36 Brand New Children's Books About Unicorns

How to Catch a Unicorn

Little readers will enjoy this whimsical book that teaches them lots of nifty tricks. Unicorns are mystical, elusive creatures, but by following some of these tips, maybe you'll be lucky enough to capture one! A colorful romp into the imaginary world of our favorite horned, flying, magical creatures.

Unicorn Books for Kids Inspire the Imagination

A child's imagination is a beautiful gift with fluid boundaries. Creative minds flourish when they are fed with picture books that fly in the face of reality. Imagination is a valuable tool that can help kids thrive in so many ways for the rest of their lives. Children's books about unicorns fuel the imagination. They are magical, mystical, fantastical, gentle, loving, kind creatures that are only limited by the boundaries of a child's creativity. Choose some of these amazing books and pair them with plush toys and gifts for kids  for the perfect birthday or holiday present. Reading stories with your children will foster their ability to get lost in a world of imagination, invention, and ultimately take them to incredible places. 


We've gathered together a list of our absolutely favorite  stories for little readers. Toddlers will love learning about these mysterious creatures that are figments of the imagination. Tiny tots will be enamored with the idea that flying, glittery, horned, horse-like creatures might actually exist. Check out this list and send a few to kids who love to dream. Whimsical picture books spark the imaginations of little ones. Kids will love the magic these beings display as they help out friends, explore enchanted forests, and fly high through the rainbow skies. These mystical creatures display all the kindness, compassion, and spontaneity that make them perfect imaginary friend for little readers.


Twinkle, Twinkle, Unicorn


A super cute board book for babies and toddlers based on the popular lullaby Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Darling lyrics, sparkling colors and the sweetest little creature around make this the perfect bedtime story.



unicorns are real

Well, of course they are real! This adorable board book for toddlers covers all the important facts about this mystical creature. Learn all about how they polish their horns and how they love to admire their reflections.


Pop-Up Peekaboo! Unicorn

A lift-the-flap book with little surprises waiting to be discovered! Lively unicorns, enchanted forests, magical castles and all the other ingredients make for a perfectly charming story for babies and toddlers.



peppa's magical unicorn

Peppa Pig is excited to play with her best friend Suzy and her new toy horse. But the girls decide that a magical unicorn could be even better than a horse. Can Daddy Pig save the day? Peppa Pig fans will get a kick out of this sparkly book.

goodnight unicorn

Readers familiar with Goodnight Moon will thoroughly enjoy this parody of a classic bedtime book. Follow along as a beautiful unicorn says goodnight to all of the different types in the enchanted forest. Fans will love learning new terminology and facts related to these mystical beings. A dreamy story guaranteed to coax your little readers into a peaceful sleep. 


baby unicorn finger puppet book

A most adorable book for babies and toddlers with a finger puppet attached. The pictures and short story convey all the magic and wonder of these magical creatures. Kids will love the interactive effect of the unicorn poking its head through the die-cut pages and bringing the book to life through movement. 



unicorn thinks hes pretty great

Most kids know what it's like when the new kid moves into town and steals all the thunder. In this case, the new kid is Unicorn- a magical being who can fly through the sky and make it rain cupcakes. Goat grows envious as his own talents seem quite lackluster by comparison. This wonderful story shows how to overcome your differences and insecurities and ultimately become best friends with someone new.

unicorn is maybe not so great after all
Poor Unicorn is used to being the center of attention with all his mastery of magic and mystical aura. On the first day of school, the other kids are much more interested in other things going on and pay no mind to him. His best friend Goat is there to provide support and perhaps even help elevate the creature to his previous status.



unicorn day

This lovely story has such a nice message about friendship! All the glimmery, sparkly, brillianty colorful pages deliver pure happiness with a sweet message. A horse in disguise tries to mingle with a party, bringing to light questions of acceptance vs. exclusivity.  Readers will be delightfully rewarded with the happiest of all endings.



