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15 Children's Books About the Real Meaning of Christmas


Christmas in the Barn

Margaret Wise Brown, legendary children's author of Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, tells the story of the Nativity with the same charm and appeal of her other work. For more than seven decades, Christmas in the Barn has been a popular reading choice for toddler and preschool children.  Lyrical verse introduces young ones to all the special visitors who come to the barn on Christmas Eve.



Kids' Books About the Real Meaning of Christmas 

Christmas is a magical time of year through the eyes of young children. Twinkly lights bring houses and buildings to life. Beautiful trees adorned with whimsical ornaments and topped with stars can be admired in homes, stores, and city squares. And Santa Claus, the all-knowing, jolly old man, has evolved into the single most important figure responsible for delivering Christmas happiness to precious kiddos all over the world. Children's books about real meaning of Christmas cover the reason for the celebration, the birth of the savior Jesus Christ. 

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God Gave Us Christmas

A cute book about a mama bear who wants to teach her baby about the real meaning of Christmas. Young children will enjoy reading about how much God loves them. Santa Claus makes an appearance and children learn that they can celebrate all facets of the holiday. A gentle Christmas story for the preschool and kindergarten age group.




This is the Stable

A sense of exhilaration builds in this cumulative text about the imminent arrival of Jesus Christ. Rhyming verse tells the story of animals gathering around, shepherds traveling from afar, and angels arriving to witness this most magnificent birth in Bethlehem. One of our top nativity book choices for young children.




The Christmas Promise

A bible-focused retelling of how God kept his promise to send a new King for the people. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, the story describes how Mary, Joseph, the wise men, and shepherds all united on a very special night. The true meaning of Christ child's arrival is expressed through gentle verse and vibrant illustrations.   




A Birthday Party for Jesus

All of the forest animals a busily preparing for the biggest birthday party of the year. But this party isn't about buying presents- it's about the celebration of Jesus. With each turn of the page, little readers are taken deeper into the woods and closer to the real meaning of Christmas. This beautifully illustrated picture book emphasizes the importance of family coming together in honor of Jesus rather than the exchange of gifts and other commercial activities.




The Christmas Baby

An appealingly illustrated nativity book for preschoolers. The story covers the excitement around the birth of a very special baby. The news spreads quickly from the animals in the manger to the shepherds and then to the angels. The miraculous birth of all babies is emphasized in this Christmas book.





Room for a Little One

A lushly illustrated work of art on every single page. On this first Christmas night, Ox welcomes a host of animals to join him inside his safe, warm manger. Everyone settles in and awaits the arrival of the final guests- a donkey carrying Mary on his back. A beautiful nativity story told from the perspective of the animals anticipating the arrival of Jesus Christ.



The Story of Christmas

A classic, best-selling Christmas book that is accessible to readers as young as preschool age. This vibrantly illustrated Christmas story does not stray far from the biblical telling of the birth of Jesus. All of the important elements of the nativity are covered succinctly in one of the best introductory books about the real meaning of Christmas.




Itsy Bitsy Christmas: You're Never Too Little for His Love

Simply put, this is one of the sweetest Christmas stories that will warm the hearts of your children. Two little mice, aptly named Itsy and Bitsy, have heard a rumor that a king is coming to their small town of Bethlehem. Their unwavering faith carries them on a journey to find this almighty king, despite the advice from their friends that they are too insignificant for the special visitor. A touching nativity story from the perspective of unlikely critters that teaches children the importance of believing.


Happy Birthday, Jesus!

A loving family gets into the Christmas spirit by planning a birthday celebration in honor of Jesus. Rhyming, bouncy verse paired with festively illustrated pages work well in this joyous book perfect for read-aloud time. A charming book that takes a more lighthearted approach toward eaching young children the true meaning of Christmas.



Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story

All of the animals gather together as they eagerly await the arrival of Jesus Christ. The entire animal kingdom recognizes that a miracle is about to occur and they are ready to rejoice. Captivating illustrations and accessible text conveys the meaning of the advent season for the youngest of children. A highly recommended addition to your Christmas reading.



Humphrey's First Christmas

A perfect blend of humor and solemnity in this story of Christmas told from the perspective of a camel. This particular camel, Humphrey, is part of a group responsible for transporting the wise men and their gifts to Bethlehem. The night air is frigid and poor Humphrey has lost his blanket. Through a little finagling, Humphrey snags a new, soft blank which he ultimately gives to baby Jesus. The true meaning of Christmas is never lost in this gentle, funny, quirky book.



The Little Drummer Boy

A classic Christmas story with intriguing jewel-toned illustrations by Ezra Jack Keats. A procession is moving toward Bethlehem bearing gifts for the newborn king. One little boy is so poor that he has nothing to give except for the gift of his music.  This gift, intrinsically beautiful and more valuable than any material object, is the essence of Christmas. A moving, timeless story (and song) that resonates with young and old readers.


Mortimer's Christmas Manger

Mortimer has decided it's time to upgrade his living situation. He is pleasantly surprised when he discovers a cute, little house (a manger!) that is perfectly outfitted with furnishings just his size. The clever guy moves right in and makes himself at home. Then one evening he overhears a conversation and learns that his mouse house is in fact a warm shelter for Mary, Joseph, and the newborn son, Jesus. A really cute, colorful interpretation of the nativity story.




Who is Coming to Our House?

A heartwarming story of from the perspective of the animals awaiting the arrival of some special guests. Pig, Lamb, Goose, Duck, and even Mouse are busy preparing their manger for a newborn baby Jesus. A wonderful book for toddlers and preschoolers this Christmas season.


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Best Children's Books about Christmas

All of the fun Christmas festivities like visiting Santa Claus, exchanging gifts, and baking holiday cookies all make the season special. Reading classic picture books, like Polar ExpressThe Night Before Christmas, and Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree, is a wonderful way to get into the spirit. If you are looking to add some children's books about the real meaning of Christmas to your holiday reading, you've come to the right place. We have put together our favorite books for kids that focus on the birth of Jesus and the religious reason for celebrating Christmas. 

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Celebrating the real meaning of Christmas with our children can be interwoven into our busy lives during the holiday season. Just like the Elf on the Shelf has worked his way into daily routines, so, too, can families take time to teach their children about why Christmas is celebrated. We love the idea of purchasing religious advent calendars for kids to interact with in December. Lighting advent candles  together as a family and using this time together to talk about what Christmas means is also a nice idea. 



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