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15 Touching Children's Books About The Nativity

Christmas in the Manger

Christmas in the Manger

A simple and engaging introduction to little ones about the birth of Christ. A variety of scenes capture the loving nature of all those who gathered around to witness the miracle. This short story is a wonderful way to teach the youngest children about the meaning behind Christmas. A classic, best-selling book for toddlers that is a popular choice first Christmas book gifts.


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The Best Nativity Stories To Read This Christmas

The Christmas Story has become the most widely accepted story shared about the conception and birth of Jesus. Reading kids' books about The Nativity shares the story about the night when a very pregnant Mary needed to stop and rest for the night. A kind innkeeper opened his stable to Joseph and Mary for the night where she gave birth to baby Jesus. She lovingly wrapped the newborn in a white cloth and laid him to sleep in a manger filled with hay. Events from this incredible night are told throughout the best kids' books about Christmas. Some of the authors present the most traditional version of the story. Others share variations and share the events of the night from different perspectives. All of these books are beautiful contributions to the most important night in the Christian faith, and the real reason why Christmas is celebrated


mortimer's christmas manger

Mortimer's Christmas Manger

A darling mouse decides it is time to upgrade his living arrangements. Much to his surprise, Mortimer discovers a tiny wooden house underneath the Christmas tree. He hauls away the tiny, wooden inhabitants so there is room for himself. Yet every time he leaves the house, the little figures return to their places inside. It's only after he overhears someone reading The Christmas Story that Mortimer realizes the significance of the people in the manger. A most tender and heartwarming account for preschoolers and toddlers. 



humphrey's first christmas

Humphrey's First Christmas

The Christmas Story is told from the perspective of a camel, who is tired and cold from making the long journey to Bethlehem. Humphrey is cranky and not at all thrilled with being selected to endure this long trek. The deceit he employs to secure a blanket for himself will make little ones laugh in dismay, especially in light of what Humphrey is about to witness. When he arrives at the destination and the disingenuous camel witnesses the love surrounding Baby Jesus, his heart opens up to the miracle before him.



the christmas baby

The Christmas Baby

The miracle of birth is celebrated when Mary and Joseph welcome their newborn baby. All of the animals witness the miracle, spread the glorious news to the shepherds, and then to the angels above. A beautiful book for parents of newborns celebrating the first Christmas with their own precious baby.   



 Itsy Bitsy Christmas: A Reimagined Nativity Story for Advent and Christmas

Itsy Bitsy Christmas

An evocative story with a valuable message about Christ's love for all creatures great and small. Two tiny mice make the arduous journey to Bethlehem when they hear that a king is arriving. Along the way, they encounter other animals who doubt the news, and the mice begin to wonder if they are big enough to even matter to Christ the King. They continue along their path, and learn that Jesus loves everyone, how no matter how small or insignificant they feel.



The Berenstain Bears Very First Christmas  

The Berenstain Bears: The Very First Christmas

 The traditional Christmas Story is presented to little readers through the popular Berenstain Bears characters. Kids will learn about the role of the Three Wise Men and the Angel Gabriel, as well as all of the other central figures and events that occurred on the night Jesus was born. This book is part of the Living Lights series featuring a variety of faith-based books featuring the beloved Berenstain Bears family.



 The Story of Christmas

The Story of Christmas

An interactive board book engages toddlers in the special events leading up to the birth of baby Jesus. They will follow along with Mary and Joseph as they journey to Bethlehem where they welcome the arrival of the newborn king. Little readers will love pulling tabs and spinning wheels to make characters appear in each of the scenes. Told in rhyme and presented in a sturdy board book format, this is a fantastic first Nativity Story book for babies.



 room for a little one

Room for a Little One

Soft, glowing light sets the tone for a story about the loving embrace of all the animals in the stable. The largest of the creatures, an ox, slides over to make room for a dog who comes to settle in for the night. Next enters a small cat and then a tiny mouse. With the arrival each new animal, the larger creatures graciously make room and welcome them into the warm, safe space. So when Joseph and Mary arrive, the wise and loving animals know exactly what do to in preparation for the tiniest newcomer.



