28 Amazing Children's Books About London

Madeline in London 

Madeline, a, bright little girl who has been entertaining readers for decades, is in London to cheer up Pepito. Together they enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, including Trafalgar Square, where Pepito sometimes gets into a little bit of mischief. Fortunately, Madeline is by her side demonstrating good manners, courage, and kindness. Charming illustrations and rhyming verse carry readers along this adventure with Madeline. 


Educational London Books for Kids 

London is a vibrant city that offers so much to explore. Visitors can enjoy a spin on the London Eye where they can take in a unique view of the city. Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the Tower of London are also fascinating historic sites that everyone should explore if they have the opportunity. Also, be sure to get tickets to The Royal Ballet for older children who are ready to appreciate a beautiful performance. London picture books will bring all of these amazing cultural attractions into your home.If you are planning a trip with your kids, it's a good idea to read children's books about London ahead of time. These stories will give them a basic introduction to the city's rich history and culture.



London Stories for Toddlers

It is never too soon to introduce toddlers to one of the most spectacular cities in the world- London! This collection of interactive, lift-the-flap, boldly illustrated books will provide hours of entertainment along with a nice introduction to the capital of England. Readers will be whisked away on bright red buses to see the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Tower of London, and so much more. Along the way, they will expand their vocabulary, practice counting, identify shapes and colors, and maybe even dream about seeing this wonderful place in person one day. 

 my first London Bus

This sturdy board book for toddlers has wheels that spin. Shaped like a London Bus, each page has a picture of a different site along with a simple sentence about it. It's never too soon to introduce little ones to this city and pique their interest in travel. Maybe one day they will even get to ride a real London bus.


 Good Night London

Read this adorable sturdy book at bedtime to guarantee sweet dreams about this magical city. Kids will enjoy learning about the London Zoo, the footballers, Buckingham Palace, and more. All of the landmarks, attractions and people are settling in for the night, just like your child! Darling illustrations set against the backdrop of a night sky add a touch of intrigue.



 My Little Cities: London

 Quite an adorable board book for babies about all of the bustling streets of London! Charming illustrations showcase the Thames, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye. Concise text is just right for little ones who will delight in their first exploration of London. It's never too soon to spark interest in travel, so consider this darling book for a baby shower or first birthday gift. 


 London: A Book of Opposites

The colorful pictures teach little ones the concept of opposites, such as big guards and little guards outside of Buckingham Palace. It's short, simple and especially fun for parents who want to introduce images of the city to their toddlers. 


 Jane Foster's Cities: London

Jane Foster, talented textile designer, can be thanked for this sophisticated, retro-style board book. Big Ben, the Crown Jewels, and even some lesser-known London landmarks are featured. While the bold colors will appeal to babies and toddlers, while the stylish artwork provides a special appeal to adults as well.


london bridge


Explore London Through Reading

Planning a family trip to London sometime in the future? One of the best ways to prepare you kids is by reading all about the city before you visit. There is so much to see and do that vacations are often jam-packed from early morning until late at night. All of this can be overwhelming for young kids who are bombarded with site-seeing, tours, history lessons, and cultural experiences. This collective group of stories introduce kids to all the fascinating aspects of London. So, if you are traveling to this city or simply just want to experience it from a quiet reading spot, add some stories about London to the reading list. 


This is London

A brilliant picture book features collage artwork with bold images superimposed over historic landmarks. Many of the famous sites are featured, such as Piccadilly Circus and the famous Underground. The author also captures the quaint shops, beautiful parks, historic bridges, and all the other sites to explore in London. The text that accompanies the illustrations is simple and accessible for young readers, but the last page includes a more in-depth explanation of London's history and monuments.



L Is for London

This enchanting book features attractions based on each letter of the alphabet, is chock full of interesting facts. This book not only explores the most famous landmarks, it also introduces readers to many other cultural aspects of the city. Some examples include the Borough Market, Abbey Road, Foyles, Downing Street and the Globe. Concise text provides an overview of each landmark or object, along with trivia that is an extra element of interest. The retro-style illustrations are appealing and add a flair of sophistication.



 the queen's hat 

Children are taken on an adventure through the streets of London in this funny, action-packed picture book. A gust of wind sweeps the queen's hat right off of her head. In a desperate chase, all the queen's men join her in an effort to retrieve it. They scurry through the London Zoo, across Trafalgar Square, and scale Big Ben in an effort to grab the evasive hat. Adults and kids alike will appreciate the humor and absurdity of this epic chase. The last page includes a fair amount of detail about all the London sites introduced throughout the book.



