11 Lovely Kids' Books About Ireland

this is ireland

Originally published in the 1960s, this stylish picture book has been reintroduced to young readers with its still-relevant depiction of the Emerald Isle. Kids are treated to tour throughout the country where they will see famous landmarks like Trinity College and the Blarney Stone. The charming streets of Dublin are artfully depicted with people bustling around the shops and cafes. Touches of whimsy will delight children, especially as they spot leprechauns holding vigil by pots of gold at the end of rainbows.




Children's Books for Exploring Ireland

Ireland is often referred to as the Emerald Isle for its lush topography that looks impossibly green. Photographs of the countryside are so beautiful it is difficult to believe such a place exists, unless one witnesses it in person. Rolling fields covered with shamrocks look like one of the most inviting places to frolic and play, or perhaps set out a blanket for a quaint picnic. The country is equally marked by flat green expanses that drop off into jagged ledges by the sea. As the second largest island of the British Isles, Ireland is known for its rich traditions, quirky history, and most famously, St. Patrick's Day. Kids love reading about little leprechauns that cause all sorts of mischief on their quest to find a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Picture books for kids about Ireland share all the interesting legends and educate readers about the culture and lifestyle of people who live there.


patrick patron saint of ireland

Readers will enjoy learning about the legend for whom the St. Patrick's Day holiday was established. Kids will learn all about Patrick's lift, from his birth into British nobility to his eventual captivity in Ireland. Many years after his release, Patrick returned to establish the first Christian church in this country. In addition to this history lesson, the book highlights the legends associated with the saint, like driving all the snakes out of Ireland. This lengthy, more advanced picture book about Ireland is suited for older children.




 great irish legends for children

An exquisite hardcover picture book worthy to be displayed on a coffee table or bookshelf. Six famous Irish legends are accompanied by rich and intriguing illustrations reflecting the bravery, honor, and treachery of the characters. Older generations who grew up hearing these stories told by their ancestors will enjoy reading and passing along the legends to younger ones. The book includes a handy pronunciation guide pronunciation of various names and words throughout the stories.




A terrific exploration of the country covers a wide range of topics. Large, vibrant photo spreads draw readers into the beautiful, green landscape of the countryside and the bustling streets of the city. Readers will be learn all about important cultural aspects, including Irish dancers and St. Patrick's Day festivities. Equally important, the book share valuable information about the landscape and agriculture, as well as the nature and livelihood of the people who live there.




 all around the world ireland

A fantastic book that provides an introductory overview of the country. Captivating photos draw readers in to the incredible  landscape. Easy text highlights some of the most interesting aspects of the climate, culture, economy, and agriculture. This non-fiction book pairs well with some books for kids about Irish legends and traditions.




 Finn McCool and the Great Fish

Lifelike illustrations bring incredible interest and warmth to this Irish legend about a gentle giant who lacks intelligence. Finn has a heart of gold which he puts to use by helping the people and fighting off threats to the country. All of the people in the countryside love Finn, despite his dimwittedness. When the giant learns of a magical red salmon that possesses incredible wisdom, he heads off to find the fish in hopes to boost his intelligence. What he learns about himself along his journey is a lesson that will have a long lasting impact on readers.




 our world ireland

Quite a fun, bouncy board book that covers all the best parts of sunny and rainy days in a vibrant land. Tiny tots will have a grand time exploring all the whimsical details that fill the pages. Colorful rainbows form above green fields filled with grazing sheep. A great gift for an Irish family welcoming a new baby, perhaps paired with a shamrock plush pillow or blanket covered with leprechauns.


 good night ireland

Lull little ones to sleep with this dreamy book about one of the most enchanting countries in world. Images of castles, fishermen, and Irish dancers will fill the minds of toddlers getting ready to drift off. Famous landmarks like the Blarney Stone, the Rock of Cashel, and the Dublin River are pictured as the sun sets and nighttime falls across the land. A perfect bedtime story to send readers into a peaceful journey to a faraway place. 



 abc ireland

A spirited Irish alphabet book is a fabulous introduction to all kinds of fun places and objects that extend beyond shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold. Tiny tots will learn words like Dart, Yer Man, Aran jumper, and other terminology that will feel uniquely refreshing compared to other typical books in this genre.



123 ireland

A charming book for new babies and toddlers who are part of proud Irish families. Whimsical pictures of objects associated with the country are fun for little ones learning to count. There are sheep, shamrocks, Irish dancers, harps, and more! Sturdy board book pages will hold up to little fingers exploring all the fascinating details.



o'sullivan stew 

A clever story about a heroine who comes to the rescue when her family lands in hot water with the king. In a length, adventure-packed picture book set in Ireland, the local witch's horse has disappeared. The entire village of Crookhaven is in a state of chaos with suspicions and blame spreading like a contagious disease. Kate, in a feeble attempt to restore peace, adds to the confusion and draws the ire of the king. Bold pictures of the Ireland landscape fill the pages of this story about a daring girl who eventually saves the day.


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