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9 Beautiful Children's Books About Angels

my guardian angel

My Guardian Angel

A lovely keepsake book that makes a wonderful gift for baby showers, religious celebrations or birthdays. Filled with poems and prayers, this spiritual book reminds little ones about God's steadfast love for them. Carefully selected scriptures will resonate with the youngest readers who will find comfort and security throughout the pages of this special book.




Beautiful Picture Books Featuring Angels

Angels are beautiful messengers of God with wings and halos symbolizing their glory. They descend down from heaven to offer words of comfort and peace, and to provide guidance for people who have faith. Throughout churches and other places of worship paintings of angels decorate the walls and windows. Young congregants can reflect upon them while thinking about the words coming from the pulpit. Parents sometimes talk to their children about guardian angels, or a designated angel whose job is to protect a little one from danger and ensure their safekeeping. Reading stories about angels can provide comfort and security for a child who is raised in a home with a strong faith. 


The Berenstain Bears and the Christmas Angel

The Berenstain Bears and the Christmas Angel

A blanket of snow has fallen and the Bear family heads outside to enjoy the winter wonderland. Brother and Sister Bear make a beautiful snow angel, prompting Mama Bear to share the story of the nativity with her cubs. Fans of the Berenstain Bears will enjoy adding this Christmas edition to their collection.


 grace and the christmas angel

Grace and the Christmas Angel

Hope, the Christmas angel, is watching over Grace when she needs the most help. The little girl is starring in a production of The Nativity, but her father is stranded at sea and fears he will miss her in the play. Readers will feel comforted by the angel's valiant effort to deliver a Christmas miracle for a special little girl and her family.




How the Angels Got Their Wings

How Angels Got Their Wings

A biblical presentation of how angels came to be, told in verse that is engaging and captivating. Geared toward older children who will appreciate the glorious artwork and can handle more mature themes around good vs. evil. A gorgeous, hardcover picture book that masterfully intertwines the lives of everyday people with the majestic angels who are looking over their shoulders.


 Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Three charming stories about angels earning their wings, going on adventures, and making new friends will delight readers who are fascinated with these magical beings. Short chapters chapters and whimsical pictures will keep young ones captivated and push their imaginations to new limits.




Pascual and the Kitchen Angels

Pascual and the Kitchen Angels

A fascinating story by esteemed children's author Tomie dePaola about a boy who has received the blessing of angels. When he is called upon to become the cook for the monks, Pascual worries that his inexperience in the kitchen will prevent him from fulfilling his duties. The faithful boy prays for help and is rewarded by the same angels who welcomed him at birth. 



 God Gave Us Angels

God Gave Us Angels

A tender story about a bear cub who is searching for angels. Her father lovingly explains that angels are everywhere even though they cannot be seen. As the two traverse the Arctic land, they talk about how angels are messengers of God and serve as protectors for all of the loved people and critters below.



 The Itsy Bitsy Angel

The Itsy Bitsy Angel

A sweet board book that introduces the Christmas Story to little readers. A clever twist on the classic Itsy Bitsy Spider story, this story is told from the perspective of a tiny angel who sings a song of joy for all the world to hear. Charming pictures of cherubic characters will appeal to toddlers who are ready for their first introduction to The Nativity.



 Where Snow Angels Go

Where Snow Angels Go

A magical story of a snow angel who comes to life and saves a little girl from imminent danger. In an unusual twist of events, Sylvie witnesses the angel standing guard and protecting her. Then the angel disappears right before her eyes. She has doubts about what she witnessed and tries to engage in dangerous behavior to encourage the angel's reappearance. The little girl ultimately learns that her guardian angel will always be watching over her, even when she cannot see him, and that she just needs to have faith.

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Stories About Angels Deliver Messages of Hope

Detailed stories about angels are usually introduced to children through lessons they learn in church or bible studies. They are primarily responsible for delivering important messages from God, most prominently in children's books about The Nativity, to people who need guidance, comfort, and direction. Biblical representations of angels describe these beings as creations that preceded humans who have a variety of roles to fulfill in the name of God. Some believe they have free will and fall into a strict hierarchy.

There are also many who believe in angels, but from a less structured, more spiritual point of view. Angels may be described as more of a sense or presence that someone is watching over them. They may be perceived as other-worldly spirits who keep evil at bay and provide protection for those in danger. Children's books about angels share some touching stories and provide an opportunity to talk about their presence in our lives.

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