Big Ben

More than 20 pages of detailed photographs take readers up close and personal to this famous tower clock. They will learn all about when and why it was built, interesting architectural features, and other relevant cultural history. Before visiting this masterpiece, give children this book so they can develop a greater appreciation for this historic clock that has rarely stopped ticking since it was constructed in 1843.


 Katie In London

This imaginative picture book is a highly entertaining and educational jaunt all around London. When Katie and Jack are visiting the city with their grandma, a lion in Trafalgar Square magically comes to life. The friendly beast give Katie and her family a comprehensive tour of the city, including Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, and so much more! The double-spread illustrations are filled with incredible detail that complements the storyline. Highly recommended for kids interested in an in-depth reading experience about London. 


 Squishy McFluff: Tea with the Queen

 Exploring London is especially fun with an imaginary friend by your side! In this delightful story, Ava and her family take a trip to the city for a day of sightseeing. While her parents are distracted buying a snack for her sister, Ava and Squishy McFluff (a steadfast albeit invisible cat) sneak off for a little side adventure. Soon they find themselves lost in Buckingham Palace where they stumble upon the queen! As luck would have it, Ava is invited to sit down for tea where she hopes her royal majesty will appreciate Squishy McFluff's friendship, too.



 Big Ben

Beautiful photographs of the world's most iconic clock tower fill the pages of this book. Interesting facts accompany each photograph for kids who are interested in learning more about the history and architecture.  



 A Walk in London 

 A young girl and her mother embark on a tour of London. The pair climb aboard a red bus that takes them to all the most fascinating places. They attempt to climb lions at Trafalgar Square and witness the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.  Enchanting and whimsical illustrations coupled with just the right amount of text will keep even little readers engaged. 



Ruby in the Ruins 

This historical fiction picture book is about a little girl, Ruby, living in post-war London. For as long as she can remember, she and her mum lived huddled together in their apartment. Together they survived the London Blitz while they waited for Ruby's father, a soldier, to return from  war. When that day finally arrives, the man who returns feels like a stranger to Ruby and she struggles to connect with him. It is not until he rescues her from a fall in the ruins that Ruby finally feels his love, security and protection. The watercolor illustrations soften the destruction and violence suffered by the people of London as a result of war.


Paddington at the Tower 

 Paddington has a way of causing a bit of chaos wherever he goes. On this particular day, he sets out to explore the Tower of London. Knowing that the day will be long and exhausting, he packs an entire suitcase full of his favorite food- marmalade sandwiches. Unfortunately, Paddington is not the only one on the tour who is hungry! Readers will enjoy this humorous story and learn a bit about this famous tower along the way.



 Pop-up London

A beautifully rendered 3-D experience with intricate displays of London's famous icons. With each turn of the page, a new building, bridge, or museum comes to life. Kids will love learning all about the Shard, the band outside Buckingham Palace, Nelson's Column and more architectural landmarks. The pop-up feature adds a lot of interest to this educational book for kids of all ages.




 Every child should have a copy of this classic story about a bear who is shipped off overseas with nothing back a backpack and a note around his neck that says "Please Look After This Bear".  As luck would have it, he arrives at Paddington Station in London and is quickly adopted into the Brown family. This endearing bear has captured the hearts of millions of readers through his adventures and mishaps on the streets of London.



Peppa Goes To London

Peppa Pig fans will adore this glittery picture book about their favorite pig's travel adventure. Peppa takes readers on a tour of all the famous sites, like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. Her zest and enthusiasm shine in this book that will spark an interest in visiting London amongst preschoolers.


Welcome to London

 There is so much fun detail packed into this book that captures London's vibe and culture perfectly. It's a great primer for children getting ready to explore the city for the first time. Along with vibrant pictures of each site, the book provides interesting facts and anecdotes about each one. Readers are encouraged to look carefully at each picture where they will discover hidden surprises, like a bear in a taxi and Sherlock Holmes riding a bus! There are lots of fun activities and new things to discover every time this book is opened.



My First Book of London

This stylish book is full of colorful graphics depicting important landmarks, sites, and civilians enjoying the city. Children will love pouring over all the activity, like the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace to ordinary people enjoying tea and visiting art galleries. This is not a story about this vibrant city, but rather a pictorial journey of historical and cultural icons.


