11 Evocative Children's Books About Italy

italy abcs

Italy ABCs

A cultural ABC book for kids of all ages who will enjoy learning about the famous sites, landmarks, and people who live in this wonderful country. Readers will learn about the historical buildings, amazing architecture, charming waterways, delicious food, and all kinds of other facts presented in alphabetical order.




Travel to Italy Through Kids' Books

If your family is planning a vacation to Italy, introducing children to the places you plan on visiting ahead of time is a fantastic idea. Picture books about Italy include beautiful illustrations of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheum, and St. Basilica's Cathedral amongst other incredible structures. The stories also take readers on an intimate journey through the streets, towns, and countryside. Italian words, introduced throughout the text, enhance the reading experience and give kids a chance to practice the language before their trip. So before you board an airplane for a European journey with your family, read about the intriguing architecture, food, language, and culture of this amazing country.

Danger in Ancient Rome

Danger in Ancient Rome

Ranger, a golden retriever who time travels, take readers on an exciting journey to the Colosseum. In this dangerous arena, the heroic dog witnesses gladiator fights and animal hunts. Ranger immediately identifies two people who need his help. Using his quick wits and problem solving skills, the amazing dog saves the day by rescuing those in need. A fun, action-packed novel that is part of a best-selling chapter book series for beginners.




 Bartali's Bicycle: The True Story of Gino Bartali, Italy's Secret Hero

Bartali's Bicycle

Gino Bartoli was became an international name when he won the Tour de France in 1938. This incredible athlete had already won races in his home country of Italy, where he spent most of his life training in the beautiful countryside. During World War II, he aligned himself with the Italian resistance to save hundreds of Jews from certain death using his bicycle. An incredible story of a lesser-known hero that will inspire readers to learn more about this devastating period of history.



 C is for Ciao: An Italy Alphabet

C is for Ciao

One of the best, most comprehensive books for kids who will learn all about all of the famous Italian artists, explorers, musicians, thinkers, and writers. Their contributions, creatively interwoven throughout this alphabet book, are covered in great detail more aligned with older readers. The poetic style of the text and intricate artwork can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. An excellent addition to expand a child's growing knowledge of Italian arts and  culture.




 This Is Venice

This is Venice

 Originally published in 1960, this book is part of a best-selling series that artfully brings to life the sites and sounds of Italy. Witty text punctuates the clever illustrations of some of the most romantic and captivating places in this country. Readers will view the Palazzo Grassi, Piazza San Marco, Doges Palace, and the Accademia di Belle Arti and other spots from their tour along a winding canal.




 Madeline and the Cats of Rome

Madeline and the Cats of Rome

Madeline and the rest of the girls take a trip to explore Rome. While the group is touring the city and enjoying the yummy food, Madeline unexpectedly finds herself in the middle of a fiasco. She spots a thief and engages in an epic chase through the city streets. Readers will love looking at the detailed pictures of the buildings and statues the girls visit during this very memorable field trip.   




 Gabriella's Song

Gabriella's Song

 A gorgeous book about Gabriella, a girl who hears music in every sound throughout Venice. As she drifts along the canal, she hums the notes of everyday sounds, like laundry flapping and church bells ringing. Her voice elicits a variety of emotional responses in all who hear her. Eventually a composer listens to her wondrous music and creates a beautiful symphony. 


 Pippo the Fool

Pippo the Fool

This award-winning book tells the true story of how Brunelleschi's Dome was constructed. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence was an architectural wonder that needed a dome for it to be complete. The city leaders organized a contest to find the most talented architect. When Filippo Brunelleschi, otherwise known as Pippo the Fool, learned about the contest, he knew this was his opportunity to shine. A wonderful, richly illustrated story that introduces kids to an important event in engineering history.



 Family Trip peppa pig

Peppa Pig: Family Trip

Preschoolers will relate to all the highs and lows of Peppa Pig's big trip to Italy. She learns a lot of new things. Her lesson on how pizza is made is the most exciting of all. However, as her family makes their way through the city, Peppa loses her teddy bear over and over again. 



Mimi & Piggy's Adventure In Venice

Mimi & Piggy's Adventure in Venice

Mimi and Piggy have finally embarked on the trip of a lifetime- a vacation in Venice. The best friends are thrilled with exploring all the city has to offer, but things take a turn for the worse when the two become separated for a short while. This darling story is the perfect introduction to Italy for preschoolers. The whimsical artwork of amazing architecture, cobblestone streets, and charming canals capture the essence of the city.




Paolo, Emperor of Rome 

Paolo, Emperor of Rome

Paolo is a dachshund who is confined to living in a salon. Even though his home is in the center of Rome, the sad pup has never had the opportunity to explore. Then one day he finds a way to escape! The curious canine visits all the amazing places- the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, and the Vatican- and is quite taken with all the cats that roam the streets.


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