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32 Intriguing Children's Books About Paris

eloise in paris

Readers were first introduced to Eloise as the rich little girl who calls The Plaza her home. Now she takes us on a journey to  France where she interacts with famous people like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Lena Horne. Accompanied by her nanny, Eloise explores the city, practices her French, and experiences Paris like only the very privileged do. Whimsical illustrations capture the essence of a little girl living life to its fullest.


Best Kids' Books about France Are Inspiring

Paris, the magnificent capital of France, is rich with culture, art, food and history. Famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame are just a few of the many awe-inspiring sites to see. Tickets to the Paris Opera Ballet are also an incredible idea for older children who are mature enough to appreciate the arts. If you are fortunate enough to take your child on a European journey, you will want to read all about the city before you leave. This collection cover everything your little ones will need to know before the trip. And if your itinerary includes other destinations, be sure to read about Italy and London as well.




Paris Stories for Toddlers

Teach your preschool children to appreciate the intricate terraces, the delicious cuisine, and the awe-inspiring structures that fill one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We've organized the best, age-appropriate preschool books about France that will spark a curiosity for travel, culture, and exploration in little readers. These books incorporate learning concepts, like counting, shape and color recognition, into the busy streets, bustling cafes, and famous museums. 


my little cities paris 

A sturdy board book takes toddlers on an exciting adventure through the streets of Paris. Sweet rhyming text introduces young listeners to the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and other famous landmarks. Perfect baby shower or birthday gift for tots of parents who have a special connection to the city.




all aboard paris a french primer

Take your toddler on an exciting train ride.  Through the window, passengers can view a different site as they move throughout the city. Each landmark is labeled and then a short sentence adds a little extra information. French terms are introduced for toddlers to work on their vocabulary.


hello paris bonjour paris

A really cute addition to the best-selling Hello! series written expressly for preschoolers. A cat and kitten head out for the day to explore everything the city has to offer. They climb the impressive stairs outside of Notre Dame, take breaks for delicious treats, explore the Eiffel Tower and walk the hallways of the amazing museums. This board book include both English and French terminology.




little orangutan lost in paris

An adventure-seeking orangutan wonders what life is like outside of the jungle. One day her dreams come true when she awakes to find herself in Paris. Trading tree branches for city streets, she has a fascinating day exploring this strange and exciting new place. Preschoolers will love lifting the flaps to reveal all the different sites. Beautiful watercolor illustrations provide an artistic touch to this adorable storybook.




paris a book of shapes

The perfect board book for baby showers. Each of the famous monuments is artfully depicted by simple shapes for easy identification. Little ones will learn triangles, squares, rectangles, circles and arches while they admire the Parisian architecture. Just a few simple words on each page is quite enough for babies to follow.


good night paris

There is no better way to slip into a night of sweet dreams. Perched on their beds, a little girl and boy imagine looking out into the dark sky and viewing the skyline. One by one, they say good night to the buildings, like the Place de la Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe. Their eyes grow heavy as they admire the Seine River and Palace of Versailles. And mouths water as they envision biting into a delicious baguette before nodding off to sleep.





Paris Picture Books for Kindergarten and Up

Join your child on a stroll through the streets of Paris from the comfort of your own home. The famous museums, charming cafes, inspired fashion, and magnificent architecture are all captured in the detailed illustrations. Kids in kindergarten will learn to identify all the important historical landmarks in these stories about characters becoming fully immersed in the food, culture, and magic of this city. And when you are finished reading about France, kids will love learning about the city that doesn't sleep- New York!


babar's guide to paris

Babar has no shortage of advice for his daughter Isabelle, who is about to embark on her very first trip alone. Readers are treated to quite the lesson from Babar who shares important tips about French etiquette. He also walks through all the important sites to see, like the Louvre, the Orangerie museums, and the Luxembourg Gardens. Charming pictures capture the essence of France in a child-friendly, accessible manner for even the youngest audience.



a walk in paris

 A little girl and her beloved grandfather enjoy a leisurely stroll through Paris. Together they enjoy the delicious treats at the bistros, admire the Eiffel Tower, and climb the Notre Dame cathedral. French phrases throughout at a touch of sophistication to this book. The artwork is whimsical with new details to discover every reading. 




madeline and the old house in paris

Readers up for a spooky story will love this classic Madeline book. She joins her best friend, Pepito, to get to the bottom of the creepy, ghostly noises coming from the attic. The old house in Paris is home to a spirit that has been waiting for hundreds of years for the arrival of a comet. But when the telescope goes missing, Madeline and Pepito set out to find and return it in time to observe the comet.  




this is paris

A classic children's book with intriguing collage artwork throughout. Readers will learn all about the famous gardens, museums, cafes, and the people who call Paris home. Walk along the Seine, explore the galleries in the Louvre, and climb to the top of the Eiffel tower without ever leaving your home. 




