36 Enchanting Children's Books About Mermaids

How to Catch a Mermaid

 This beautifully illustrated best-selling mermaid book takes young readers on an undersea adventure. A magical mermaid who has a knack for avoiding clever traps glides through the water with grace and speed.  Readers will love pouring over the pictures of all the sea creatures they pass on this thrilling underwater chase.


Magical Mermaid Books for Kids

Mermaids, with bodies that are half human, half fish, have mesmerized and captivated people since the 1800s. Their origins are linked to exhausted sailors from that time who mistook manatees for more beautiful, human-like creatures. Through the years, they evolved into mythical creatures with magical powers and enchanting voices.

They have appeared in folklore, movies, and kids' mermaid books as long, slender women who are both elusive and mysterious. In children's picture books about mermaids, we are introduced to a wide variety of mermaid characters who are brought to life through stories.

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Whimsical Mermaid Picture Books

A child's imagination knows no boundaries. Reading kids' books about mermaids is wonderful way to go on a deep sea adventure from the comfort of your home. These beautiful stories encapsulate the mysterious nature and magical spirit of these human-like ocean dwellers. These alluring creatures make rare appearances only to disappear into the depths of the blue sea. The collection of stories allows children to study these beautiful beings and all their magical mystery. Children who love mermaids will also enjoy reading colorful kids' rainbow books about the beautiful, magical arches that lead to mysterious places.



Mermaid School

 An ideal first-day-of-school book for children entering preschool and kindergarten, especially if they love mermaids. In simple rhyming language, the story is about little boy and girl mermaids who experience jitters about their very first day in the underwater classroom. They quickly make new friends, learn to count clamshells, recite the A, B, Seas, and even read stories about children who live on land.



If I Had a Mermaid Friend

It's every little girl's wish come true! A best friend who happens to be a mermaid, always ready to whisk her away on adventures in the deep blue sea. A rhythmic story geared toward preschool children brought to life with vibrantly dynamic illustrations that make readers wish they could dive right into the fun.



The Mermaid

 A best-selling mermaid picture book by Jan Brett that is a unique spin on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In this spectacularly illustrated story, a mermaid is delighted to discover a home made of coral and seashells. Curiously, she enters this darling house to discover a comfortable chair, a delicious breakfast, and the most comfortable bed that rocks with the current. Find out what happens when the residents, a family of octopuses, returns home! A mesmerizing picture book that is pure art.


Peppa's Mermaid Adventure

Peppa Pig and her friend, Rebecca Rabbit, decide that they want to be mermaids. Their imaginations run wild when they invite all of their friends over for an under-the-sea party. Can their big party become a reality with the help of their parents? A glittery mermaid book that Peppa Pig fans will enjoy reading over and over again!



Pinkalicious and Aqua, the Mini Mermaid

An enjoyable story about the adventure Pinkalicious and Peter share with a tiny mermaid called Aqua. Together they explore a hidden cove and discover beautiful sea glass. Their perfect day is temporarily ruined by the presence of fins protruding from the water. Fortunately, it turns out they belong to dolphins, not sharks! The very last page is full of colorful stickers for added fun.


Little Mermaid

 A mermaid bedtime story filled with lots of touch-and-feel elements. This short and sweet rhyming tale is perfect for baby shower gifts. Pair it with an adorable mermaid plush toy to add a soft touch.


The Little Mermaid

 The classic mermaid story has been brought back to life with new, digitally enhanced illustrations. The original, unabridged fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen is fascinating to read, especially with older children who appreciate this masterpiece.  A beautiful gift not only for children, but also for adults who collect timeless picture books.




Tallulah: Mermaid of the Great Lakes

One of the most unique mermaid picture books with an invaluable message for children. Tallulah is a little mermaid who is feeling rather blue about her dull tail. All the other mermaids have tails that shimmer and shine, which makes her despondent about her own appearance. Following the sage advice of a turtle, Tallulah sets out for the Great Lakes in search of a gemstone that will add color to her life. Despite all the naysayers telling her that mermaids don't belong in lakes, Tallulah finally finds a place to call home.



