhals tend to travel in groups typically of  between 10 to 15 animals. It's fascinating to note that marine biologists have spotted thousands of narwhals swimming together in a pack.
  • Narwhals do not have any teeth, so they have a most interesting way of eating. These mammals swim toward their prey and then suck them into their mouths with a great amount of force. They feed on halibut, polar cod, squid, and shrimp.
  • The approximate age of a narwhal can be determined by its color. Babies are a blue-gray color, juveniles turn blue-black, mature adults are like a mottled gray, and senior narwhals are completely white.
  • About every three years, female narwhals give birth to a new calf. Pregnancy lasts about fourteen months and babies are always born in the spring. Mothers produce milk for their babies who need this nourishment for the first twenty months of their lives.
  • There's a good reason why so little is really known or understood about narwhals compared to other living creatures. Only very rare sightings have been reported because they live far north in the most remote and coldest part of the ocean. Paul Nicklen, a National Geographic photographer who grew up in an arctic region, spent ten years before ultimately finding these mysterious whales. 


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