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21 Beautiful Children's Books About Christmas Trees

The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree

 A wonderful, heartwarming story that highlights the bravery and fortitude of a little girl, Ruthie. Her father was always responsible for selecting the Christmas tree for the center of town. When he does not return home from war, Ruthie and her mother head out on a journey to retrieve the perfect tree. Other holiday events, like Ruthie's role as a heavenly angel in the play, are described in great detail based on the time period and traditions of the town. A lengthy story with gorgeous illustrations suited for older kids who have outgrown the typical holiday stories.



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Kids' Christmas Tree Picture Books With Meaning

Decorating a home for the holiday brings the whole family together. It's a festive time when boxes are pulled out of storage and kids rediscover their favorite trinkets from previous years. There are miniature Santa Claus figures to display on shelves, nativity scenes to set up on windowsills, wreaths to hang on doors, and garland to wrap around staircase railings. When all of these smaller details finished, it's time to set up the most important, brilliant centerpiece of the home. Kids' Christmas tree books capture all the special moments that kids experience, from picking out the perfect tree at the farm to decorating every branch with sentimental ornaments. 


The Berenstain Bears Trim the Tree  

A most joyful season is celebrated by the Berenstain Bears as they gather around the tree. Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and the cubs carefully string the lights and hang their favorite ornaments. This cheerful book is filled with fun flaps to lift where little readers will discover all sorts of holiday objects. 



 Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree 

A most engaging story about a wealthy man who buys a gigantic Christmas tree for his parlor. The tree is a bit too tall for the soaring ceiling, so Mr. Willowby's butler snips off the top. The maid decides this discarded treetop would make a perfect display on her table, but alas it is a bit too tall. So she clips it a tad and gives the piece to the gardener. This process continues until the tiniest creature in the house, an itty bitty mouse, retrieves the very last bit for its very own Christmas tree. Told in lovely rhyme with endearing pictures, this book is a favorite amongst kids of all ages.



 A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree

An oversized, despondent pine tree wants nothing more than to be chosen by a family. Year after year, people pass him by because he is simply too large to fit inside their homes. A group of forrest friends have compassion for their beloved pine tree and make his dreams come true. A gorgeously illustrated book that shares an important lesson about empathy just in time for the holidays.



 Legend of the Christmas Tree 

This is the story of a family who has a meaningful interaction with the owner of a  tree lot. When they spot a small, silver gift under one of the trees, they ask some questions about why it is there and what it symbolizes. A conversation about the religious symbolism of the Christmas tree leads the family to create a brand new tradition. This fictional story is loosely based on a Christmas legend that is part of some denominational circles. 



 Let's Get a Christmas Tree! 

A cheery Little Golden Book that follows a little girl to a farm in search of the perfect one. Along with her parents, they examine all of the trees until they find the one that suits their home. Preschoolers will enjoy the festive pictures of people enjoying delicious hot chocolate and houses with cute Christmas decorations. When the family returns home, they happily hang ornaments and admire their tree. A light and fun little Christmas book about a family enjoying special holiday time together. 



 Piney the Lonesome Pine

In a reversal of roles, this endearing story is about a lonely pine tree in search of a very specific home. Piney was just a seedling when he was planted by Georgie. It is his dream to grow big enough to become Georgie's chosen tree. When that day arrives, Piney finds himself relocated to a different spot. With the help of a loyal dog, Piney eventually makes his way back to where he belongs.



 How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

A little girl is excited to teach her baby sibling all the steps to take when decorating. Waiting for a night when the snow is falling is a very important first step. From there, popcorn, ornaments, and lights are hung from the branches. And after the work is finished, sitting around the tree making memories with family is the reward. Unique, three-dimensional artwork bring the scenes to life.



The Little Fir Tree 

This touching story about the union of a lonely fir tree and a special little boy will warm the hearts of all readers. Standing in a vast and empty field is a single fir tree, with no other trees or wildlife to keep him company. The solitary tree longs to stand tall among a forrest or at least finds a place with others in this world. One stark, cold winter day, the tree is cut down and transported to the home of a boy just in time for Christmas. Expressive pictures capture all the emotions and sentiment of a holiday season where dreams come true.



 Little Tractor and the Christmas Tree

 A little fir tree is perfectly happy standing proudly in the forrest amongst the trees. When Little Tractor spots the tree, he believes it is just the right size to decorate this Christmas. However, these is one problem. The fir tree may not want to be a the center of attention. Kids will enjoy this sweet story about identity, compromise, and unity for the holidays.



Tomie dePaola's Christmas Tree Book 

For kids who ask a million questions, this darling book will answer them all. When some curious children pick out their tree, they start to wonder how this tradition came to be and who came up with the idea. In a kid-friendly style, Tomie dePaola delivers a fun book brimming with facts, history, trivia, and other extraneous information.  



 Christmas Eve Tree

A best-selling story about an emaciated little fir tree that cannot compete with the larger, fuller, more beautiful trees for sale in the lot. On Christmas Eve, the salesman gives the tree away to a homeless boy who brings it to an encampment by the river. With just a few small lights, the tree transforms into a beautiful centerpiece for the most enchanting celebration. A story that tugs at the heartstrings is brought to life through a dramatic pop-up tree that is like a work of art. 



 Sounds Like Christmas 

Grandma may have made a mistake when she requests that Georgia and Lincoln decorate the tree. While she is busy making cookies, the kids get a bit creative. Not satisfied with just lights and ordinary ornaments, they add some personal touches to the tree decor. A talking doll, a noisy bird, and a frisky dog are just a few examples of things added to spice up the tree. Even the kids recognize the preposterous mess they have created and wonder if the tree will deter Santa. 