Three Little Mermaids

 Join three adorable mermaids and their friends for a delightful tea party under the sea! Little readers will love this interactive book, with lots of tabs, slides, and tactile features. The pictures are engaging and the text is just right for preschoolers. 



Mermaid and Me

An imaginative mermaid picture book about the special friendship between a human girl and a mermaid. They meet in a place between their two worlds and share fun adventures together. Then one day, a terrible storm threatens to tear them apart. Will the two find a way to reunite again? A whimsical picture book about a magical mermaid and a very special child.


The Tail of Emily Windsnap

One of the highest-selling mermaid chapter book series for young readers. This first book opens the door to an enchanting undersea world. Readers are given a glimpse at a world ruled by Neptune, where students study shipwrecks, and family secrets threaten to resurface. All the elements of a fast-paced, enteraining book for middle-grade readers- friendship, mystery, love, betrayal- are part of this popular mermaid book series. 

Check out all the books in the Emily Windsnap Series!



Once Upon a Tide: A Mermaid's Tale

An exciting chapter book about a mermaid who swaps her tail for a pair of legs. Princess Lana was selected to represent her underwater kingdom at a land festival. There she reunites with her mother, who chose a life on land many years ago. Lana is met with lots of challenges as she negotiates her relationship with her mother and the politics of the other dignitaries attending the festival. A more sophisticated mermaid chapter book for older children who like a good fantasy.



Ten Little Mermaids

A charming, oversized mermaid book for toddlers learning how to count. The book starts with ten mermaids, and with each turn of the page, a mermaid disappears until there are none. Little readers will have fun practicing their fine motor skills by removing each of the mermaids and then placing them back in their correct positions. 




Mermaid Coloring Book

Thirty pages of mermaid designs just waiting to be brought to life with color. Coloring with a child is a wonderful way to spend quality time together. So grab a pack of crayons or colored pencils and get ready to create some lovely mermaid artwork.



Julián is a Mermaid

An award-winning book about a little boy's passion for creativity.  Julián is mesmerized by three women dressed as mermaids riding the subway. He can't get the images of their brilliant hair and gorgeous fishtails out of his mind. Using materials he finds around his home, he pulls together a mermaid costume of his own. His initial exuberance is met with trepidation when he worries about what his grandmother will think. An important mermaid book about self-discovery and realization.



Baby Touch and Feel Mermaid

There is so much to explore in this mermaid board book for toddlers. Little seashell mirrors, pearly castles under the sea, and a shimmery, sequined mermaid tail are just a few examples. Introduce your baby to mermaids, sea creatures and other related objects while they develop motor skills touching the pages.



Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet

Fancy Nancy loves to be the center of attention, which she often commands by wearing over-the-top frills. When her ballet school announced a new mermaid production, Nancy believes she is the perfect person to play the starring role. Instead, this spunky girl is cast as a tree. Although disappointed, she holds her head high and finds a way to bring a creative touch to a dull character. The big day arrives and a surprise twist forces Nancy to step up her game.




Good Night Mermaids

Help your little ones drift into a peaceful sleep filled with mermaid dreams. This soothing bedtime story features little mermaids doing every day activities. Dolphins, seashells, and seahorses dance across the pages in this sweet mermaid board book.



The Little Mermaid

The empowering, original story of a mermaid who is not content with the status quo. Instead of following in her sisters' footsteps and living a life at sea, she longs to explore life on a faraway land. In order to realize her dream, she must drink a potion that will replace her magical voice with a pair of legs. It's a sacrifice she is willing to make until her help is needed in the ocean. An entrancing mermaid book about finding one's true identity. 



Mermaid's First Words

An indestructible book about mermaids perfect for babies who love to chew. Adorable pictures of a cherubic mermaid fill the pages. Basic terminology, like crab, bubbles, fish, and coral, is introduced. And best of all, this tough book can be tossed into the washing machine.






