11 Amusing Children's Books About Triplets

11 Amusing Children's Books About Triplets

The Super Duper Triplets' Colorful Birthday

Birthdays are three times the fun when you are a triplet! Lexy, Lacy and Lucy are excitedly preparing for their upcoming birthday party. They help their mom and dad by cleaning the house, baking a cake, and setting up the decorations. Unfortunately, their Nana and Papa get stuck on their way to the party, so the triplets need to come up with a strategy to rescue them. A charming book about triplets who work together to solve a problem!



Terrific Children's Books About Triplets

Kids will enjoy three times the reading fun in these humorous books for children about triplets. These youngsters outnumber their parents and get into all kinds of mischief. From the time they are babies, savvy little triplets have a sense that they have an advantage over their caregivers, and they sure know how to have fun with it! This collection of books about triplets includes babies, young children, and tweens, all of whom give us a behind-the-scenes look at life as a threesome. For more books about multiples, check out the best children's books about twins next!


T-Rex Triplets Visit Grandma and Grandpa

One T-Rex grandchild is a handful, but just imagine having to take care of triplets. A cute picture book about triplets takes readers into the home of grandparents who perhaps have taken on more than they can handle. A silly and entertaining look at the chaos these cute but mischievous triplets cause! Check out the rest of the books in this T-Rex Triplets series!


Triple Trouble

A juicy chapter book for tweens about the fierce competitive vibes between a set of twins and triplets. Emma and Payton find that their social position in school has been knocked down a notch with the arrival of some sassy, popular triplets. An upcoming competition involving multiples piques the interest of these girls, but manipulative, back-stabbing behavior gets everyone into a hot mess. A fast, fun gossipy book about triplets with a satisfying ending.




Twins vs Triplets: Back to School Blitz

This is the first book in a series of early chapter books about competing twins and triplets.  Poor David is caught in between these multiples who are constantly playing the tricks on each other. A funny book with plenty of illustrations perfect for new independent readers. Look for further Twin vs Triplets installments coming soon.



Triple Trouble Plus One: Sleepaway Camp

Triplets plus a little brother embark on a summer camp adventure filled with sports, competitions, zip-lining, color wars, and all kinds of other outdoor adventures. This easy chapter book, suitable for kids ages 7-11, is a fun book for triplets who will relate to the sibling rivalry and the very strong bond that exists between these multiples.




Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Strawberries

A classic Swedish book about triplets who spread sunshine and happiness wherever they go. In this story, the girls head out to pick strawberries. Their mother has agreed to pay them for each basketful. Flicka, Ricka and Dicka meet a mother and her two children who are in need of clothing and food. Without hesitation, they know exactly how they will spend their money. A heartwarming book about triplets that elicits feelings of nostalgia from simpler days. Check out the rest of the books in the  Flicka, Ricka and Dicka series.




Where Triplets Go, Trouble Follows

 An easy chapter books for beginner readers about the Devine triplets. Violet, Lily and Daisy have some things in common, but their differences are what define these sisters. Violet is the brainiac and loves attention , Daisy is the athlete, and Lily is the introvert who likes to bury her nose in books. Three novelas, with each girl starring in her own story, make up this fun, fast chapter book about triplets.



The Saturday Triplets: Lost in the Leaf Pile

Fall has arrived and triplets, Carlos, Ana, and Bella, are ready to make the most of the day. It's Saturday morning, so it's time to get outside! Follow along with these active triplets as they frolic in the leaves, enjoy the brisk autumn breeze, and have all kinds of fun!  Check out the other two books in The Saturday Triplets series- The Pumpkin Fair Problem  and  Teacher Trouble!




God Made Three: Baby Shower Guest Book Triplets

 Moms-to-be blessed with triplets will appreciate this keepsake. Bible verses are sprinkled throughout this charming guestbook, journal and gift log all in one. Perfect as a baby shower gift to help preserve all the special memories created in anticipation of the babies' arrival. 


Pea Pod Babies

 A whimsical book about three babies who are  tired of being told they look like "three peas in a pod".  So Sweet Pea, Snap Pea, and Snow Pea escape from the safety of their pod into the magical garden. Each pea experiences an adventure beyond imagination as they discover who they are as individuals. Charming contribution to the triplet children's book genre.

You're All My Favorites

A timeless, heartwarming picture book that highlights every child's desire to be loved. In this story, a mother and father bear tuck each of their three cubs in for bed with some tender words. Each one is reminded that they are the best and most loved of all the cubs in the world. When each expresses doubt, they are resassured that there is more than enough love to go around. One of the best books to read to triplets struggling with their place in parents' hearts.

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Charming Picture Books About Triplets

Triplets share a unique upbringing that only other triplets can understand. From the time they are newborns, these tiny humans are showered with attention that is largely focused on their status as a threesome. And while being a triplet can be an incredible gift, it comes with some challenges other siblings (except maybe twins) don't fully understand.

Parents are exhausted and outnumbered, so triplets don't always get the attention they crave. As they grow older and more self-aware, each child strives to find an identity that is separate and apart from the other two. Reading these children's books about triplets will help your trio understand that they are not alone in their experiences.


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