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18 Spooky Haunted House Books For Kids

in the haunted house

Kids will feel like they are moving through a haunted house as they lift the flaps and discover all kinds of frightening surprises. There are lots of fun, tactile elements for kids to explore, from soft bats to scratchy ghosts. All the spooky feels are captured in this story for preschoolers.


haunted house

Picture Books About Haunted Houses Deliver a Good Scare

Spooky structures pop up all over the place during October. These popular Halloween attractions bring all the exhilarating spooks and scares, with ghastly surprises hidden in dark corners and around every bend. Kids will also love to read ghost stories before visiting creepy places haunted by spirits and apparitions. The best children's books about haunted houses can help re-create this same experience! So cuddle up with your kids by the fire and get ready to visit some spectacularly creepy places all from the comfort of your home. For more creepy Halloween reading, so include tales about witches , too!


How to Build a Haunted House

 A family of vampires needs some new digs, so a crew of skeletons, mummies and other creepy critters gets to work. They are faced with the difficult challenge of finishing before sunrise. A fresh and unique picture book with vibrant illustrations that give kids a behind-the-scenes tour of a creepy construction site.



Hardly Haunted

A lonely old house sits atop a hill waiting patiently for someone to love her. With squeaking hinges and rattling pipes, every potential buyer is scared away by this house that is surely haunted. Then, one day, the perfect family breezes through the front door, settling in and making this house a home. 



Ghosts in the House! 

A darling book about a not-so-scary house full of ghosts with a happy ending. A little witch unknowingly moves into a house filled with ghosts that float through the hallways and bedrooms. Using her creative problem-solving skills, she scoops them up, tosses them into the washing machine, and repurposes them by creating bedsheets, tablecloths, and furniture covers. 



 Finch House

A creepy middle-grade chapter book about a big Victorian house with a powerful curse. Micah lives with her grandfather and they share a mutual hobby of sorting through other people's trash in search of treasures. The best items are always found discarded from large homes where rich people live. By all account, the Finch House meets this criteria, however, Micah has been warned to stay away. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she is quickly drawn into a dark and dangerous world.



 At the Old Haunted House

Set to the classic poem "Over in the Meadow", this spooky story is witchingly good for preschoolers learning to count. All kinds of creepy creatures, like witches, goblins and ghosts, are busy getting ready for a big night of haunting. Incredible illustrations, reminiscent of an animated movie, bring to life this engaging story.


 She Wanted to Be Haunted

 A remarkable book about self-acceptance told from the perspective of a charming pink cottage. She has always admired her creepy parents, who happen to be dark, haunted, and much more intriguing than her cute, charming self. A highly original title for children who will learn the importance of loving yourself just the way you are. The whimsical illustrations are full of incredible details in this not-so-scary haunted house book.



 In a Spooky Haunted House

The author applied his love for origami to this intriguing pop-up book. A cute ghost welcomes readers into his home and gives them a most fascinating tour. Spare, rhyming text is paired with the three dimensional pictures in this spooky book perfect for the preschool crowd.



Pout-Pout Fish Haunted House

An epic spooky adventure under the sea! Mr. Fish is experiencing a case of the jitters. His friends invited him to a haunted house but he's not sure he has the courage to go. Preschoolers will love this not-so-scary novelty book with two bonus pages of stickers.



Inside a House That is Haunted

Slapstick humor prevails in this haunted house book that is anything but scary. Cartoonish creepy critters all do their best to scare each other in this easy-to-read chapter book. The silliest monsters, spiders, owls, ghosts and skeletons try their best to spook and frighten, but often fail miserably, in& fun read for tweens.



The Berenstain Bears and the Haunted House

The cubs have always avoided the creepy house on top of the hill. Rumors that the house is haunted were enough to give them chills right up their spines. But when their beloved family kitten goes missing, the cubs are forced to face their greatest fear and search the haunted house. A fun lift-the-flap storybook with a moral.



 Tacky and the Haunted Igloo

A group of penguins get into the Halloween spirit by decorating their igloo and dressing up to spook all the trick-or-treaters. When some ghost hunters show up to steal all their treats, these clever birds have a few tricks up their sleeves to scare them away. A frigidly fun story with a surprising twist at the end! 