Pinkalicious is overjoyed to discover a tiny mermaid, named Aqua, on the beach while gathering seashells. Together, they have a fun-filled day building sandcastles and taking a boat ride. When the day is over, it is time for Pinkalicious to help her mermaid friend return home. A fun addition to a best-selling picture book series.





 A dazzling mermaid book that delivers a powerful message with sparse text. A tiny mermaid aspires to look after the beautiful world that surrounds her, from the corral reefs deep in the ocean to the wide sandy beaches. But when her mother hands her a grain of sand with instructions to care for it, Pearl feels saddened and unappreciated. The lesson she learns, as the grain of sand is transformed into a beautiful treasure, is pure magic.




If I Were a Mermaid

A gorgeously illustrated mermaid book just right for toddlers and preschoolers. Readers are encouraged to imagine life as a mermaid and think about what life is like under the sea. Simple story with just enough text to hold the interest of tiny tots.  




Mabel: A Mermaid Fable

A gentle mermaid story about self-acceptance and friendship. Mabel was born into a family of mermaids, but she has some physical differences that draw undesirable attention from other underwater creatures. Then one day she meets an octopus who also isn's like the others. They form a special bond that teaches readers about the importance of empathy and kindness. 


Mermaid Dreams

Maya is enjoying a beach day with her family, but she wishes she had the courage to join the other kids who are playing together. This shy little girl closes her eyes and is magically transported to the bottom of the sea. Here she finds a magical wonderland full of creatures waiting to be her friend. When Maya discovers she has a tail like the other mermaids, she has a wonderful time swimming and playing with all the others.



The Mermaid's Shoes

Beautiful illustrations draw little readers in to the sweet story about a little girl who dreams of being a mermaid. On the last day of her summer break, Mia discovers a pair of mermaid shoes on the beach and decides that they fit her perfectly. She goes on to make her own mermaid tail and tries to find her new home with other mermaids. A sweet mermaid book for kids that will inspire them to dream.


 Sukey and the Mermaid

A gorgeously illustrated, thought-provoking book about Sukey, a girl who is upset by her mean stepfather. He forces her to work in the garden all day long, so one day she sneaks off to her special place by the sea. There she meets a magnificent black mermaid who introduces her to a magical kingdom free of time and pain. But this kingdom also has no people. Sukey must decide whether to make this place her home or return to her real mother and evil stepfather.


The Princess in Black and the Mermaid Princess

Another winner in the best-selling Princess in Black book series. This time the Princess in Black is enjoying a wonderful day with her friends on a royal yacht. Suddenly, a live mermaid princess emerges from the sea. She needs the help of the other princess to save her sea goats from an evil kraken. Unfortunately, the land-dwelling princesses can't offer much support in the water, but they do teach her how to stand up to her underwater nemesis.


Mermaid Kenzie: Protector of the Deeps

An inspiring story about a little girl who is disturbed by all of the plastic destroying marine life. One day while swimming in the ocean, Kenzie's pretend mermaid tale gets tangled in plastic. She decides to explore deeper in the water and is appalled by all the trash that is polluting the sea. Kenzie makes it her mission to do her part in cleaning up, and also in spreading the word so that others join the clean ocean movement. Beautiful illustrations and lyrical prose flow throughout this moving picture book about an influential mermaid.



Mermaids Activity Book

This is the ultimate activity book for any child who loves mermaids. There are more than 30 pages of mermaid puzzles and mazes. Kids will have fun coloring pictures of mermaids, bringing them to life with their creativity. The back of the book has some intriguing scratch-and-reveal pages with the most sparkly, mermaid art.  

Mermaid Dance

A charming novelty book filled with mermaids and other marine friends. Toddlers will love pulling the tabs to make all the creatures twirl and spin on the water. Narwhals, seals, penguins and polar bears all join the mermaids for an epic dance party with a surprise finale.



Mermaid Mia and the Royal Visit

Mermaid Mia is a reporter for her school's newspaper, The Mermail. There has not been anything interesting to report lately, so Mia invents a story that Queen Marina is coming to visit. When the story goes viral, Mia realizes the error of her ways and decides to tell the truth. In the midst of all the confusion, the queen actually drops by and forgives Mia for her untruthful reporting. A rhyming story with an important lesson told from the perspective of a sparkly mermaid.



