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18 Valuable Children's Books About Police Cars and Police Officers


Patrolling Police Cars

 A highly informative picture book about police cars with bold, cartoonish illustrations that appeal to young children. The rhyming text is fun to read and there is an awesome picture dictionary that accurately labels and describes all the parts of a police car. This picture book is part of the award-winning Amazing Machines series by Tony Mitton



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Best Kids' Books About Police Cars

 Kids fascinated with things-that-go will love reading all about police cars. Hopefully they will never actually get to experience riding in one, unless a career in law enforcement is the way they go. So these kids police car books may be the best (and only) way they get a good look inside. Little readers who are fascinated with fast cars and flashing lights will also love reading the best kids' fire truck books.

Children will enjoy learning about all the features and why they are necessary for the officers, passengers, and everyone else on the road. Also, be sure to read the best children's books about ambulances to your little ones. They will so they can get an inside glimpse at all the ways these vehicles come to the rescue.

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Police Car Patrol!

 This board book has die cut handles to give kids a virtual experience driving a real police car.  Readers are alerted to a situation that requires their immediate attention. So they need to fasten their seatbelt, turn on the siren, and set out on a high speed chase to get the bad guys. Lots of fast-paced action in this novelty police car board book.


Playtown Emergency

An action-packed, interactive book for kids who want to learn about all types of emergency vehicles, including police cars. Colorful scenes depict a variety of rescue workers helping people and animals who need assistance. Study board pages and lift-the-flap features reveal pictures of emergency equipment and helpers.



Police Cars (Mighty Machines in Action)

 An exciting introductory book for kids about police cars. Readers are taken on a fast ride, with sirens blaring and lights flashing, to get to their destination. The police car passes regular vehicles and and swerves in and out of traffic to get to the final destination. Kids will enjoy learning about all the features of police cars that help officers navigate the roadways safely.



I Want to Drive a Police Car

Jump behind the wheel of a police car with the narrator of this action-packed picture book. A little girl's dream comes true when she has a chance to drive all over town. She teaches readers how to work everything in the car, like turning on the flashing lights and the loud siren. Lots of interesting pictures to keep preschoolers engaged in this children's book about a police car.



Police Car on Patrol

A couple of cat police are chasing an art thief all around town. In their police car with sirens blaring and light flashing, they zip all over town in pursuit of a bad guy. Preschool readers will love all the excitement of the chase!




Peppa and the Police Car

Fans of Peppa Pig will have so much fun reading this story about a police car. Peppa and friends have the privilege of meeting two really friendly police officers. They show them how to turn on the siren in their cool police car. Readers can simultaneously push the sound button to hear a noisy policy siren. A colorful novelty book based on the popular TV series.



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Fascinating Facts About Police Cars

  • The wear and tear of a police car is measured in hours, not in miles. There is a meter on the dashboard of the car that determines how long the car has been on. This is far more important than measuring miles, like we do for regular vehicles, because police cars spend a lot of time idling.
  • The back seat of police cars is not covered in cloth upholtery. While criminals don't deserve a comfy ride to the station, this is not the reason. Too often, arrested individuals leave a mess that is much easier to clean when the seats are covered in plastic.
  • Police cars are equipped with different siren sounds depending on the emergency. There is a "howler" tone to warn vehicles up ahead to move out of the way. A "piecer" tone is used when police cars are attempting to navigate dense traffic. And a "wail" siren tone is used when a police car is moving at a fast speed on roads and highways.


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     Best Children's Books About Police Officers

    Reading children's books about police officers is a good way to teach them about all the ways they keep our neighborhoods secure. This list of picture books is a combination of both fictional stories about police officers and non-fiction books that explain all the different responsibilities that are part of their job. Most importantly, these books reinforce the fact that police officers can be trusted to keep kids safe and protect them from dangerous strangers.


    Keeping You Safe: A Book About Police Officers

     This non-fiction book covers all the important things police officers do on a daily basis to keep people safe. Police men and police women both describe their role, how their police cars work, and all of the heroic acts performed to keep citizens out of harms way.


    Richard Scarry's A Day at the Police Station

    Sergeant Murphy takes his job very seriously. He is responsible for keeping Busytown running smoothly and making sure all the people are safe and sound. Kids will love following along with his hectic day, which involves clearing up traffic jams, helping people find things they've lost, and teaching everyone about safety. A fun page of stickers adds to the charm of this book about a very busy police officer. 