 Haunting at the Hotel

Middle grade readers who love a good mystery will enjoy this interactive book about Carlos, a kid detective with a knack for solving mysteries. In this spooky novel, the newly minted apprentice detective heads to a hotel where visitors have reported disturbances. Readers will be asked to help Carlos and his detective friends get to the bottom of the ghostly appearances and other dark secrets lurking in this haunted hotel.



 Silly Haunted House

A not-too-spooky haunted house book for preschoolers. This adorable pop-up has tons of fun, interactive lift-the-flap and slide elements to keep your little readers engaged. Readers will feel like they are right there celebrating with the ghosts, witches, skeletons, and spiders!



Fancy Nancy's Haunted Mansion

short but fun book for kids who can create a new haunted mansion with every reading. Join Nancy and her friends as they work to turn their house into the most spectacularly frightening place ever. By applying reusable stickers, little children can add their own touch to the pages of this cute novelty book.



The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street

A bone-chilling novel for middle grade readers about a girl who moves from sunny Florida to frigid Chicago. She is less than pleased about leaving her friends and warm weather behind, but that is the least of her problems. Soon after she moves into her new house, unexplainable events start occurring.  A fantastic, ghostly read for kids who are up for a good scare!



Mystery at the Haunted House 

Cam Jansen always finds herself in the the middle of some mysterious mix-up that needs solving. This time she and her family tour a haunted house at an amusement park. When she exits the attraction and discovers her wallet is missing, Cam is convinced that something sinister is at play. A beginner chapter book with spooky illustrations!



Flat Stanley and the Haunted House 

Just right for kids beginning to read independently. Flat Stanley and his friends are having a blast at a Halloween party. But all of that changes then they observe a bully harassing one of their buddies. So, true to his hilarious form, Stanley jumps into action with a plan the will make readers laugh out loud.  


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Creepy Children's Stories Featuring Haunted Houses

For all the brave little ones who are up for a scare, these haunted house books for kids deliver a healthy dose of fear. Ghouls, goblins, and ghosts roam the hallways, waiting for the perfect opportunity to frighten unsuspecting intruders. Skeleton bones swing high in tree branches and from the eaves of haunted house rooftops, sending chills up the spine of those who pass by below. There is no shortage of tween Halloween novels offering up stories about spooky hallways and dark rooms with gruesome figures ready to jump out and scare anyone who dares to enter. The pages of these books are filled with dilapidated old houses, dripping with spider webs and surrounded by an aura of doom. Perfect for Halloween or anytime throughout the year, these stories will frighten anyone who dares to read them!


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Give a Gift of Haunted House Toys

Haunted houses are popular attractions during the Halloween season. The thrill of a good scare gets the adrenaline going and stirs up fear from deep within. The idea that ghosts lurk in dark corners and restless spirits roam the hallways of abandoned all houses is at once exciting and scary. Bring a little bit of this spook home with these creepy toys for kids of all ages.


lego haunted house

Lego Haunted House

Putting this lego set together is a family affair since it boasts more than 3000 pieces. It features a cursed painting, haunted doors, a free fall ride, and other ghostly features.


haunted house craft kit

Haunted House Craft Kit

This fun Halloween foam craft kit includes both a haunted house and a haunted tree. Kids will enjoy playing with and proudly displaying their 3D creations. 



haunted house puzzle

Halloween Puzzle

A 40 piece wooden Halloween puzzle recommended for kids ages 3-6 years of age. For kids not ready to visit a real haunted house, this puzzle will get them into the spooky spirit.


scooby doo mystery mansion play set 

Scooby Doo!: The Mystery Mansion Play Set

Scooby-Doo, Fred and Daphne are out to solve a mystery in this creepy mansion. Spooky lights, scary sound effects, trap doors, and more interactive fun is included in this robust playset. Comes with lots of figures and accessories to keep kids busy for hours!


 Haunted castle playhouse

Creepy Castle Playhouse

This large, durable, cardboard fort is ready and waiting for your children to add their creative touch. After spending hours coloring in Halloween figures, kids will enjoy playing in their very own haunted house.


haunted house scratch craft

Magic Scratch Craft

Kids will have fun decorating your home with this set of Halloween haunted houses. Little scratch sticks come with the kit which kids can use to create their own colorful creations. These  creepy houses can be hung as ornaments, used bookmarks, or displayed on shelves.


haunted house


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