29 Roaring Children's Books About Lions

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Libraries have rules for a reason. And Miss Merriweather, head librarian, is a real stickler about the most important of them all- being quiet. So the kids who frequent the aisles searching for books know to tiptoe, not run, and to whisper quietly amongst themselves. One day the most surprising visitor, a lion, walks through the doors. Surprisingly, the lion follows all of the guidelines and becomes a listener during story hour. But when something happens, the lion is forced to do what he does best- roar! A lengthly picture book about a lion who understands that sometimes rules sometimes must be broken.


Best Kids' Picture Books about Lions

The king of the jungle is a respected, ferocious, commanding presence. With roars that carry for miles, these glorious beasts are revered for good reason. Both patriarchal and territorial, lions are a force of nature that evoke a sense of fear and foreboding in anyone or any animal that crosses their path. Kids' books about lions will teach little ones all about these creatures. The non-fiction lion books are full of interesting facts. And the fictional stories feature characters that are quite a bit friendlier and more lovable, do offer some valuable lessons about their traits, and behaviors. For kids who want to learn about smaller, less ferocious varieties, add some children's stories about cats to your next story hour.


the lion and the mouse

A gorgeous picture book by Jerry Pinkney is based on the Aesop's fable. Winner of the Caldecott Medal, the wordless book about an unlikely friendship tugs at the heartstrings. A hungry lion, who spares the life of a mouse, is rewarded when that same little mouse frees him from a poacher's trap. The magnificent illustrations tell the story in dramatic fashion, bringing renewed life to a classic story.




the lion inside

 A most charming story about a big, timid lion and a brave, little mouse that will touch the hearts of readers young and old. The teeny, tiny rodent, sick and tired of being ignored, wishes he could roar like a lion. When he encounters an actual lion, he learns that even the most ferocious-looking creatures aren't always brave. A story about kindness, empathy and friendship, The Lion Inside teaches readers that they can't make judgements based on appearances. Told in perfect rhyme, this book is extra fun to read out loud and will quickly become one of your toddler's favorites.


the lion and the little red bird

A whimsical story with a surprise ending will delight both children and adults alike. This is the story of a silent lion who attracts the attention of a curious red bird. They develop a special friendship based on a mutual appreciation for art. There are lots of little lessons in this interesting book, the most important of which is how to find creative forms of communication.


how do lions say i love you

This short and sweet book with soft pastel illustrations is brimming with love. Rhythmic verse features a variety of animals demonstrating all the ways they love each other. Baby zebras, bears, cows, wolves, and, of course, lions all express affection with their parents in this darling book. Pair this book with a plush lion or other featured furry friend for a thoughtful baby shower gift. 


lion lullaby

A comforting bedtime story about little lion cubs who are ready for bed. As the sun is setting on the savanna, the cubs appear and make their daily trek toward their mother. Along the way, they pass other creatures, like zebras, monkeys, and wildebeest, playing and grazing as the sky darkens. Finally, all ten baby lions arrive safely into the loving embrace of mama bear. Toddlers can practice counting as they listen along to this lyrical lion lullaby.



a hungry lion

Consider yourself warned. This book is not for the faint of heart (or particularly sensitive children). A friendly lion with a ferocious appetite sets out one day with an assortment of companions. As the story attempts to move forward, the author has to keep rewriting the text due to the unexplainable disappearance of the animal characters. A calico kitten, a penguin, a bunny, a mouse, a frog, and just about everyone else seems to disappear. Is there a dangerous predator nearby? With unpredictable twists and turns, this darkly funny book will keep the attention of readers until the last page is turned.



agent lion and the case of the missing party

Petunia is all dressed up for her birthday party but all her guests have disappeared. So what's a girl to do? Why, call Agent Lion, of course! This detective extraordinaire follows a string of clues in search of the missing celebration. He may get a little distracted along the way, like by some delicious jelly donuts or by an enticing swimming pool, but he gets the job done nonetheless! A humorous tale about a super-sleuth lion who always manages to save the day.