fancy nancy and the quest for the unicorn

Our favorite fancy gal and her friend are on a mission to find a magical creature and they won't give up until they find one. It's a long day searching high and low for glitter, sparkles, horns and all the other telltale signs that one is around somewhere. Included is a page of 30 stickers for your kids to use creatively.


uni the unicorn


This is the perfect story for every child who believes! In a reversal of roles, this book focuses on a unicorn who is desperate to believe there is a little girl out there just for her. Despite being told that real girls don't exist, Uni will not accept this as truth. Readers will be happy to watch dreams come true in this story of hope and friendship.

today i'll be a unicorn

Being a magical creature is pretty fabulous, especially through the eyes of a little girl named Phoebe. She explores what it would be like to live such an enchanted life. In the end, she learns that it's also fabulous just to be herself.



unicorns are the worst

Not everyone loves unicorns, especially not the goblins who live next door. They are hardworking creatures who put their magical powers to practical use, unlike beings who prance around all day leaving a trail of glitter wherever they go. Will the goblins ever learn to see that these creatures are valuable, too? 



i'm a little unicorn

A beautifully illustrated book about the most enchanting little creature. Told in the first person, the mythical creature explains all of her magical powers and how she spends her time in the mystical forest.



a unicorn named sparkle

Don't judge a book by it's cover is the lesson in this sweet book about a unicorn who is not quite like the others. A little girl named Lucy purchases a new pet for 25 cents. She expects to receive a sparkly, glittery unicorn in the mail, but what arrives is a scraggly, flea-ridden creature with an much-too-short horn. After getting over her initial disappointment, Lucy learns to love her unique pet with all of her heart.



the unicorn came to dinner

This is really a picture book to help kids talk about feeling, fear and anxiety. A bold, pink unicorn marches her way into a little girl's house, makes a total mess, sleeps in her bed, and causes general mayhem. The impact this animal has on the household is an invitation for parents to talk to their children about new situations, disruptions in their lives, and how to stay true to themselves.



once upon a unicorn's horn

The story is about a little girl, June, who is playing with tiny, sparkly horses in the most magical forest. All of the little horses could fly except for one poor little one. June decides to use her smarts and creativity to find a solution. Readers will fall in love with this story of magic, imagination and friendship.



claire and the unicorn happily ever after

Happily ever after is how fairytales always seem to end. In this beautiful storybook, a little girl snuggles with her stuffed animal every night while her father reads her books with happy endings. Claire begins to wonder what this really means. As she drifts off to sleep, she visits magical places in her dreams on a quest to find an answer to this question- what exactly is happily ever after? A profound picture book that raises an important question for both adults and children alike.


thelma the unicorn

Thelma is quite ordinary, in fact quite extraordinary in her plainness as far as unicorns go. She lacks sparkles and and doesn't even have the signature horn. Thelma dreams of a center-stage life full of glory and attention. One day she unexpectedly gain stardom but, sadly, it's at an expense she's unwilling to pay. A valuable tale about being true to yourself and the friendships you cherish.



you don't want a unicorn

Trust the little boy in this book...be careful what you wish for! In this case, it was a colorful, magical unicorn. Our little protagonist quickly learns that this wild creature is best left to live in the enchanted forest. After poking holes all over the house and making a big, hug mess, one child learns the hard way that unicorns most definitely do not make good pets.



unicorn yoga

Young children are introduced to a variety of yoga poses by none other than a one-horned yogi. This is an accessible how-to picture book for even the littlest kids who want to begin a daily practice of mindfulness and yoga.



not quite narwhal


A little white sea creature has been raised by a family of narwhals, but he was never exactly like the rest of them. He shared some traits, like a horn, though it wasn't quite as long or pointy as the others. Then one day when he is washed ashore, he discovers some land animals that he more closely resembles- unicorns. A sweet book that teaches a lot about what family really means.



a unicorn named sparkle and the pumpkin monster

Halloween is a time of year that is full fun activities. But not everyone enjoys the uncomfortable thrill of of ghosts, skeletons and witches, including our friend, Sparkle. Her friend Lucy takes her to the pumpkin farm to participate in all the fun fall festivities like decorating pumpkins and eating fall treats. The problem is that the farm offers quite a few Halloween spooks which are unsettling to Sparkle. A cute book for all the kids who experience a little bit of the Halloween jitters.