 The Star in the Christmas Play

The Star in the Christmas Play

It's time for the annual Christmas play at a school. All of the animals are auditioning for characters they want to portray in the retelling of The Nativity Story. Raffi the giraffe wants to be included in the production, but his size doesn't seem to make sense for any of the most important roles. With a little out-of-the-box thinking, the tallest schoolmate lands the role of a lifetime as the shining star. An endearing story that will boost the spirits of readers who sometimes feel excluded.



Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story

Song of the Stars

A non-traditional telling of the night baby Jesus is born that offers a more earthly connection to the momentous night. All of the animals gather around underneath a shining star, sensing that they are about to witness a very special event. Carefully written stanzas build upon each other and create a sense of anticipation around the miraculous arrival of the newborn king. An evocative, song-like story that is a wonderful supplement to classic books for kids.



The First Christmas Night

The First Christmas Night

Glowing illustrations accompany the beautiful verse that follows the classic "Twas the Night Before Christmas" poem. A glorious retelling of the birth of Jesus follows the special moments from the arrival of Mary and Joseph, the appearance of the angel before the shepherds, and the dramatic arrival of the three wise men bearing gifts. The back page includes more advanced biblical references that older kids can read and reference along with the story.



Who is Coming to Our House?

Who is Coming to Our House?

The anticipation of something momentous is told from the viewpoint of the animals who live in the stable. A little mouse makes an announcement about a very special arrival that sets all of the other creatures in motion. Pig, Lamb, Goose, and Duck get busy tidying the manger by stacking the hay, clearing the space, and preparing the crib. A perfect book for toddlers who will appreciate the excitement of the animals express around the arrival of a newborn king.


The Story of Christmas

The Story of Christmas

An enthralling picture book about The Nativity Story that deserves a place on a coffee table for all to admire. The paper-cut illustrations are incredibly intricate works of art that portray all of the events closely following the biblical interpretation. Actual Bible verses supplement the telling of the story, which covers all the important moment. The appearance of the angel, the shepherds, and the three wise men are all portrayed in a dramatic, mesmerizing fashion against a black backdrop. This is a story for young children that will continue to challenge and teach them year after year.

The Story of the Three Wise Kings

The Story of the Three Wise Kings

Tomie dePaola's intriguing picture book about the three wise kings is a wonderful addition to a child's book collection. When the three men identify a bright star in the sky, symbolic of the newborn king's birth, they gather their gifts and journey to Bethlehem. Mesmerizing pictures depict a more serious tone and elicit a sense of people from another place and time, unlike many other nativity books that are more lighthearted.


The Donkey's Song: A Christmas Nativity Story

The Donkey's Song: A Christmas Nativity Story

This sweet poem is from the vantage point of the donkey who transports Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem. The simplicity of the rhyme will appeal to toddlers who are just learning about the nativity. The magical essence of the night is captured in the moonlit pictures, with adorable animals watching in admiration at the donkey passes by carrying the special passengers on his back. 
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What Kids' Nativity Books Teach Little Readers

There are so many fun Christmas books about the frivolous and fun parts of the holiday season. Visits with Santa Claus, baking sugar cookies, spying on elves in the workshop, watching reindeer fly, and decorating Christmas trees are all popular themes in these stories. But the reason why Christmas is a special time of year is conveyed in the best children's nativity books. Kids will love looking at the pictures of the three wise men making the long journey to Bethlehem, bearing gifts for their newborn king, and stories about angels singing songs of joy for the world to hear. Some of these stories offer a very simplistic version of The Christmas Story for toddlers. For older readers, lengthier children's nativity books provide more religious context around the significance of the events leading up to the birth. These picture books also emphasize the significance of all who were present on this magical night and the everlasting impact on Christians who come together in celebration every year.
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