tawny scrawny lion

This must-read is one of the most popular Little Golden Books ever written. It's the story of a menacing lion who spends every day of the week chasing after animals. Frightened zebras, monkeys, bears, camels, elephants, and kangaroos do their best to outrun the hungry lion. When he encounters a family of ten bunnies, they look like a delicious snack. But these clever critters introduce a new menu item- carrot stew- to the lion in order to avoid their own demise. A timeless classic that has been entertaining generations of children.


the lion's share

An unusual and captivating story with a lesson in mathematics. A magnificent lion has invited a number of guests to a dinner party. After they enjoy a delicious feast, it is time for dessert. All of the greedy revelers help themselves to generous servings of the cake. So when the plate reaches Ant, there is just a single crumb left to split with the host. Unhappy with this turn of events, the tiny insect decides to bake a new cake for the king. This turns into a competition when the other dinner guests also decide to bake desserts. When the final baked goods are sliced and diced into fractions for sharing, kids learn quite a bit about math along with a lesson on etiquette.


lions for kids

Take an in-depth journey into the evolution of lions and all of the subspecies that currently roam the earth. This non-fiction book about lions will answer all of your children's questions. They will learn about their habitat, how lions hunt for food, how to distinguish between male and female lions, and so much more. There are also a lot of interesting true stories about lions told throughout this book.  


little red and the very hungry lion

 A fractured fairytale based on Little Red Riding Hood takes place in the safari. This time Little Red sets off on a journey to deliver medicine to her aunt who has broken out in spots. Instead of a wolf, the girl encounters a very hungry lion. Thinking on her feet, Little Red comes up with a slew of tactics to divert the lion from eating her. Finally, she teaches him that if he's hungry, all he needs to do is ask for food.


explore my world lions

An enchanting National Geographic book for preschoolers teaches them all about lions. The mesmerizing photographs are accompanies by easy-to-understand text. Kids will learn how lions hunt for food, all about their habitat, and the ways they play together. There is also an interesting map that shows readers where lions live all around the world.

<lafcadio the lion who shot back

This very first book by Shel Silverstein about self-discovery is a moving book for both children and adults. It's about Lafcadio, a lion who should be happy by all standards. He is invited to join a circus where he becomes famous for his outstanding marksmanship. As his status grows, Lafcadio enjoys meals in upscale restaurants and visits to fancy hotels. However, with each passing day, his identity becomes more confused and the lion is overcome with sadness. When on a hunting trip with his owner in Africa, Lafcadio finds himself with a gun pointed at other lions. This is the moment when he must decide if he is man or lion. So many layers to unpack in this timeless classic with a far reaching audience.


lion needs a haircut

Lions are supposed to be courageous and brave. So when it's time for something as simple as a haircut, there shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, little lion isn't feeling so fierce when it comes to getting his locks trimmed. He lets out a ROAR to let everyone know he will not be going to the barber. But then his father, who also needs his mane cut, offers to go along. With his dad by his side, maybe little lion can face the sheers after all.




brian the dancing lion

A wonderful book about breaking stereotypes and following your dreams. Brian is a lion who has some expectations to uphold. He is supposed to be brave and fierce. Although he may have those traits, but his passion for dancing does not align with them. When he enters a dance competition, Brian's biggest fear is how his friends will react to seeing him on stage. Will they laugh at him or will they surprise him by showing support? A book for everyone who needs the courage to just be themselves.



tell me a lion story

An interactive story about a child who asks her father to tell her a story. But not just any story. It has to be about a lion. And so her dad begins, but not without constant interruptions from his daughter who perhaps would rather be making up the story herself. Every time the dad makes something up about the lion, it's not quite right. Lots of humor in this lion story that invites readers to add their own interpretation along the way.


the night lion

 Morgan is plagued by a fear of darkness. During the day, he is full of bravado and confidence, especially when he wears his tall hat and wields his toy sword. But at night, his active imagination plays tricks on him. Morgan has nightmares that a robber is coming to steal his prized toys. His beloved Nana comes to the rescue with a a stuffed lion for Morgan to take to bed. When his scary dreams begin to creep in, Morgan imagines he is riding his fierce lion and chases away the bad guy. A reassuring story about comfort a (toy) lion provides to a boy with a common fear.