Maple & Willow's Christmas Tree  

Maple and Willow are nature-loving sisters who navigate all the twists and turns of life together. This Christmas is the very first time they will be getting a real tree. The siblings head out into the snow to find the one to bring home. Unfortunately, once it is set up inside, Maple sneezes every time she enters the room. Disappointed that Maple's allergy may ruin Christmas, the girls find a creative way to fix the problem.



 The Biggest Little Boy

A sweet story about a little boy who thinks that bigger is always better. With a zest for living large, he always opts for the biggest of everything. So with Christmas approaching, he has made up his mind to find the biggest tree around. After searching high and low, he learns a valuable lesson that a big heart is more important than anything else in life.



 The Littlest Christmas Tree

A little Christmas tree is feeling quite sad when it is passed over by all the families in search of larger, more impressive trees. All alone and feeling blue, the little tree daydreams about finding a home where family gathers around and sings Christmas carols. When Christmas eve arrives, the tree's dream comes true when he is plucked from the stand and welcomed into a family when least expected. A sweet story with whimsical pictures that capture festive holiday scenes. 



 The Carpenter's Gift: A Christmas Tale about the Rockefeller Center Tree

 A beautiful story about generosity and gratitude with a message for kids of all ages. This historical fiction Christmas tree back takes readers back to the Depression era. A poor little boy and his father, selling Christmas trees to make ends meet, donate a tree to the workers who are building Rockefeller Center. This act of kindness inspires the construction workers and community to combine resources and build the boy and his family a warm home. The little boy plants a pinecone from the donated tree in his backyard, and from that spot grows another tree that supports more acts of giving forward. A heartfelt and inspiring book that will open a conversation about taking care of those less fortunate.



 the perfect tree

A bunny listens carefully to all of her friends advice for choosing the perfect one. Each friend has a different opinion about what matters most. Skunk emphasizes the importance of scent, squirrel suggests it should be bushy like a tail, and mole reminds everyone that the tree should be pointy for a star on top. So bunny heads out on a quest to find a tree to that fits these very specific requirements. When at last she comes across the right one, she decides it is too beautiful to be cut. What happens next will warm the hearts of readers and serve as a gentle reminder of what matters most at Christmas.



Night Tree

 An evocative story about a family who has created a special tradition in decorating a tree outdoors. Instead of Christmas ornaments, they hang apples, tangerines, and sunflower-seed balls from the branches. Instead of lights, they drape strings of popcorn around the tree. When they are finished, the family retreats and observes from a distance all the woodland creatures that come to feast. This thought-provoking story will inspire readers to decorate their own outdoor tree for the animals to enjoy.



The Christmas Pine

A magical story inspired by the annual journey of a pine tree to Trafalgar Square where it is transformed into a brilliant centerpiece. In this touching tale, a small pine dreams of standing tall in proud in the middle of town. When this special tree is chosen, it embarks on a life-changing journey from a lonely pine in the snowy forrest to a jubilant tree bringing joy and happiness to all who gather round.

Christmas Farm

A heartwarming story about all the nurturing and love that are invested in a Christmas tree farm. A woman, who lives alone on a large property, befriends a little boy who lives nearby and together they fulfill a dream of growing Christmas trees. Readers will appreciate the many years it takes from the time the balsam seedlings are planted until full, healthy trees are ready to go home with families. A long, slow, and beautifully rendered story that evokes feelings of community and connection with the environment.


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Books About the History of Christmas Trees Brighten the Holidays

 Families who celebrate the holiday have their own traditions around choosing the perfect tree and decorating it. Some pull fake trees out of a box for a quick and mess-free experience. Others head out to a  farm and spend hours comparing all the options before settling on the right one. When it comes to decorating, styles range from carefully curated store-bought ornaments to an eclectic mix of handmade crafts, candy canes, sentimental trinkets, and a memorabilia picked up from vacation gift shops. These stories share all the heartwarming ways decorating bring people together to put their own special touch on the branches. Some of the these books share the rich history and symbolism around the world. Reading a variety of Christmas stories about the real meaning is a wonderful way to spend time with little ones and expand their appreciation for this very special holiday.


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Festive Facts About Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are the centerpiece of homes around the holidays. They brighten up a room with twinkling lights and sentimental ornaments that remind family members of special moments in time. The tree is a place where people come together to sit quietly, exchange presents, and share laughter. Here are some interesting facts about  how decorating them became one of the most special family holiday traditions.

  • The origin of the Christmas tree is traced back to the Middle Ages in Germany. In 1419, a guild who lived in Freiburg set up a tree adorned with gingerbread, tinsel, apples, and flour-paste wafers.
  • Oregon produces more Christmas trees than every other state. With the most Christmas tree farms, the state grows 4 million Christmas trees every year, which represents about 30% of total growth in the US.
  • It takes a very long time to grow a tall Christmas tree. A 7 foot tree takes about 10 to 12 years to grow. The process starts with seeds planted in a nursery, where they are nurtured for 2 to 3 years. From there, the immature trees are replanted at an outdoor Christmas tree farm where they continue to grow for an additional 8 years.
  • Real trees are more popular than artificial trees. Recent market research indicates that 21.6 million real trees and 12.9 million artificial trees are purchased by U.S. households annually for the Christmas season.
  • Every year Norway gives a Christmas tree to England. This traditional gift began in 1947 as an expression of appreciation for the support Britain provided during World War II. The majestic tree is displayed in Trafalgar Square.
  • Dating back to the middle of the 17th century, small candles were used to decorate trees. In 1882, Edward Johnson (Thomas Edison's assistant) suggested the electric lights would be safer option to light up trees. By 1890, electric Christmas tree lights were mass produced and quickly replaced the hazardous candles.


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Meaningful Books to Read at Christmas

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