9 Interesting Facts About Pigs

Pigs are the superstars of so many awesome children's books. Now that you have added a few to your reading list, we wanted to share some pretty cool facts about these ofter misunderstood farm animals.



Fun Facts About Pigs for Kids 

  • Pigs are really clean animals in their natural state.
  • Pigs do like to roll around in mud, but that's only because they lack sweat glands and need to cool off.
  • Pigs talk, and talk, and talk! More than 20 different sounds have been identified that they use to communicate their needs, emotions, and desires.
  • Despite their portly figures, piggies can run FAST! Adults have been clocked at up to 11 miles an hour...or to put it another way... a 7 minute mile. 
  • We've all heard that pigs can be noisy But they can be louder than jet engines, with the noisiest of them squealing at 115 decibels.
  • Pigs are highly social and affectionate animals. They love to snuggle in together and sleep nose-to-nose.
  • Despite their reputations for being filthy, pigs actually have instinctually good hygiene. In fact, they maintain a safe distance between their potty area and their feeding and living spots.
  • Pigs can squeal really, really loudly. For reference, an average rock concert is about 120 dB. When porkers are feeling particularly feisty, their squeals reach up to 115 dB!
  • Just like kids, pigs need to play. Their high level of intelligence leads them to grow bored easily. And when this happens, pigs can get into some mischief. So if you are in the process of trying to domesticate a piglet, be sure to fill your home with stimulating toys.


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