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16 Sweet Children's Books About Candy Canes

the legend of the candy cane

The Legend of the Candy Cane

A fictional story about a dark, cold night when a visitor arrives in a small town. All of the people are puzzled about this stranger's true identity. Could he be a doctor, a dressmaker, or a trader? A curious little girl befriends the man and is overjoyed to learn why he has arrived and his purpose in life. During the time they spend together, the man shares a story about what the candy cane symbolizes- J for Jesus.



candy cane books


Best Kids' Books About Candy Canes

This red and white striped peppermint treat appears everywhere during the Christmas season. Believe it or not, there are almost 2 billion candy canes produced every year! In addition to licking them, kids love to hang them as decorations on Christmas trees. Santa Claus hands out candy canes to kids when they sit on his lap and adults like to flavor their coffee with this holiday sweet. There are so many different ways to enjoy them, so it only makes sense to read the best kids' candy cane books that share fun stories about delicious, holiday treats.


katie the candy cane fairy

Katie the Candy Cane Fairy

What happens when a candy cane loses its stripes? That's the dilemma for Katie and the rest of her singing group. They have magical candy canes that they use in their Christmas performance to make it extra special. When the stripes disappear, so does all of the magic! Will will be able to find replacements or figure out how to shine on their own without the help of the candy canes? Charming pictures of the cutest fairies celebrating Christmas will delight little readers.



the candy cane train

The Candy Cane Train

All aboard! This train is ready to take your readers on a ride like no other. This choo-choo train, made with the sweetest ingredients, will give kids the sugar high of a lifetime! On a cold, snowy day, passengers board the train for a fun ride. Then they take a nice long break to play outside and eat lots and lots of candy. A fun rhyming read aloud with whimsical pictures is a fun one to include for Christmas story time.




the candymaker's gift

The Candymaker's Gift: The Legend of the Candy Cane

A petite-sized book with charming illustrations that capture the essence of the Christmas season. The story shares the religious origins of the candy cane with biblical references throughout. Readers with longer attention spans will appreciate this beautiful candy cane picture book.




candy cane lane

Candy Cane Lane

An original, independently published book about a boy's dream come true. He takes a magical ride on a sweet-filled train down candy cane lane. Simple and charming holiday book geared toward preschool age children.



the candy cane story

The Candy Cane Story

This interesting story is based on the religious origins of the candy cane. A candy maker, aptly named Mr. Sugarbaker, and his charming wife take readers on a spiritual journey back to when candy canes were invented. This Christian-based picture book, with charming pictures, is a nice addition to Christmastime reading.



 the candy cane crew and their missing elf trixie

The Candy Cane Crew and Their Missing Elf Trixie

Trixie is a mischief-causing little elf whose latest trick goes poorly. She is supposed to be focused on making gifts for Christmas, but Trixie disappears after feeling ashamed by her failed prank. The crew of candy cane elves are concerned about an impending snowstorm and jump into action to find and rescue Trixie. 



the candy cane princess

The Candy Cane Princess

This darling candy cane book tells the story of CC the elf. She is actually a princess elf who works for Santa and delivers candy canes to kids everywhere. During one of her stops, things don't go according to plan, but the rest of the elves step up and turn misfortune into opportunity for lots of others. A heartwarming candy book about giving back this holiday season. Pair some princess accessories, like a tiara or magic wand, along with a red and white holiday sweet with this cute storybook.




i spy a candy cane

I Spy: A Candy Cane

This festive book is part of the popular I Spy interactive series. Perfect for beginner readers, this holiday edition is filled with rhymes and picture clues that keep kids entertained. Pair this fun Christmas seek-and-find book with a real candy cane to give an affordable gift for all the kids on your list!




candy cane lane

Candy Cane Lane

A heartwarming story about the events that occur on Candy Cane Lane one Christmas. The homeowners on this festive street take great pride in decorating for the holidays. When a winter storm blows through town, many of the outdoor ornaments are tossed around and broken. Their owners send these less-than-perfect figures to the dump, replacing them with pristine ornaments. Fortunately, a little girl in a home without decorations rescues the discarded bunch, and proudly gives them a place on her yard. Her actions gives them a new sense of purpose and importance on Candy Cane Lane.




how the candy cane got its stripes

How the Candy Cane Got Its Stripes

 A digitally illustrated picture book with a fun and fictional spin on how candy canes were transformed. They used to be plain white until Santa decided they needed a colorful makeover. Hence, striped candy canes were born! Beautiful, detailed pictures capture the Christmas spirit in this rhyming story about the candy cane legend.




candy cane blessings

Candy Cane Blessings

 There are so many blessings to count at Christmastime! Families gather for lots of fun in this sweet candy cane themed board book. Together they enjoy ice skating, making gingerbread houses, building a gigantic snowman, and decorating the tree with candy canes.




the candy cane rain

The Candy Cane Rain

A heartwarming, rhyming story about the real meaning behind Christmas. During the holiday season, lots of families are overly busy and distracted getting ready for Christmas Day. This candy cane story is an important reminder to slow down, spend time with the people we love, and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Whimsical pictures of candy canes falling from the sky fill the pages. Kids will especially love searching for the hidden pictures throughout.