unicorns activity book

What a fun book gift to give crafty kiddos! A sparkly book with scratch off pages, activities and lots of project ideas. This activity book would pair nicely with a picture book and a plush animal for the 4+ age group.



twelve dancing unicorns

A twist on the classic tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses, this is the story of twelve unicorns who are locked up every single night by an evil king. The golden shackles are heavy and impossible to unlock with a key. Mysteriously, the unicorns are found sleeping peacefully every single morning, free from the chains. The king offers a hefty reward to anyone who can get to the bottom of what is happening. A little girl, determined to rescue her favorite one, takes up the challenge. What she ultimately discovers will warm the hearts of every reader.


unicorn diaries


This is the first book in a series of short, illustrated chapter books for the 5-7 year old crowd. All of the students at a unicorn school are happy to welcome a new friend. The only problem is that the new student doesn't seem to have a special power and he isn't exactly excited to receive help. Colorful illustrations and a sweet story are a winning combination for kids who are ready for lengthier books.



uni bakes a cake

A little girl desperately wants to win first place in a baking contest. Will Uni save the day and use magical powers to help her win the blue ribbon? This sweet unicorn book for kids who are beginning to read independently cover the importance of friendship over winning. 


lily the unicorn

We can all use a little bit of Lily in our lives! In this sweet book, Roger the Penguin especially benefits from the friendship of this fearless, adventure-seeking, glass-half-full unicorn. The two friends, who are polar opposites, learn to compromise by finding activities they both enjoy.

unicorn and horse

So many valuable lessons are packed into this fabulous book. A horse and a unicorn- so remarkably similar in their physique and yet so distinctly different at the same time. This clever and humorous story adeptly covers topics of jealousy, heroism, and friendship with an ending that is highly satisfying and thought-provoking for children and adults alike.


 unicorn puffy sticker book

Kids will enjoy this fun activity book. There are puzzles to solve and hidden pictures to find. Most exciting of all, there is a page of the cutest, puffy unicorn stickers that can be used to decorate scenes in these book or for other creative purposes.


Unicorn Novels for Tweens

Tween novels offer an escape into an imaginary world where anything and everything is possible. Readers who love magic and fantasy stories will find these chapter books a wonderful glimpse into what life is like in mystical kingdoms full of powerful creatures and exciting adventures.


Unicorn Academy

Readers will devour this easy chapter book series about a special school where girls are paired up with unicorns. In this first installment, the poor creatures' magic powers are in jeopardy and it's up to Sophia to get to the bottom of the mystery. Friendship and adventure abound in this delightful new chapter book series.



unicorn quest

More advanced readers will enjoy delving into this fantasy book about sisters who have moved into a mystical manor. There is a ladder inside the fireplace that leads to a magical world that is in complete chaos. When one of the sisters disappears, the other must be brave and enter the strange, new place full of strange creatures and uncover the deepest secrets. 


the unicorn in the barn

A magical and touching middle grade novel for anyone who dares to believe in the impossible. A young boy's whose life at home is falling apart is saved by the appearance of a mystical creature. Eric had heard people speak of a strange white deer living in the forest, but when he happens to cross paths with this creature, he knows something is amiss. This deer shouldn't have a coat that shines in the night and it most certainly should not have a pointed horn on its head. This mystical creature becomes the center of this boy's life and new relationships that save him from the demise of his own family.



magical unicorn society

Beautiful artwork and incredible facts and folklore about the magical, mysterious unicorn. Readers will learn all about their special powers, how to ride them through the sky, and where to find them lurking around. Kids can let their imaginations go wild with this factual unicorn book that will turn them into experts.


unicorn on a roll

Join 9 year old Phoebe and her magical pet as they navigate the trials and tribulations of schoolwork and social drama in this easy chapter book. This is book is part of a fun, whimsical series that will appeal to kids with big imaginations.


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