The Ultimate Mermaid Joke Book

This book is packed with funny mermaid jokes. Whimsical illustrations of mermaids and silly little quips and puns will draw lots of giggles. A fun gift to give along with some mermaid picture books or a cute mermaid doll! This silly book is also a great way to entertain children at a mermaid-themed birthday party.


Maybe a Mermaid

A coming-of-age, middle grade novel about being open to new possibilities. This is the story of Anthoni Gillis, an 11-year-old who has spent her life moving around with her mother. She has never been in one place long enough to make any real friends. When the pair lands in Thunder Lake for the summer, Anthoni is the first one to dismiss rumors of a mermaid lurking in the waters. Her mind is on other matters, like making a true friend for the first time in her life. But as the summer progresses, Anthoni is drawn in to the mystery and magic of this new lake community.



Once Upon a Mermaid's Tail

A gorgeously illustrated book with a very important message about protecting oceans and marine life. Theodore is a little boy who loves to explore the water in search of interesting fish. One day he discover the most exquisite, little creature in a delicate shell. He scoops her up and relocates her to his tank at home. Once removed from her habitat, the little mermaid loses her color and becomes weak. Theodore races to return her to the ocean where she belongs, and finally realizes that he needs to respect that these creatures thrive best in their natural environment.


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Children's Mermaid Books Expand the Imagination

Imagination is a wonderful attribute that should be nurtured in children. When a child can escape from the real world for short time, the benefits are tremendous. Kids experience a reduction in stress, at least temporarily, not to mention a boost in fostering creativity. As parents and caretakers of little ones, we can encourage imaginary play by reading fantastical books. Children's mermaid books are aplenty for kids of all ages, so grab some of these titles and settle in with your favorite kiddo for some magical reading time.



Inspiring Mermaid Gifts for Kids 

We love the idea of matching toys and books with a common theme for birthday and holiday gifts. Reading stories about mermaids will expand the imagination of young children. They will love cuddling up with these mermaid dolls during quiet story time and engage in hours of imaginary play afterwards.


Sparkly Mermaid Plush Doll

Her name is Layla. She's a plush mermaid with beautiful shimmery stars and sparkly fins to take her on deep sea adventures. Durably made with both soft and smooth fabric texture.



Musical Mermaid Jewelry Box

When the lid opens, the adorable mermaid spins and music plays. This dainty, colorful box is sturdily constructed and is the perfect place to keep mermaid jewelry safe and sound. 




Mermaid Pendant Necklace

A beautiful little mermaid necklace, also available with purple and pink stones. Top off a gift of mermaid books with this darling piece of jewelry for a special girl's birthday or holiday.

Sterling Silver Mermaid Stud Earrings

These darling mermaid earrings will brighten the day of any little girl who loves these magical creatures. Add a necklace, a jewelry box, and a mermaid picture book to create a thoughtful gift for a very special child.



Mermaid Princess Stuffed Doll

 A jewel-toned super soft mermaid plush doll just right for toddlers. She's 12 inches tall and made well enough to withstand lots of tender loving care.




Soft Mermaid Tail Blanket

An incredibly soft mermaid blanket in a rainbow hombre color scheme. Perfect for snuggling up with some good mermaid books and settling in for sweet dreams under the sea.




Mermaid Stuffed Plush Playset

An adorable five-piece mermaid set by Baby GUND. Each of the accessories make a fun sound- squeaking, rattling, and crinkling- perfect for babies and toddlers. 


Mermaid Birthday Party Kit

Bring a mermaid party to life with this party kid that has it all! Balloons, party hats, tabletop decor and other festive items included. 

Mermaid Pillow

This adorable mermaid pillow will add a cozy touch to a child's bedroom. She's soft and snuggly, and ready to cuddle up for a night of sweet mermaid dreams. 