poppy takes paris

Poppy and her dog, Baguette, live quite the charming life. She awakens each morning to church bells, enjoys delicious pastries from Monsier LePain’s bakery, and buys beautiful flowers from Madame LesFleur all the time. One day she starts to think about why Paris is called the City of Light and sets out to find the brightest light of all. On her adventure, readers get a tour of all the famous sites of this romantic city.




claris the chicest mouse in paris

Claris is quite the fashionista and her passion for couture is evident wherever she goes. This fancy mouse follows her dreams by moving to Paris. Her hopes are quickly dashed when she encounters a mean girl and some other obstacles. Will this spunky girl find a way to realize her ambitions? A beautifully illustrated story with frills and accessories to satisfy anyone who appreciates a little glamour. 


the artist who loved cats

 An award-winning biography about the life of Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen, the 19th century French artist who created the Le Chat Noir Cabaret posters in Paris. The story opens in modern times with a little girl who is curious about a bronze cat in the window of an antique store. The owner, Monsieur Arvieux, tells her about the vast contributions Steinlen made to the art world through his drawing, journals, posters, sculptures and paintings. Interestingly, most of his work incorporated his favorite subject- cats! Told in rhyme, this fascinating book is accessible to young children who will learn something new every reading.


everybody bonjours

A bouncy introduction to Paris that sets the right tone for young readers. In verse that is fun to read aloud, this story follows a little girl and her family as they explore all the wonderful sites and enjoy the delicious delicacies of this spectacular city. Whatever the family does, from watching a soccer match to buying crepes from a street vendor, they are met with a friendly "Bonjour!" 



come with me to paris

Readers are whisked away on a whimsical trip to beautiful Paris. Told delightful rhyming verse, all of the famous sites and sounds of this city are brought to life. The Eiffel Tower, The Palais Garnier, Sacré-Coeur, Sainte-Chapelle, the Luxembourg Gardens, and The Louvre are just a few of the many magnificent places featured in this book. Inspire little ones with a desire to see this wonderful city in real life.



p is for paris

 An enchanting, alphabetical explorations of the sites and sounds has something for everyone. This captivating book, which does not have to be read from start to finish like a story, is chock full of fascinating information about this romantic city. Every letter of the alphabet represents a notable attraction (for example, N for Notre Dame and L for Louvre), and is accompanied by a detailed explanation and history lesson.




lily and baa in paris

Learning about a new and exciting city has never been more fun! Little kids will love joining Lily and her pet sheep, Baa, as they explore all the wonderful sites in Paris. Kids are introduced to the  historical landmarks, delicious food, and interesting art culture. Cartoonish illustrations bring this cute book to life for little readers.


the giraffe that walked to paris

A gorgeously illustrated, non-fiction book about a little-known event that occurred in 1826. The pasha of Egypt decided to give a most unusual gift to the king of France- a giraffe! Upon arriving in Marseilles by boat, this special giraffe traveled through all the small towns by foot. When he finally reaches Paris, the giraffe is met with much fanfare and celebration. The people were awestruck to finally meet the very first giraffe that ever settled in Europe. A fascinating children's book about Paris's unusual historic day.


happy birthday madame chapeau

 This picture book about a hatmaker is an absolute delight to read out loud. The rhyming text is succint, fun, and written with perfect cadence. Readers will quickly fall in love with Madame Chapeau, who has a knack for making the perfect hat for everyone but herself. Every year she heads out for a delicious meal in Paris for her birthday. One such day, a crow flies away with the not-so-perfect bonnet atop her head. As she chases the bird, a bevy of pedestrians offer her their own hats as a replacement. It's not until she runs into a little girl who has knitted a cap with loving hands that Madame Chapeau has finally found her perfect match.



my first book of paris

If you are planning to take your children, this comprehensive picture book does a wonderful job of providing a preview. Beautiful, artistically rendered drawings of all the famous landmarks and cultural attractions fill the pages of this picture book. From the comfort of home, kids can imagine biting into a delicious French croissant, enjoy the banks of the Seine, and climb to the top of the Eiffel tower. An excellent addition to any child's bookshelf.


hudson in provence

Hudson is an adventurous pup who learns a lesson about finding his own identity. In this wonderful picture book, Hudson finds himself in the south of France. He tries to immerse himself in typical dog duties, like herding sheep and sniffing for truffles, but fails miserably. So this astute Terrier decides to find his own path to success. A wonderful book, filled with French phrases and sites, about self-affirmation and finding your truth.




kiki and coco in paris

 Little readers will love this story about a little girl, Kiki, and her best doll, Coco, as they explore together. When the two get sepated in the City of Lights, they worry about whether they will ever be able to find each other again! This charming photographic journey has just enough text to keep readers engaged from start to finish. 




paris by phone

 Josephine Harris has a magical phone that, with one easy call, can take her anywhere in the world she wishes to visit. After some thought, she decides to dial up a trip to Paris where her senses are awakened. Between the delicious baguettes, delightful cafes, amazing Eiffel Tower, and an exciting new French family, Josephine should be happy. But something very important is missing from her adventure! Readers will relate to Josephine's desire for adventure as well as the homesickness she feels when so far away from her real family.




