17 Festive Children's Books About Elves

17 Festive Children's Books About Elves


The Littlest Elf

Oliver is an ambitious elf who can't wait to get to work. But, sadly, when he visits each of the locations where the magic happens, he is too small to get the job done. He fails miserably in the toy workshop, the bakery, the bike station, and everywhere else. His spirits are lifted when he meets a reindeer who is also struggling with her duties. They form a special bond and together find a place where they can contribute to the Christmas spirit. Here are the other titles from The Littlest Book Series that your child will love to read.





Best Kids' Books About Elves

Children will get a kick out of these books about elves that show the many moods, personalities, motivations, and other traits that make Santa's helpers so special. Just like kids, elves are unique individuals who love to share their experiences and perspectives across the pages of these picture books. Almost all of them are proud of their work and the magical role they play at Christmastime. But that's not to say that their work is always rewarding and joyful! So grab your special little ones, snuggle up under a blanket, and take a behind-the-scenes tour of what life is really like for all the elves.

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Never Touch a Grumpy Elf!

 A board book about elves perfect for toddlers who sometimes don't listen. Throughout this rhyming story, readers are warned about all the dangers and consequences that will occur upon touching a grumpy elf. All of the touch-and-feel features on each page will encourage them to do exactly the opposite.



How to Catch an Elf

A clever, rhyming picture book about all the tricks and traps kids need to set in order to catch an elf. They are sneaky little creatures who easily evade even the most ingenious contraptions. Preschool kids will love the vibrant pictures and may even try to put some of these ideas into action Christmas Eve. Here are more fun titles in the best-selling How to Catch book series. 




Pig the Elf

Pig is the greediest pug around. On Christmas Eve, he can hardly contain his excitement at the thought of getting all those presents. So he hatches a plan to stay awake all night and catch Santa in the act of delivering his gifts. After a funny turn of events, Pig finds himself aboard Santa's sleigh, disguised as an elf, and things turn disastrously funny! Kids will love reading all the humorous, best-selling Pig the Pug books.




Memoirs of an Elf

This popular picture book provide fantastic insight about life as an elf. Spark Elf has the incredibly important job of keeping Santa Claus on track so he can make all his deliveries in time. Spark gets the GPS ready while all the other elves load the sleigh with presents. Over the course of the night, Santa and his crew get easily distracted by cuddly family pets and delicious cookies. Just in the nick of time, all of the presents of delivered and Santa is back home in the North Pole. But when he unloads the sacks, he finds that one has a furry puppy inside. Will he be able to return this little doggy to its rightful owner in time for Christmas? A jolly children's book about elves that measures up to the other best-selling Memoirs Of children's book series.




The Elves and the Shoemaker

 An enchanting retelling of the classic Grimm fairytale about a couple of elves with kind hearts. A poor shoemaker and his wife are baffled by the appearance of new shoes that appear every morning on the workbench. The craftsmanship is like none they have seen before and wealthy customers near and far come to buy the shoes. One day, the shoemaker and his wife catch the furtive little elves and find a way to repay them.



Elf in the House

On Christmas Eve, every little noise in the house grabs the attention of kids trying to fall asleep. In a charming, cumulative rhyming book, a girl slips out of bed to investigate all the squeaks and creaks that are certainly coming from some visitors. She does run into an elf, but that isn't the only surprise guest she discovers. A few fun twists and really cute illustrations will keep your child's attention for many readings.



How to Trick a Christmas Elf

 Kids always want to find out if they're on the naughty or nice list, for that will surely determine whether or not special presents will be left under the Christmas tree. This charming children's book about elves provides a strategy for getting a hold of the list before Christmas day. The method? Distract the elf who has come to watch the house, and then take a sneak peak at the list in his possession. Kids are encouraged to gather some shiny craft supplies and build a little sleigh that will catch the elf's attention. When the moment is right, kids can snatch the naughty and nice lists to find out where their names fall.



The Little Red Elf

 This delightful elf book for children offers a clever spin on a classic fairytale. In this story, a little red elf begs her friends- a penguin, a reindeer, and a hare- to help her with Christmas preparations. But, alas, they are all too busy, too tired, or have other more important interests. So the elf plants a pinecone, brings the Christmas tree inside, decorates it, and lays out treats for Santa Claus. Throughout the whole process, the elf does not complain or show any signs of resentment. On Christmas Day, when the gifts are handed out, the elf's friends are in for a big surprise! Pair this elf book with a copy of The Little Red Hen 



The Christmas Elf Countdown

An interactive, lift-the-flap board book about a bunch of elves hustling to get ready for Christmas. This merry crew is making Christmas treats, putting out the decorations, and making lots of toys. The countdown until Christmas is moving quickly and there is so much to do! Toddlers and preschoolers will love peaking under all the flaps (there are 35!) to see the Christmas surprises.



