16 Electrifying Kids' Books About Motorcycles

the mouse and the motorcycle

This classic book by Beverly Cleary centers around Ralph, a curious mouse who can't pass up an opportunity for a little excitement.  One day he spies Keith's toy motorcycle and decides to take it on a joy ride around the house. As he zips around, Ralph evades some dangerous obstacles, like a yapping dog who is determined to catch him. This action-packed book is great for kids beginning to read chapter books.




Take a Ride By Reading Children Motorcycle Books

When kids peer outside the car window, they discover a whole new world of vehicles. Sports cars, vans, SUVs, buses, and sedans zip by on either side. But the vehicles that really grab the attention of little ones are cool motorcycles. The dare-devils that swerve in and out of traffic on their motorcycles are brave and fearless. Wearing helmets and sunglasses that disguise their faces, they almost seem like superheroes. Sometimes kids will even see police officers speeding down the road on motorcycles in pursuit of someone breaking the law or in need of help.Bring some of this excitement into story time with your children. These kids' books about motorcycles are a mix of fictional stories and non-fiction titles about the mechanics of these captivating vehicles. Readers who can't get enough speed will enjoy stories about airplanes next!


motorcycle colors

An excellent choice as a gift for biker mothers or fathers! This simple book introduces toddlers to all the colors of the rainbow through pictures of motorcycles. It is a short, simple book with bold illustrations is just right for little readers with short attention spans.


marvelous motorcycles

This book is part of a best-selling series for good reason. Kids love this book by Tony Mitton about a group of animal friends who join a motorcycle gang. They learn how to ride these awesome machines and how all of the different parts function. In addition, readers are introduced to a variety of different types of motorcycles, including medic and fire bikes! 



motorcycle road trip

Toddlers will have fun gripping the die-cut handles to emulate driving a motorcycle. This bold and exciting book takes them on an awesome road trip over bridges, through the forest, to the beach, and throughout the city. This durable board book is built to withstand many exciting motorcycle rides!




This is one of the few children's books that explains the special experience being part of a motorcycle group. These riders are like one big family with a shared love of riding bikes. The illustrations of all the different types of motorcycles are quite remarkable and full of detail. The overriding message, which resonates with both bikers and non-bikers, is that all people are unique and unified at the same time.



my papi has a motorcycle

An award-winning story about the time a little girl spends riding on the back of her dad's motorcycle. This moving book shines a spotlight on the special bond between a father and daughter. It is also an emotional journey through a working-class immigrant neighborhood. The child has grown to call this new and ever-changing place home. The community is filled with people who love and support each other while they work hard to support their families.


big wheelie books motorcycle

This is the coolest board book about motorcycles for toddlers. It is like a toy and book all in one! Kids will love this novelty book that is shaped like a motorcycle with real tires that spin. Each page is a highly detailed, photograph of a motorcycle with simple captions. Not only is this motorcycle book fun to read, it provides great on-the-go entertainment!



how does it work motorcycles

This non-fiction, motorcycle book for children takes kids on a photographic journey. Whether your child is a future engineer or a motorcycle enthusiast, this book provides all kinds of useful and interesting information. Kids will learn about both the mechanics and physics of these speeding machines in this easy-to-understand, leveled reader. 




 A fun, interactive seek-and-find book for kids who love motorcycles. Readers will learn all kinds of interesting facts while searching for vocabulary words and pictures throughout this solid addition to the Spot Mighty Machines book series.




once upon a cool motorcycle dude

This is a unique story within a story that has broad appeal. A girl and boy are partners for a special assignment at school- the need to write a fairytale! The problem is that they cannot agree on the theme of their story, so they argue back and forth about their conflicting ideas. The little girl imagines a tale about a princess and her ponies, while the boy conjures up an idea around a tough, cool motorcycle dude. As the two children share their stories, often interrupting the other, they accidentally weave together a fairytale unlike any other. A funny picture book that proves princess and motorcycles can operate in the same universe!



rabbit and the motorbike

A motorcycle is sometimes much more than just a vehicle for taking pleasure rides. Although Rabbit was always more comfortable at home, he relished the stories Dog would share about adventures on his motorbike. When Dog passes away, Rabbit is left feeling despondent, alone, and without a sense of purpose. So one day he musters up the courage to dust off Dog's motorbike and find his own adventures. A heartfelt story of love, loss, and healing all centered around a beloved motorcycle.




my little red dirt bike

Sometimes the best gifts in life are those that provide adventure, freedom, and excitement. This sweet story is about a little girl who receives a red dirt bike. It isn't brand new, but that's ok because it belongs to her! After her father teaches her how to ride, she takes off making new dirt bike trails and inventing her own games. A refreshing story about appreciation and imagination.




dirt bike racer

This captivating book will appeal to even the most resistant readers. Prolific author Matt Christopher delivers yet another chapter book that kids will enjoy from start to finish. In this story, a boy, Ron, finds a dirt bike that can be restored with a little elbow grease and money. His dream of becoming a dirt bike racer may just come true. Ron starts a job with a former racer to earn the money he needs for parts, but this very opportunity may actually derail his plans. This book has a several positive messages about hard work, friendship, loyalty, and never giving up.




sea monsters don't ride motorcycles

The Bailey School Kids are back in this popular early chapter book. This time they are excited to go watch a motorcycle race. But they quickly grow suspicious when they meet a strange rider who is always wet and has a strange familiarity with deep sea creatures. As they investigate further, the kids are convinced this motorcycle rider is not human and has plans to take some local friends with her to a "special" resort. They quickly jump into action so that no one is harmed. 


lucky chuck

A lesser-known book by Beverly Cleary about the importance of motorcycle safety. The story is about a boy, Chuck, who works hard to save enough money to buy a motorcycle. When the day finally comes, he is reckless and gets a speeding ticket. Fortunately, the highway patrol officer teaches him a crucial lesson about riding his motorcycle responsibly.



dirt bikes

This cool book has more than 30 pages of photos and factual information about these lightweight motorcycles. Kids will learn all about motorcross racing and about the daring people who race these motor bikes. 


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Motorcycle Stories Deliver the Thrill of Speed

Kids fascinated with speed will love all of the exciting stories about motorcycles. Maybe some of these action-packed books will inspire them to want their own motor bike one day. The thrill of racing may inspire your children, or simply the idea of leisurely riding trails through the woods or countryside. Either way, motorcycles can offer a fun escape. Children's motorcycle books are a great introduction to two-wheeled vehicles and provide valuable information about how to ride them safely. Budding bikers will also enjoy learning about the physics and mechanics of motorcycles and what it takes to power these awesome machines. For more reading about exciting vehicles, grab a few fun books about fire trucks too!




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