national geographic lions

A leveled book for kids starting to read on their own, this book is filled with the most intriguing photographs of lions in their natural habitat. Kids will learn about what they eat, how they play, and all kinds of other interesting facts.  Collect all of the amazing books in the National Geographic Series.




there's a lion in the forest

All of the animals in a tropical forest are convinced there is a lion lurking around. Even though they know lions don't live in South America, evidence is mounting that a big cat is among them. Toucan, Capybara, and Coati are convinced they heard a lion's growl and caught a glimpse of its tail thrashing back and forth behind the thick brush and trees. In the end, the quivering forest animals feel sweet relief that they were sorely mistaken. An endearing story about not jumping to conclusion without all the facts. Pages in the back includes valuable information about endangered species living in the rain forests. 


lion and mouse

 A modern interpretation of the classic fable about the unlikely friendship between a lion and a mouse. In this clever story, a confident little rodent enters the lion's den on his way to visit his girlfriend. After an ugly exchange, the mouse convinces the lion not to eat him with the promise that he will return the favor one day. That day arrives sooner than expected when the lion gets trapped by a hunter. The clever mouse frees the lion, and from there a friendship based on acceptance and kindness is formed.



amazing animals lions

A fascinating non-fiction book about lions for little readers. Each double page spread features a gorgeous photograph of a lion along with a couple of short sentences. Children will learn about their physical characteristics, what they eat, where they live, and how they care for their young. This book is a great introduction for toddlers and preschoolers who want to read more about these fearsome animals.




the happy lion

Lots of lessons are packed into this classic book about a lion who resides in a French zoo. He's a friendly cat who enjoys all the visitors who stop by to say "Bonjour, Happy Lion". One day his cage is accidentally left open, so the lion decides to pay a visit to all of the friends who have come by the zoo. But what an unpleasant surprise when the townspeople flea in terror instead of greeting him with open arms. A thought-provoking story with French expressions paired with rich illustrations make this enjoyable for both parents and children alike.


the lion on the bus

A fun twist on the classic "Wheels on the Bus" will have kids singing along in no time. In this colorful story, the humans on the bus are joined by a lion, a crocodile, a panther and some other wild passengers. The expressions of the motley crew are hysterical in this highly readable rendition.




goodnight lion

A loving lion is ready for bed, but he must tuck in all of his friends before settling down himself. Using a special flashlight attached to the book, toddlers can shine it through little windows to find all the hidden animals. Repetitive rhymes and whimsical pictures will appeal to little toddlers ready for bedtime themselves.




sometimes cake

A subtly profound picture book about Audrey and her best friend, Lion. They do like a good birthday party, but there is no reason why every day, like any old Tuesday, shouldn't be celebrated. So together they turn everyday things into special occasions.  The color orange, coconuts, and other ordinary objects are worthy of balloons, cake and confetti. Give this book to anyone who needs a gentle reminder to stop and smell the roses from time to time.



lion lessons

 A scrawny, meek little boy wants nothing more than to earn his Lion's Diploma. He has the best master instructor around, who is a real, live lion. There are several important skills that need to be mastered, including Roaring, Prowling, Prancing, and Looking Fierce. Unfortunately, the gentle child has a hard time passing all of these tests. It's not until the final task, Looking Out for Friends, is introduced that he feels confidant about passing.  A humorous and endearing story about the power of friendship.



the little lion that listened

An endearing little lion, Leo, is quite an amazing listener. While that is considered a good trait in humans, it is only a marginally valuable attribute in lions. It's true that Leo's astute listening skills have saved his family from danger. But his father is concerned that Leo will never be respected since he refuses to roar. A more patient mother knows that Leo will find his voice when he is ready, but will it be too late? Beautiful artwork completes a story that strikes a chord for lots of kids, many of whom need a extra time to reach their own milestones in life.


clementine and the lion

An oddly imaginative and fantastical story about Clementine, a resourceful little girl who has a disdain for her parents. When they both disappear (one held captive by dragons and the other stuck in a bottle at sea), she is strangely happy about her newfound freedom. But her sudden sense of independence is quickly upended when an uninvited guest moves into her home. It's ferocious roar and destructive behavior just about drive Clementine out of her home. With some creative problem-solving and open-minded thinking, maybe this unlikely duo can find a way to live under the same roof.

