15 Funny Kids' Books About Crabs

Kermit the Hermit
Kermit the Hermit
A lengthy picture book about a cranky crab who spent most of his days in solitude, living in a cave. When a little boy rescues him from peril, the hermit becomes a social critter with a much happier disposition. Along with all his ocean friends, like fish, sharks, and other crabs, Kermit finds a way to thank the child who saved his life in more ways than one.


sand crab


Children's Picture Books Featuring Crabs

Any kid who has been to the beach has likely had an encounter with a crab. Maybe the youngster spotted a hermit crab burrowing into the sand by the ocean water. Or perhaps a blue crab was seen scampering across the ocean floor, quickly moving away from little feet and other people swimming in the water. At night, beachgoers like to head to the coastline with flashlights, in hopes of spotting the elusive ghost crabs that appear long after the sun sets. Children's books about crabs are especially fun to read after kids have had a chance to observe these crustaceans in their natural habitat. The best stories weave some of their most common traits throughout tales of friendship, adversity, and adventure.


a house for hermit crab 

A House for Hermit Crab
A story about a hermit crab that has many real life implications for kids. Moving around the ocean floor is quite comfortable with the security of a shell on his back. But when the crab outgrows his shell, forcing him to find a newer, larger home, he is goes through a period of uncertainty. While searching for a new shell, the hermit crab feels exposed and vulnerable. There are threats all around that he is forced to confront without the security of a shell on his back. A solid choice for kids on the verge of a life change.



One Is a Snail, Ten is a Crab: A Counting by Feet Book

One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab
Readers are carried away to the beach for a fun day of counting in the sand. All sorts of colorful characters are lounging in the sun. With their feet wiggling around, kids can count them from one to ten and back again. Readers will learn how to count in different ways while examining each of the little animals. Funny picture of unlikely friends basking in the sun will tickle the funny bone of readers.



  Fish and Crab

Fish and Crab
Best friends Fish and Crab are all tucked in and ready for a good night's sleep. Crab is about to settle into a deep slumber when Fish interrupts him. A little bit of nighttime anxiety has set in and Fish can't turn off the "what-ifs". Sparse text provides room for improvisation in this funny, all-too-familiar bedtime story.



don't worry little crab

Don't Worry, Little Crab
A darling book for toddlers with a message that will resonate with anyone facing new experiences. Little Crab and Very Big Crab are getting read to swim in the ocean. As they approach the water, Little Crab's excitement turns into trepidation. The big waves splashing at the shore intimidate the little guy. But with a few careful words of reassurance from Very Big Crab, Little Crab finds the courage to face his fears. 



 Bedtime for Cranky Crab

Bedtime for Cranky Crab
A bedtime story takes toddlers into the depths of the ocean where a cranky crab is not cooperating. Like lots of little ones who resist going to sleep, this stubborn crab plays, snacks, and swims past his sea friends who are all settling in for the night. Eventually he grows tired himself and is ready to go to bed. Illuminating pictures with hues that transition into darker colors as the crab approaches sleep.



High Tide for Horseshoe Crabs

High Tide for Horseshoe Crabs
A fascinating look at an amazing event that occurs every year. Millions of horseshoe crabs make their way to the beach to lay their eggs. Along the Delaware Bay, people gather to watch the awesome spectacle. At the same time, birds from South America migrate to snack on the crab eggs. Packed full of information, this kids's crab book is a must-have for every bookshelf.





An enchanting picture book with intricate illustrations depicting life in a tide pool. The story follows the life cycle of Pagoo, a hermit crab who begins his life as a tiny speck. As the baby crab develops into an adult, kids will get a first hand look at the various stages of physical maturity. Along the way, lots of other sea life pose threats and provide safety for the little crab. Dreamy and chock-full of interesting information, this book is a solid addition to a child's collection of crab books.



the Happy Snappy Crab
The Happy, Snappy Crab
A colorful, pop-up book featuring a crab, shark, and octopus that all spring from the pages. Charming rhymes and bold colors are especially appealing to kids who love ocean animals. 



ocean days with crab

Ocean Days with Crab

An engaging, touch-and-feel board book about a crab is a great gift for toddlers. Little readers will love exploring ocean life alongside a friendly crab who encounters all kinds of interesting objects and sea life. The tactile features in this novelty book are engaging and aid in cognitive development. 



hello crabby 

Hello, Crabby!

A fun easy-reader for kids about a crabby crab who has a whole litany of complaints. Even though the sun is shining on this perfect beach day, the cranky crustacean is irritated. Sand is embedded in his shell and the brilliant sun is bothering his eyes. A funny plankton does his best to cheer up the miserable crab, but is not having much luck. 


 amazing animals crabs


Fantastic photographs of a variety of crabs fill the pages of this interesting, non-fiction book for kids. Curious readers will learn all about where they live, what they eat, and how they use their pinchers to fend off predators. An interesting African folktale offers an entertaining explanation for why crabs appear to be headless.



Crab and Snail: The Invisible Whale 

 Crab and Snail: The Invisible Whale
A cute, graphic novel about a couple of friends who are planning a fun day at the beach. The only problem is that it appears to be raining, but only above them. Crab and Snail, with the help of a seagull, get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon. Clever, cartoonish story for beginners. 



 the hermit crab

 The Hermit Crab

A Junior Library Guild selection about an unlikely hero. A hermit crab prefers a life out of the limelight, and spends most of his time alone foraging for food. One day while distracted slipping into a new shell, a fisherman's net captures a flounder nearby. The hermit crab frees the flounder from the trap and finds himself in an unfamiliar position surrounded by friends. A simple yet powerful story that creates lots of conversation opportunities.



 the happy crab

 The Happy Crab

An endearing book about a little boy who is faced with a moral dilemma. He discovers a crab shell on the beach that would make the perfect keepsake. Upon examining the interesting shell, he observes some movement inside. In a touching moment, the boy decides to release the crab back into its natural habitat. A subtle message about environmentalism and compassion that will open a conversation with readers.


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Facts About Crabs

Kids who love marine life will especially enjoy reading the best kids' books about crabs. These ocean dwellers that walk and swim sideways are always interesting to observe scurrying around the beach. With ten legs, attached to a tough exoskeleton, crabs are intricate works of nature. The two front legs, developed into pinchers to protect against predators and snag food, are the most important for their survival. Illustrators capture all the detailed parts of their bodies to examine while reading. 




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