Welcome to London!: A Fun Activity Book for Kids

 If you are planning a trip with your children, grab this activity books to take along during your travels. In contains more than 70 pages of word searches, mazes, and puzzles to solve. Kids will learn interesting facts about the city while working their way through this fun book. There are pictures to color and even some blank pages for children to draw their own favorite sites from their visit to London.


Buckingham Palace

 If you can't go see Buckingham Palace in person, this photographic book is the next best thing. Beautiful, detailed pictures of the palace are paired with easy-to-understand text, providing readers with a fantastic introduction to this incredible palace. Children will learn about the history, the artwork that covers the walls, and about all the people who live there. Sidebars on every page contain more details around the photos for kids who are interested in learning even more.




Novels for Tweens Set in England

Tween readers will enjoy these novels that all take place in London. There are tales of mystery and romance that are fitting for this European city that has no shortage of spectacular views. Some of these books are more action-packed with mysteries that require lots of clues to be gathered around town. And for readers who like to laugh, some of these stories are filled with humor, antics and mishaps. The best part of all, all of these chapter books for tweens about London incorporate valuable history and culture throughout.


Be Careful What You Sniff for

This easy, illustrated chapter book about a clumsy sheepdog, Sparky, is a fun way to explore London. Upon discovering a magic bone, the lovable, fluffy protagonist is transported to London where he finds no shortage of trouble. From "taking care of business" in front of Buckingham Palace to ruining a picnic lunch by gobbling up the sausages, Sparky certainly makes an impression. Readers, even the reluctant ones, will enjoy Sparky's mishaps while learning quite a bit about the city along the way.  



 Lost in London

Tweens will have a hard time putting this book down once they start! It's the story of Jordan, an adventurous twelve-year-old girl who participates in a London exchange student program. She immediately falls in love with the city, but finds the daughter of her host parents to be less than welcoming. Tensions grow between Jordan and Caroline, putting a damper on the the experience. But when the two girls get accidentally locked in a fancy department store overnight, this turns out to be the perfect bonding moment. With designer shoes, high-end fashion, and expensive makeup at their fingertips, there is no shortage of entertainment. Of course, all of this fun comes with consequences.



 Terror in the Tower of London

A thrilling, historical fiction, page-turner about Lord William Nithsdale, who was captured and locked away in the Tower of London. He was fighting, alongside other rebels, in opposition to the British crown and was sentenced to death.  Lady Winifred Maxwell, his devoted wife, orchestrates a complicated and risky plan of escape for William. If it is successful, he will be free from the bloody wrath. But if they get caught, they will both be violently punished. Illustrations provide an enhanced reading experience for kids who like action and adventure. 



 The London Eye Mystery 

How is it is possible for someone to disappear aboard the London Eye? That is the question Kat and Ted must answer when their cousin, Salim, seems to have literally vanished in thin air. Salim is visiting from New York when the three decide to take a ride on this London landmark. When Kat and Ted disembark from the ride, Salim is nowhere to be found. Having very little support from the police, it's up to the kids to put together the clues and find their cousin. Kat is an excellent problem-solver, but it is Ted (who has Asperger's Syndrome) who ultimately thinks outside the box and gets to the bottom of this mystery.



 Enola Holmes: The Case of the Missing Marquess 

A fairly complicated, multi-layered mystery with Enola Holmes, Sherlock's little sister, leading the investigation of her missing mother. On the morning of her 14th birthday, Enola (Alone spelled backwards) awakes to find her mother has disappeared. This strong female protagonist finds herself rebuffing her brothers' attempts at sending her to finishing school. Instead, she expertly takes the helm and heads to London, navigating villains and a kidnapping, while trying to safely locate her mother. This is the first book in a popular series that will keep your tween's nose buried in books.


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Travel to London from the Comfort of Home

Traveling to big cities, like London, rich in history and culture, will broaden your child's viewpoint and understanding of the world. The city offers so much to explore in terms of music, history, and the arts. Families would enjoy listening to the violin players and other musicians who are part of the London Symphony Orchestra. There are also numerous museums to explore, like The British Museum, The Natural History Museum, and many others.

There is no need to wait until the time comes to visit in person. Children can start exploring and learning from home by reading. Both non-fiction and fiction books  transport readers to another place where they can imaging seeing all the sites, watching interesting people, and eating food unique to London. These books not only cover famous landmarks, they also capture the styles, tastes, and lifestyles of the people who live there. Reading is a wonderful way to educate and prepare your children for a visit some day in the future. Next stop, the city that never sleeps- New York City.


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