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Go Into the Jungle With Children's Lion Stories

Lions are intriguing animals, which make them popular figures in books and movies. Their regal, ferocious, and dominating presence is both admired and feared by animals and humans alike. The coat is a golden, luxurious fur that looks soft to the touch, much like a domesticated cat. But when this beast bears its sharp fangs and releases a terrifying roar, there is no mistaking the danger and violent predatory nature of these creatures. Animals like giraffes, zebras, and wildebeest are the main prey of these giant cats that live in the Sahara. Children's books about lions capture the essence of these beautiful yet terrifying beasts. 

Authors take creative liberties in the way they represent them as characters. Often portrayed as friendly companions to humans and other animals, kids may perceive lions as happy pets that will always by their side. If you are looking to read these whimsical stories, it would be good to add some non-fiction options to the mix. Ask your children to compare and contrast the lions in the fictional stories with the factual books about them. It's a great way to develop reading comprehension and critical thinking skills



Best Plush Lion Toys

Make a gift of lion books extra special by pairing them with a plush toy. Check out some of the softest, most snuggly stuffed lions for your little reader.


stuffed lion

Tubbie Wubbie Lion

This 12- inch super soft plush lion is just the right size for babies and toddlers. The embroidered eyes and nose are practically indestructible and the hair is adorably messy!



melissa and doug lion

Melissa and Doug Standing Lion

 This stunning lion, which stands 2 feet tall and 3 feet long, is an excellent addition to a jungle themed bedroom or playroom. Quality built and soft to hug, this plush will withstand hours of imaginary play. Add the other animals from the Melissa and Doug collection.


gund lion

 GUND Toothpick Lion

This 15-inch soft lion with the kindest little face is made with the quality customers can expect from GUND.  With a skinny body and long, floppy limbs, this plush lion has a quirky look that will make little kids smile.



simba and nala

 Simba and Nala

Little ones will feel all the love between their favorite lions, Simba and Nala. These soft plush toys with detailed embroidering are about 12 inches long. They can be easily separated, but these two lovebirds are happiest when their heads are nuzzled closely together. 



bearington plush lion

Bearington Roary Plush Lion

One of the softest, most squishy little lions perfect for babies and toddlers. Filled with weighted bean bags, this cute lion can be easily positioned to sit up. His spiky mane and expressive eyes are especially cute!




Amazing Facts About Lions

Lions are awe-inspiring to anyone who has the opportunity to see them in person, either at a zoo or on a safari. But for now, kids can appreciate their incredible strength and beauty by reading books. Here are some additional interesting facts about lions and what makes them such incredible creatures. 

  • Lions are incredibly social cats that live in prides of around 15 members. Females stay with the pride they were born into while male lions leave to form new prides.
  • Lionesses within the same pride synchronize their fertility cycles. This way they all deliver cubs around the same time, providing an instant playgroup for their little ones.
  • Cubs need playtime in order to develop critical survival skills. They practice hunting skills by stalking and wrestling with each other.
  • A lion's roar can be heard as far as five miles away.
  • Female lions do all of the hunting, but the males always eat first. Males are primarily responsible for protecting the pride's territory.
  • Lions are extremely fast runners and can reach speeds of up to 50 mph for short distances. They can also jump as far as 36 feet and can scale trees with relative ease.
  • Despite the large stature of lionesses,  newborns weigh in at only 3 pounds. After a  gestation period of four months, the mother will give birth privately and keep her newborn shielded from the rest of the pride for about six weeks.   


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