21 Playful Children's Books about Twins

a twin is to hug

Quite a charming book about all the wonderful benefits of being a twin. Twins have a constant playmate, a snuggle buddy, and a partner in crime. They also learn so many valuable lessons like sharing and taking turns. Whimsical illustrations fill this sweet book about twins for babies and toddlers.





Charming Picture Books Featuring Twins

When parents finds out they are pregnant with twins, they knows there is double trouble coming their way. This requires a tremendous amount of planning, shopping for supplies, and figuring out how to care for the dynamic duo. But no matter how exhausting it can be, the gift of twins is more than twofold. The bond between twins forms in the womb and continues to strengthen for the rest of their lives. This incredibly unique relationship is one that is celebrated in all of these touching children's books about twins. For more fun books about multiples, be sure to read the best children's books about triplets, too!

Indulging a mom-to-be of twins with gifts is as much a necessity as it is an indulgence. One of the best gifts you can give at a baby shower is a collection of books to get their babies started on the right path. Baby board books about twins capture all of the love and mischief the dynamic duo will bring with their arrival. These books will help prepare parents of what is to come. And when the twins arrive, they will love to look at the pictures and hear the stories about siblings just like them. 


  two is for twins

All kinds of doubles are celebrated in this whimsical book about twins. From a bird's wings to a bicycle's wheels, lots of wonderful and important things comes in twos. A jubilant, bouncy book about twins for toddlers that embraces both the similar and unique qualities each child possesses.



 Take Two!: A Celebration of Twins

A collection of poems all about twins is the perfect keepsake gift for anyone touched by twins. Filled with interesting twin trivia and whimsical pictures of all kinds of twins, every situation is covered in this adorable book. Perfect for baby shower gifts or gifts for twins of any age.



bathtime for twins  

 Bath time is fun for any baby, but for twins it is an especially good time. Told in pitch-perfect rhyme, this adorable book features some cherubs having fun in the tub, playing all kinds of games, and then being tucked sweetly into bed. Pair this baby book about twins with some bath time toys for a baby shower gift.



 Lucy and Henry Are Twins

These two cherubs love their time at the park together and they play in very similar ways. But they also like to do things apart and in their own unique way, too! This very short and simple book about twins is just right for toddlers learning to explore the world with their siblings. 


twin to twin

Such a whimsical picture book about the life of a twin girl and boy. In a bouncy rhyme, readers are taken on the short and sweet journey of twins who move from infancy through toddlerhood. They laugh, cry, explore, play- all in double time! Oversized illustrations bring to life all the fun (and the work) twins add to a family.



We, but Me: A Book for Twins (Or Any Two Peas in a Pod)

By simply flipping the W to become a M, the illustrator provides an important visual cue for twins who read this book. While their similarities are often the most notable, twins are distinctive individuals that need to be recognized independent of each other. Throughout the book, twins are intertwined with the bold letters along with a description of qualities that are shared and unique to each individual.



Little Miss Twins

 Super cute story about the fun of twin-hood. Silly, cartoonish illustrations accompany a brief story for toddlers who have short attention spans. This small novelty book can be easily tucked into a bag for spontaneous reading on the go.

The Twinniest Twins

Written by the mother of twins, this adorable book embraces the differences of each twin. Steering away from the catchphrases "two peas in a pod" and "double trouble", the author focuses her message on the unique identities of the bonded pair. Soft watercolor illustrations bring to life the joy and happiness of being a twin.



 The Twinniest Twins and Me

Avery is the big sister to fraternal twins. She loves her role as the older sibling but sometimes she feels like a big part of her life is wrapped up around them. This cute book about twins for an older sibling celebrates all the fun times and also the challenges that come it. Avery also teaches readers that having your own identity separate and apart from being a big sister is important.



Two Boring Twin Brothers

A little boy's life is disrupted with the arrival of twin brothers. He had been excitedly anticipating their arrival, but these two are much more work than he expected. They cry all the time and meal time is total chaos. Truthfully, big brother is disappointed that these twins are not ready to play anytime soon and are more of a nuisance than anything else. A book for the older sibling of twins that offers a realistic look at life with two babies.


The Two and Only Kelly Twins

A very short chapter book for beginner readers about Arlene and Ilene Kelly, identical twins and second-graders. Life is not always easy, but the girls have always enjoyed their status as identical twins. But when triplets join their class at school, they wonder if being a twin is special anymore. A terrific book elementary school children who will relate to the trials and tribulations of twins.