Elfie the Elf

A sweet story about an unlikely friendship that develops between a little girl who moved to the North Pole and a lonely elf. Each of these characters finds themselves physically lost, and perhaps a little emotionally lost as well. But when they come together, both the girl and the elf help each other find happiness in this heartwarming Christmas story. 



 The Elf on the Shelf Search and Find

An interactive book to keep your kids busy over the holiday. More than 40 pages of seek-and-find activities across festive Christmas scenes. The Scout Elves and Elf Pets are not always so easy to find, and lots of bonus items to search adds to the fun of this activity book.


Mr. Getaway and the Christmas Elves

A group of students is in for the surprise of a lifetime when their substitute teacher takes them on a field trip to the North Pole. They are instructed to quietly observe the organized chaos as a bevy of elves works frantically on the Christmas toys. The message interwoven throughout this children's book about elves is about the power of giving. A fun, rhyming book with cartoonish illustrations that will appeal to young children.




The Littlest Elf: Marvin McGee and the Candle of Fate

Great things come in small packages. This is the lesson learned in this adorable book about the tiniest elf of the bunch. He zips around trying to help but his small stature prevents him from being of any assistance. Then one day a big problem develops on the North Pole, and it turns out that only the smallest of elves can fix it. An uplifting story about courage, heart, and perseverance.




What Are Santa's Elves Made Of?

Brighten up a toddler's Christmas day with this darling book about sugary sweet elves. Little ones know all the important jobs these miniature helpers do to get Santa ready for Christmas. But surely they are not made like ordinary people. Perhaps they are like gingerbread cookies with delicious frosting or maybe they taste like candy canes and taffy! Whatever the answer, these whimsical creatures are responsible for lots of Christmas magic.



Five Busy Elves

 A group five elves is bustling about getting ready for the busiest day of the entire year. In this cute book, toddlers will learn all the important tasks these little helpers do to get ready. Rhyming verse and bold, festive colors will deliver holiday cheer to all who read this cute story.



Santa's Elves Save Christmas

 It's very important that there is a surprise for every girl and boy, but some have been accidentally misplaced by the forgetful elves. Tiny tots will love peaking under each of the flaps in search of the missing Christmas presents. This padded board book is just the right size for toddlers celebrating their first Christmas.


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 Read Children's Books About Elves at Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year for young children whose imaginations are overflowing with images of busy little elves. Whimsical thoughts of these endearing creatures working day and night in Santa's workshop fill the minds of hopeful kids with long Christmas wish lists. Reading children's picture books about elves is a wonderful way to embrace the magic of the season. And maybe it will teach your kids to appreciate the effort that goes into the beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree.

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The History of Elves

These miniature creatures are usually associated with Christmastime. Without all of their assistance making toys from scratch, Santa would never be able to deliver his magic to boys and girls all over the world. But they are also known for a bit more than their work as Santa's helpers. In fact, these little buggers can get into a quite a bit of mischief, too! They are known for tip-toeing around at night, while everyone is peacefully sleeping, and leaving some messy surprises behind.

So, you may be wondering where the elves originated, how they landed their job in the North Pole, and why they developed such a naughty reputation. Well, here's the scoop on these mysterious, diminutive figures-

  • Elves first appeared in German mythology. In early writings, they were associated with magic, illness, beauty, and seduction. They were considered divine creatures with incredible superpowers.
  • They gained popularity in English fiction. These creatures popped up in literature after the medieval period. Likened to a type of fairy, their characters were often known for being pranksters.
  • Most think of elves to be small in stature. However, Lord of the Rings altered that perception by depicting them to be as tall as, or even taller than, human beings in some cases.
  • Elves made their first appearance alongside Santa in the 1800s. A popular children's magazine published the first picture of them making toys in the workshop, and the rest is history!
  • Elves have the gift of longevity. They can live hundreds of years, they never seem to age, and they don't fall victim to illness or disease. It seems the only way they die is through a violent act, although those events are never associated with Santa Claus!
  • Folklore depicts the elves' homes as magical kingdoms. Their took up residence in hollowed-out tree trunks, meadows, and forests.




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