the candy cane fiasco

The Candy Cane Fiasco

 Candy canes make a lovely decorations, but they can be a mess to eat. The star of this story is a little girl who is sticky from head to toe after eating this holiday treat. She is so sticky after eating the candy cane that she gets stuck to the Christmas tree. Her grandmother tries to set her free, but she is unable to separate her sticky hand from the branches. The only solution, it seems, is to wait for Santa to arrive for surely he will have an idea. A silly, cumulative story about the downfalls of eating these red and white peppermint candies. 




in the candy cane house

In the Candy Cane House

A charming, forty-page coloring book filled with vintage Christmas images is the perfect gift this season. Originally published in the 1950s, the pictures will elicit feelings of nostalgia for grandparents. Pair this old fashioned coloring book with a pack of crayons and top off the gift with a giant candy cane.



isle of misfits the candy cane culprit

Isle of Misfits: The Candy Cane Culprits

An exciting, illustrated chapter book for kids who love a good mystery! The Misfits are quite adept at gathering clues and solving crimes. They have proven themselves experts in helping others resolve puzzling problems, but the stakes are a little bit higher this time. Someone or something is breaking into Santa's workshop, destroying all of the toys and stealing all of the candy canes. Santa is convinced a big monster is responsible for the theft, but The Misfits aren't so sure. Will they be able to get to the bottom of this mystery in time to save Christmas?


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candy cane books


Kids Love Candy Cane Stories

Candy canes show up on the shelve of stores every Christmas. The hooked red-and-white striped candy looks like a J when it is turned upside down, so many children think it symbolizes Jesus. Candy cane stories share the real history, meaning, purpose behind these holiday treats. Originally all white, the red stripe was added many years later.

Nowadays, candy canes comes in a whole variety of flavors, like strawberry, cherry, green apple, and blueberry. There are even rainbow colored candy canes that with bold stripes of color in all the different flavors. Yet despite the wide assortment, a popular survey indicated that more than 72% of people still prefer the traditional peppermint flavor. Another fun survey pointed to the fact that more than half of kids who eat candy canes like to lick them rather than bite the candy into chewable pieces. Next time you settle down to read Christmas books, take a little survey to find out how they like to eat this Christmas candy treat.


candy cane books


 Facts and History About Candy Canes

Most people probably don't know much about the history of this Christmas treat or how it developed into a popular symbol of the holiday season. The rich tradition of this striped mint can be traced back hundreds of years. Interesting legends and folklore about when the candy cane was invented, the various places it first appeared, and what it represented to the people who enjoyed it.Kids will have a whole new appreciation next time they hook these stick candies around a Christmas tree branch or pass them out to friends at a holiday party.


candy cane books


  • National Candy Cane Day is officially December 26. It seems like there is a holiday for everything, so why not celebrate Christmas candy as well? There is really no traditional way or customary activities to do on this day, so feel free to get your creative juices flowing! One fun idea includes making paper mache candy canes and decorating them as a family. Another thought is to bake cookies or cupcakes and decorating them with red and white stripes.
  • The largest candy cane ever crafted required 500 pounds of sugar and was 51 feet long. It was made in 2012 by a chef in Illinois. Alain Roby, owner of a confection shop called All-Chocolate Kitchen, holds the Guinness World Record. After the candy cane was constructed, he used a blow torch to affix spun-sugar ribbon bows to as a final touch.
  • The origin of the candy cane can be traced back to 1670. Candy sticks had already gained popularity,  But then a choirmaster in Germany, frustrated by chatter young singers, had an idea. He twisted the sugary treats into the shape of a shepherd's hook and passed them out during religious ceremonies to keep little ones quiet.
  • Candy canes made their first appearance in America in 1847 when a German immigrant introduced them as a sugary and decorative custom for the Christmas season. August Imgard is the name of the person credited for bringing them here. Legend has it that he decorated a spruce tree with handmade paper ornaments and candy canes for Christmas. And the rest is history!
  • The red and white stripes were not added to candy canes until the 1920s. For the prior 200 years, candy canes were entirely white. This was determined from Christmas cards showing pictures of the candy without stripes. Interestingly, the peppermint flavor was also a new feature around this same time.
  • Bob McCormack, an Atlanta native, is the person first credited for distributing candy canes as Christmas treats to all his friends and family members. The candy was made entirely by hand and was incredibly labor intensive. So, in the 1950s, Bob's brother-in-law (Gregory Keller) invented a machine to automate the production. Hence the birth of Bob's Candies, the first business to mass produce candy canes and distribute them around the world! 
candy cane books


Read About Candy Canes this Christmas

Finding new books to read every Christmas is a fun tradition for lots of families. Most of them center around Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Christmas trees, and the Nativity. The time has come to add some fun books about the legend of the candy cane this year. Children will enjoy learning what this popular candy symbolizes and why the red and white peppermint twists appear only in December. Reading about whimsical Christmas treats will create lots of fun conversation next time kids hang these sweet, red and white peppermint hooks on the Christmas tree.

candy cane books
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