 The Twins' Blanket

From the time these twins were tiny babies, they shared absolutely everything. While this sometimes led to squabbles, most of the time it's was a very loving and natural arrangement. But now that the girls are five, the time has come for a little separation.  Starting with separate beds and blankets, these darling twins need a lesson on how "not" to share. An emotional and moving picture book about twins maturing from into independent young children.


The Best Twins Ever

Joy and Jojo are best friends who enjoy the same music, activities and interests. They also happen to be identical twins who have their own aspirations and styles. A fun book about twins that balances the benefits of having a twin sibling and with maintaining one's own identity. 

 twins first year memory book 

 This lovely and sturdy memory book for twin girls is the perfect keepsake for baby shower gifts. There are so many precious moments that new parents will want to capture during their twins' first year of life. This book is part scrapbook/part journal with plenty of room to customize and record all the important memories in one place.



 That's My New Friend 

Amela and Amira are twins and the best of friends. They have always done everything together. But this school year will be different. The sisters have been assigned to different classrooms, which means they won't have each other for security and comfort. Twins who are assigned to separate teachers for the first time will relate to all the emotions in this picture books about twin sisters.



 The McClure Twins: Make It Fashion

Written by twin sisters, this fashion-forward picture book about twins is a hit for girls with style. Ava and Alexis have always been exactly alike. But they begin to quesion their identical nature when they find out they were born at different times (1 minute apart, to be exact), and when they can't seem to agree on what to wear for the fashion show. Readers will love finding out how they reconcile their differences. They will also learn that being a twin does not always mean you have to be identical about everything.



 Playtime for Twins

What's the best thing about being a twin? Your best friend is always by your side. These adorable tots ride the seesaw, read a book about rockets, and make a lot joyful noise playing together. A perfectly rhyming twin book for toddlers is an ode to dynamic duos everywhere.




A unique book about fraternal twins that focuses on all the ways they are different. Most notably, this quirky story is about a boy whose twin happens to be a giraffe. They like to do all kinds of fun things together, like building treehouses, reading stories, and playing leapfrog. But, like other siblings, they have their fair share of quarrels and conflict. A sweet and accessible book about twins that captures the essence of their special relationship.



 Liam Takes a Stand

Identical twins Lister and Lester are in a constant state of competition. When one sibling starts a project, the other immediately responds by trying to outperform him with his own endeavor. One summer day, the twins each start their own lemonade business, fueled by the desire to win no matter what the cost. And, as it usually goes, the younger brother is the one who pays the price. Liam is never included in either of their plans and he has had enough. So after quietly observing the mistakes each twin makes with their lemonade stand, Liam starts his own successful business that takes the older twins by surprise. 



 Fancy Nancy: JoJo and the Twins

Jojo is excited about the arrival of her twin brothers. She is ready to be a big sister and help out her mom and dad. The only problem is that she cannot tell the babies apart. After a little bit of thought, Jojo develops a creative and funny way to tell the difference between her baby brothers.

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Fun Facts About Twins

Collecting kids' books about twins is so much fun for families who have been blessed with doubles. The stories capture the extra chaos that twins insert into households that have routines, schedules, and organization. Books about sibling rivalry are always good to add to the collection since some of the issues that arise can be amplified amongst these dynamic duos. Whether the twins are joining older siblings or are the firstborns, they are guaranteed to create a frenzy when they arrive. Here are some fun facts that offer more insight into this unique and special sibling relationship.

  • Research has shown that siblings start communicating in the womb as early as 14 weeks through touch. After they enter the world, twins continue their unique communication often by developing a new language only they can understand.
  • It's no surprise that identical twins raised in the same home grow up with similar interests, traits, and behaviors. Even more interesting, babies who are separated at birth and raised in different homes still show remarkably similar characteristics after twenty years.
  • The number of twins born every year is increasing in number. For example, forty years ago about 19 out of every 1000 babies was a twin. Present day that number is closer to 32 out of every 1000 births.
  • Everyone is familiar with the difference between identical and fraternal twins. But there is a third, lesser known type, called mirror twins. These babies are the result of the egg splitting much later in the process. Physical features like moles, freckles, and birthmarks appear on the opposite sides of their bodies, hence the term mirror twins. 


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