12 Intriguing Kids' Books About Sea Stars and Starfish


Ten Little Starfish
Toddlers will love this fun day at the beach with ten starfish friends. Little readers can practice counting the colorful sea stars as they glide across the sand and splash in the ocean water. Cute and simple rhyming story with adorable illustrations. 


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 Children's Books About Starfish

The term starfish is a bit of a misnomer since they are not really fish. Sea stars, the more accurate name, do not have a backbone so they are technically invertebrates. With more than 1,600 starfish species, there is a tremendous amount of variation in terms of physical appearance and habitat. These creatures can be found in tidal books, coral reefs, tidal pools, and sea grass. Lucky kids may have a chance to spot on that has been washed ashore during a day at the beach. After observing this interesting sea creature, kids will likely want to learn more. Here is a list of the best children's books about starfish that include a mix of fun stories and non-fiction title packed with facts.


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Wish Upon a Starfish

Part of a charming chapter book series, this story is about a group of adorable, underwater beings. They navigate the same types of issues as regular kids, but they just happen to live in the sea. In this installment, a mermaid named Molly wants to land the lead role in the class play. The judge, a renowned starfish mermaid, gives the part to her best friend instead. The girls do their best to resolve the conflict without dooming the play.





A scientific picture book about starfish chock full of interesting facts that even the youngest kids would understand. Kids will learn that these animals are actually not fish. Lots of accessible and engaging descriptions of the starfish anatomy is covered, like the fact that they have feet without toes. Part of the popular Let's-Read-and-Find-Out science series, be sure to check out the other interesting books.



Sea Stars

A comprehensive, non-fiction book about sea stars filled with highly detailed, close-up photographs of these invertebrates. Easy-to-read text provides information about the habitat, behavior, diet, and anatomy of these sea creatures. For kids who want more in-depth information, sidebars are filled with advanced knowledge. The back includes a fun activity to further engage kids in the learning process.



An impactful story about a sea star who learns to appreciate her gifts in life. Hoshi is an endearing creature who longs to live amongst the stars, shining brightly upon the world below. She spends precious time longing for a life that she cannot have and misses all the beauty surrounding her underwater. With the help of her friends, Hoshi learns a valuable lesson about herself. A seemingly simple story with sparse text opens the door for meaningful conversations with children.







The Little Things: A Story About Acts of Kindness

 A touching book about the domino effect one act of kindness can have on others. It begins with a little girl who rescues a sea star and returns it back to the ocean where it can thrive. Upon observing this act, a man is inspired to rescue a dog from the animal shelter. From there, a bystander is moved to help an elderly woman with yard work, which in turn moves a teenager to bring extra food to someone in need. These kinds acts continue until the astounding conclusion that may just encourage little readers to go do something nice for others.




Sea Stars in the Tide Pool

An intriguing life-science book that takes readers on a photographic journey into the lives of sea stars. Readers learn tons of information about habitats, eating habits, mating, and anatomy. A variety of sea star species are identified as well. An excellent resource to read alongside other kids' starfish books. 



Ana and the Sea Star

A lovely picture book about respecting the natural habitat of sea creatures. Ana spends an afternoon at the beach where she discovers a sea star by the edge of the water. The little girl longs to take it home to show her mother, but she knows that the sea star would not survive. With the gentle guidance of her father, Ana learns that she can use her imagination to preserve and share her experiences with others.





Sammy Starfish

An inspiring story about a starfish who dares to dream of bigger things. Sammy is an inquisitive starfish who lives peacefully in the bay, passing his time collecting small items that have fallen from boats nearby. Although he enjoys his tranquil life, Sammy often gazes at the sky and wonders what it would be like to be a real star. One day he has the chance to go on an adventure of a lifetime that gives him a taste of life high above. 




Where's the Starfish?

 An intriguing picture book encourages readers to find the starfish, as well as the clownfish and whale, on every single page. The illustrations throughout this sparsely worded picture book are works of colorful art. With each turn of the page, the bottom of the ocean fills up with more trash until it is almost impossible to find the animals. A surprise ending will make readers pause and think about the importance of environmental issues.




Starfish: A First Look

A fun book for beginner readers who want to learn more about starfish. Engaging pictures give kids a chance to explore sea life while reading about ocean life. Throughout the book are helpful questions asking kids to associate their own experiences with the behaviors and habitats of starfish. 




Starfish: The Stars of the Sea

A Level 1 book for kids who are just beginning to read on their own. Easy words and just a few sentences on each page are accompanied by brilliant illustrations. Kids will love examining the pictures of an underwater fantasyland with beautiful marine life floating through the water. At the center of this story is a bold starfish, about which kids will learn all kinds of interesting information. 


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Best Kids' Books About Sea Stars

Sea stars may look like a harmless marine species, gracefully floating through the water or clinging to a rock. For the most part, they do not pose a threat to humans who come in contact with them. There is only one type, the crown-of-thorns starfish, that is venomous if the spines pierce human skin. But even though sea stars typically do not harm people, they are extremely aggressive predators. While these sea creatures prefer to digest algae, shellfish, sponges, and coral, there have been some documented cases of cannibalism. While not a common practice, marine biologists have witnessed sea stars eating other sea stars of the same species. There is so much to learn by reading the best kids' books about sea stars. It's always fun to read both fiction and non-fiction so kids can compare the behavior of these invertebrates in each.

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Fascinating Facts About Starfish (or Sea Stars)

Starfish, or sea stars, or beautiful marine creatures that appear in a variety of vibrant colors and textures. Their bodies are intricate works of natural art, perfectly designed so that they can adapt and survive deep in the ocean. Kids who are interested in marine life will enjoy learning more about the habitat, reproduction, and behavior of these magnificent stars of the sea.

  • The correct name is sea star. Although these five-limbed sea creatures are often referred to as starfish, they are not fish at all. They do not have scales, fins, gills, or any of the other anatomical parts associated with fish. Sea stars, as they should be called, are more closely related to sand dollars and sea urchins.
  • They live a long time. Sea stars can live up to 35 years. Their long survival rate is partly attributed to the fact that they are regenerative. If a limb is severed, it will eventually grow back so that the sea star is again completely able-bodied.
  • The most familiar sea stars have five arms. However, some of the lesser known types can have many more limbs. For instance, the sun star has a mind-boggling number with forty arms extending from its body.
  • Sea stars do not have a brain or blood. They have a fairly sophisticated, built-in filtration system that pumps sea water through their blood. From these filtered water, sea stars derive all their nutrients.
  • Their stomachs exit the body to eat. Little suction cups all over the body are used to trap the food first. Then the stomach appears through the mouth to process and digest the food. After this process is finished, the stomach re-enters the body and returns to its original position until it is time to eat again. 



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