Mermaid Surprise Box

A treasure trove of mermaid gifts tucked safely inside this colorful chest. This  fun gift for children who love mermaids includes a plush toy, mermaid-themed activities, and other delightful trinkets.  


Mermaid Water Bottle

Children will love satisfying their thirst using this adorable mermaid water bottle. It's 23 oz and BPA free. For a cute gift idea, fill it with some colorful candy and a book about mermaids!


Mermaid Sprinkles

This sprinklefetti is a must-have when planning a party for your little mermaid lover. Add these whimsical treats to the top of frosted cupcakes, cookies or birthday cakes. Not only do they look adorable, they taste delicious!

Mermaid Rag Doll

With long brown hair and a shimmery tail, this sweet mermaid stands 18 inches tall. Her name is Alani and her bottom half is weighted so she can be manipulated into a seated position. Perfect for playtime and pretty enough for bedroom decor.

Melissa & Doug Ariel Magnetic Dress-Up Set

More than 30 sturdy wooden magnetic pieces will provide hours of playtime. Kids will love mixing and matching all the clothing and accessories as they play dress up with this famous mermaid. 


Mermaid Wall Decor

 An adorable 8 x 10 set of mermaid prints will bring your child's walls to life. Each one has an inspirational saying that will lift the spirits of a little one. Find frames to match bedroom and pull together with other mermaid decor for kids who love these mystical creatures.





Mesmerizing Facts About Mermaids

Mermaids are beautiful, mystical beings who have captured the imaginations of children and adults alike. One half-marine animal, mermaids live an intriguing life under the sea in perfect harmony with deep sea creatures. The other half-human, mermaids are always females who capture the hearts of men and embrace women with their maternal instincts. Their mysterious and magical nature is the main reason why mermaids are popular characters in children's books. Here are some interesting facts about mermaids to think about next time you are reading children's mermaid books with your little ones.


  • No one is really certain about how the myth of mermaids originated. One theory is that they were figments of the imagination of sailors who spent months at sea. They were likely delirious from their lengthy time on the water and perhaps mistook manatees for women with tails, or mermaids.
  • Sirens are similar to mermaids because they are both half-human, half-fish. Sirens, however, are considered to be evil predators with sharp teeth. They have a reputation for luring sailors to their death and even eating humans. Furthermore, a mermaid spotting at sea was a sign that the voyage was headed for trouble.
  • Not only are mermaids beautiful, they have four impressive superpowers. They are immortality, hypnosis, telepathy, and the ability to see the future.
  • The gemstone aquamarine is said to be created by mermaid tears. Sailors believed this precious ocean gemstone protected them when at sea.
  • The tail is unique to every single mermaid. The color pattern is said to reflect her personality. Also, it changes color based on her mood in the moment.
  • If your children love mermaids, then there are lots of television shows and movies to keep them entertained for hours. Some favorite mermaid TV shows include: H2O, Mako Mermaids, Life as a Mermaid, and Siren. Good mermaid movies include: Aquamarine, Splash, Scales: Mermaids are Real, The Mermaid, and The Little Mermaid.
  • The most famous mermaid in fiction appeared in the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale. In 1836, he published a story about a mermaid who traded her voice for human legs. She desired the love of a prince along with an immortal soul. The original fairytale did not have a happy ending. But when Walt Disney released a movie in 1989 under the same name, the story ends with a satisfying "happily ever after".
  • Mermaids are known for producing the most mesmerizing music. Their voices, albeit beautiful, are sometimes considered dangerous and associated with luring sailors to their death.
  • The most famous mermaid hoax was perpetuated by P.T. Barnum in the 1800s. Named the Feejee Mermaid, this creature was a grotesque half-ape, half-fish combination that did not resemble a beautiful aquamarine being. A fake naturalist was hired to support the authenticity of this fabricated mermaid. 
  • A beautiful statue (see below)  was built in Copenhagen, Denmark based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid. She is only about 49 inches high but ways a whopping 365 pounds. She is made of cast bronze and her pedestal is carved out of granite.


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