    Let's Meet a Police Officer

    Officer Gabby is here to teach preschool children everything they've ever wanted to know about the police. She covers all kinds of important information about police cars, tools the officers use, and how police dogs help. Officer Gabby also reassures readers that it is her job to keep them safe. This is a helpful non-fiction police book for kids that is part of a Community Helpers series.  



    Topsy and Tim Meet the Police

    Two police officers visit a classroom to talk about their job.  There is a lesson about stranger danger and all the things kids can do to keep themselves safe. After the lesson, the children take trip to the police station for a tour. The popular Topsy and Tim book series introduces children to all kinds of new life experiences.



    Officer Dan Looks for Clues

    This is the book for kids who want to learn about how police officers investigate a crime scene. This picture book covers all the steps police officers take to gather clues, like taking fingerprints. It's a fantastic introduction to forensic science written for young children. 




    Officer Katz and Houndini: A Tale of Two Tails

    This is the story of cat vs. dog with a law enforcement twist! Officer Katz is ready to retire, but he needs to complete one last mission- capturing the ever elusive Houndini. This mutt has made life miserable for Officer Katz who is determined to keep Kitty City free of dogs once and for all. A funny, clever picture book about a feline police officer is a great read aloud.




    Police Officers on Patrol

     Bouncy rhymes fly across the pages as the police officers chase down the bad guys. They direct traffic at an intersection where the light is broken, and come to the rescue wherever people need help. This is warm and accessible introduction to police officers and what they do all day. Geared toward preschoolers and toddlers.



    Police: Hurrying! Helping! Saving!

     Digital illustrations will appeal to young readers in this book about a day in the life of police officers. Every day new surprises and emergencies arise and police offficers are always there to help. Some of their responsiblities include directing traffic, giving directions, and administering first aid. Most important of all, children will learn that police officers are trustworthy and always willing to lend a helping hand.



    Officer Buckle and Gloria

    It's hard not to giggle your way through this Caldecott Medal winner about Officer Buckle and his canine sidekick, Gloria. The two of them make their rounds putting on school assemblies about student safety. The police officer takes his job very seriously, but tosses in some humorous tips to keep things interesting for his audience (i.e. always remove the toothpick before taking a bite out of a sandwich). The real laughs, however, come from the unrehearsed interaction between Officer Buckle and Gloria, and the myriad of mishaps that occur.



    Here Come the Helpers

    An adorable search-and-find board book about emergency workers. Police officers and other helpers come to the rescue in various scenes. Toddlers will have fun looking for the rescue workers on each page and learning about how they help others. 



    I Want to Be a Police Officer

    Readers will join Ava as she meets a police officer and learns about all the ways they help others. It is Town Safety Day and all the community helpers share the ways they keep people safe from harm.


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    Cool Children's Police Car Books

    When kids watch police cars whiz by on the road, they can't help but ask a lot of questions. How fast can police cars go? Where are they going? How do all the lights and sirens work? How do police officers stay safe when a criminal is in the back of the car? These children's books about police cars will provide answers and provide all kinds of interesting information about how these vehicles are equipped, all the ways they help police officers protect people, and why we need them. 

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    Police Cars and Toys for Hours of Imaginary Play

    Looking for a fun gift for kids who are fascinated with police cars? Pull together a few picture books about police officers and pair them up with a police car toy. Here are some really cool and flashy vehicles that will entertain and encourage kids to use their imagination. 


    Playmobil Police Station

    Kids will love this police station that comes equipped with a booking desk and a jail cell. The set includes three figures and additional accessories.




    Playmobil Police Emergency Vehicle

    This cool police car has lights and sounds for kids to activate. The vehicle's hatch back is storage for walkie-talkies and other police tools. The kit also includes two police officer figures and a storage box.



    Lego City Police Command Center

    Children will have so much fun putting together this 350+ piece Lego police station. When they are finished building, kids will have fun playing with the police figures, police dog and other accessories that come with this awesome set.



    Remote Control Police Car

    Horns, sirens, a revving engine, and flashing lights all add to the excitement of this realistic remote control police car.  Children can enjoy long periods of play and easily recharge the battery with a USB and wall plug.


    Friction Powered Police Car With Light and Sound

    This super cool police car uses friction to drive. Kids just give it a little push and off it goes! Buttons control the lights and siren, and the doors open and close for even more opportunities to engage in imaginary play.



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