Tween Novels About Paris

Tween novels whisk readers away to the sites and sounds of this electric city. Older readers will appreciate the music, art, and culture of this amazing city. Characters fall in love, solve mysteries, and form new friendships. Together they explore museums, like the Louvre, and enjoy the beautiful violin and string instrument music of the  Orchestre de Paris. They munch on baguettes, people watch from street benches, and learn about history. The fictional stories include references to city landmarks and detailed descriptions of the city that makes readers almost feel like they are there experiencing it themselves.


my secret guide to paris

 A fast-paced middle grade novel about a young girl's first trip. Nora had heard all about the wonderful sites and sounds of the city through her grandmother's stories. Together they plan a trip, but when Grandma Sylvia passes away unexpectedly, Nora is left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Determined to find happiness, she gathers together a Treasure Map and some letters from her grandmother, and heads to Paris alone. There she discovers a love for croissants and macarons, along with some secrets from her beloved grandmother that help her heal.



fancy nancy and the boy from paris

Nobody is more excited than Nancy about the new student joining her class. Robert is from Paris, which happens to be the fanciest city in the whole world. To prepare for his arrival, Nancy practices her fancy French words. But when she finally meets her new classmate, Nancy is disappointed that he is quite an ordinary boy. He prefers to play with toy trucks rather than talk about the Eiffel Tower. Fancy Nancy fans will enjoy this Level 1 book for beginner readers.


lost in paris

 This chapter book for tweens  has all of the important elements for a fast, fun read. Gwen jets off to France with her family for her brothers' lacrosse tournament. While there, she meets a handsome young man and makes some cool new friends. When a favorite band announces a one-night concert, Gwen and her buddies enter a contest to win tickets. Together, they head out on epic scavenger hunt all over the city where Gwen reaps a reward that is far greater than a night of music. 


the story of diva and flea

A long, 80-page picture book for readers who are ready to explore the sites of this enchanting city. The story is about a special friendship that develops between Flea, a street cat, and Diva, a fancy dog with an even fancier address in the center of the city. When they meet by chance, these two from opposite sides of the track form an instant bond. They head out on a Parisian adventure where they share their respective experiences and points of view based on their very different backgrounds. 


julieta and the diamond enigma

An award-winning, middle grade novel  that is fast-paced and full of adventure. Julieta visits Paris with her father, an art-dealer who is on the hunt for masterpieces to display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Together they tour the city and see fantastic sites like the Sacré-Coeur and the Eiffel Tower. Things take a strange turn when they accidentally interrupt a thief trying to steal a rare jewel from the Louvre.  Readers will devour this page-turner in a rush to find out how this suspenseful story ends.


a whale in paris

A captivating, historical fiction chapter book that takes places during World War II. It's an unsettling time for Chantal and her father as the Germans have moved in to occupy France. The little girl finds some peace by going fishing in the Seine at nighttime. She hopes to catch salmon to feed her hungry family, but on one very special evening, she captures a small whale instead. She becomes determined to keep her maritime friend safe from the Parisians, who want to eat him. Chantal also must guard the whale from the Nazis who wish to give it as a gift to Hitler. This haunting story about Paris during a time of unrest will capture the attention of middle grade readers.


paris journal

Do you know a special girl planning a trip? Send her with this 100-page journal filled with artistic sketches of the city throughout. The lined pages provide ample room for her to document all of her observations and special moments in Paris. It's the perfect place for her to record her experiences and affix photos from the trip. This keepsake will allow her to reminisce and revisit her experience over and over again.


paris word search

 Here is the perfect activity book to keep kids busy on the airplane. It includes a total of 40 puzzles to solve, including 20 word searches and 20 word scrambles. Young children will learn the names of all famous places in the city as they work through the pages of this fun Paris word search book.


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Reading About France Enlightens Young Minds

If you have fallen in love with this romantic city, chances are you want to share your experience with your children. Reading kids' books about France is a fantastic way to prepare young ones for the adventures that lies ahead. Even if you don't have a chance in the near future to visit, you can easily give your kids a sneak peak at this city filled with amazing architectural landmarks and phenomenal food that even little ones can enjoy (like croissants and macarons!!). This collection of books offers endless hours of reading time and insight into a city rich in culture and history. 


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