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10 Enchanting Mermaid Facts

Mermaids are beautiful, mystical beings who have captured the imaginations of children and adults alike, who love to collect trinkets and toys based on these mystical creatures. One half-marine animal, they live an intriguing life under the sea in perfect harmony with deep sea creatures. The other half-human, mermaids are always females who capture the hearts of men and embrace women with their maternal instincts. Their mysterious and magical nature is the main reason why mermaids are popular characters in children's books.


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Mesmerizing Facts About Mermaids

No one is really certain about how the myth of mermaids originated.

One theory is that they were figments of the imagination of sailors who spent months at sea. They were likely delirious from their lengthy time on the water and perhaps mistook manatees for women with tails, or mermaids.




Sirens are similar to mermaids because they are both half-human, half-fish.

Sirens, however, are considered to be evil predators with sharp teeth. They have a reputation for luring sailors to their death and even eating humans. Furthermore, a mermaid spotting at sea was a sign that the voyage was headed for trouble.


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Not only are mermaids beautiful, they have four impressive superpowers.

They are immortality, hypnosis, telepathy, and the ability to see the future.


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The gemstone aquamarine is said to be created by mermaid tears.

Sailors believed this precious ocean gemstone protected them when at sea.


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The tail is unique to every single mermaid.

The color pattern is said to reflect her personality. Also, it changes color based on her mood in the moment. 


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If your children love mermaids, then there are lots of television shows and movies to keep them entertained for hours.

Some favorite mermaid TV shows include: H2O, Mako Mermaids, Life as a Mermaid, and Siren. Good mermaid movies include: Aquamarine, Splash, Scales: Mermaids are Real, The Mermaid, and The Little Mermaid.


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The most famous mermaid in fiction appeared in the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.

In 1836, he published a story about a mermaid who traded her voice for human legs. She desired the love of a prince along with an immortal soul. The original fairytale did not have a happy ending. But when Walt Disney released a movie in 1989 under the same name, the story ends with a satisfying "happily ever after".

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Mermaids are known for producing the most mesmerizing music.

Their voices, albeit beautiful, are sometimes considered dangerous and associated with luring sailors to their death.


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The most famous mermaid hoax was perpetuated by P.T. Barnum in the 1800s.

Named the Feejee Mermaid, this creature was a grotesque half-ape, half-fish combination that did not resemble a beautiful aquamarine being. A fake naturalist was hired to support the authenticity of this fabricated mermaid.

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A beautiful statue was built in Copenhagen, Denmark based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid.

She is only about 49 inches high but ways a whopping 365 pounds. She is made of cast bronze and her pedestal is carved out of granite.


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