33 Scary Ghost Books for Kids and Tweens

 the little ghost who lost her boo

A ghost without a boo isn't so scary. Join a little specter on her quest to find her most valuable tool. She searches everywhere to find her voice without which she has no purpose. Little readers will love the bold illustrations and the glowing white ghost who is on a mission to reinstate her identity.



Spooky Children's Ghost Stories for Halloween

Ghost books for children set the right mood for the creepiest time of the year- Halloween! Shadowy, floating friends make an appearance every October, along with dangling skeletons, menacing scarecrows, and all kinds of other seasonal creatures. Most of the stories for young kids feature timid little apparitions who are afraid of others and learn valuable lessons about bravery. It's always fun to add a few slightly scary titles to story time for little readers who can handle a small dose of fright. Don't forget to include stories about witches  since these characters appear alongside  floating, ephemeral friends during the haunting season.


the berenstain bears and the ghost of the theatre

This ghost book is perfect for kids who are just learning to sound out words on their own. Brother, Sister and Honey are in search of the perfect summer job. When they stumble upon an old theater that needs workers, they wonder if they are up to the task. These siblings are at once curious and creeped out by what they may discover in the old building. A spooky fun read for kids up for a little scare.



ten timid ghosts

An adorable group of ten ghosts, more likely to be scared themselves than to spook anybody else, reside in a haunted house. When a wicked witch moves in and makes it her mission to rid the house of its occupants, the friends must find the courage to outwit her. Toddlers will learn to count to ten as they read all about the most timid specters around.



 ghost afraid of the dark

Your toddler may just be able to relate to Boo, the only ghost who has ever been afraid to go out at night. It is his first Halloween and Boo desperately wants to trick or treat with his monster friends. Will he overcome his fear of the dark so he can enjoy an evening of spooky festivities? Little readers will be cheering for this young soul who musters up enough bravery to have a good time.



the little ghost who was a quilt 

A darling story about learning to accept and appreciate one's differences. A little ghost isn't like his friends. They are all made of white sheets. Light and airy, their movements are graceful as they twist, twirl, glide and fly through the sky. But our little guy is weighted down by a heavy, multicolored quilt that is ill-suited for his pursuits. Then one night, everything changes and the little ghost learns that being different may just be exactly right.




how to make friends with a ghost

Making friends with a ghost is not for the faint of heart! But if you relax and follow some basic rules, you'll find that they can truly make great companions. A quirky book about friendships that come in all shapes and sizes. Captivating illustrations, off-beat humor, and a lot of interesting things to learn in the realm of all sorts of friendships.



 leo a ghost story 

Leo is a the best friend and confidant a kid could ever want...but he's also happens to be a misunderstood ghost. When a new family moves into his home, Leo puts forth his best effort to help them settle in comfortably. Unfortunately, his plans backfire, so he decides to leave and explore the outside world. Readers will enjoy following along with Leo as he makes a special friend and embarks on an imaginary adventure of a lifetime.



  the scariest book ever

Readers, consider yourselves warned! The narrator of this (not very) scary book happens to be a ghost, who may be out of a job very soon. With each turn of the page, the scaredy cat tells us all about the fearful things about to appear. In fact, he claims they are so frightening that he's going to stay behind. Little kiddos will be relieved to find that the critters throughout this adorable storybook are actually quite the opposite of scary.



 gilbert the ghost 

Gilbert is perhaps the friendliest ghost to ever grace the planet. He is sent off to  school to learn to be better at his occupation. The other students seem to possess natural  talents, like the ability to scare. But not Gilbert. His inclination is to be friendly and polite. Then one day, the principal sends him off on a mission to haunt an abandoned tower. Is Gilbert up to the task? A fun ghost book for children to enjoy all year long.



 owl diaries eva sees a ghost

Even though no one believes her, Eva Wingdale is absolutely convinced that she spotted a ghost floating through the sky. All of her owl friends think her imagination has gotten the better of her. That is until one day a large white object lands on the roof. Could it be a real ghost? A darling, illustrated chapter book for young independent readers.



 i'm just a little ghost

There is nothing scary about this googly-eyed ghost! An adorable board book perfect for babies and toddlers ready for a simple, friendly story.



goldfish ghost 

Leave it to Lemony Snicket to pen the strangest little story for children. The book begins with a goldfish who is floating belly up and devoid of his vibrant color. He may appear dead to the little boy who took care of him, but the goldfish is now a ghost who has crossed over the rainbow. He floats away through the sky in search of adventure and company. 




gus was a friendly ghost

A classic children's ghost book for little readers who enjoy the friendly kind. Gus inhabits a countryside house, along with his human friends who live there during the summer. When the winter months arrive, Gus opens his heart and home to a dear mouse who is cold and hungry. A sweet story teaches us that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.



 gus and the baby ghost

Our favorite friendly apparition, Gus, is back and this time he has taken up residence in a historic museum. He settles in nicely with his friend mouse, a cat, and the museum curator, Mr. Frizzle. One day Gus encounters a baby ghost on the steps of the museum. His nurturing instincts kick and he makes plans to care for the baby, much to the dismay of Mr. Frizzle. Your little reader will enjoy this endearing story about a loving creature who is always prepared to help those in need.



 ghost cat 

A little boy who is forlorn about the recent passing of his cat notices something strange happening. During the day, a  being that closely resembles his beloved cat whisks through his house. At night, this same being settles in by his side, purring him to sleep. Gentle, ethereal illustrations and sparse text tell a story of love, loss, and peaceful ghosts.



 sir simon super scarer

A delightfully spooky children's picture book about an unlikely friendship between a ghost and a little boy. Simon is a professional  who has advanced through the ranks and has finally landed his dream job. He's earned a very important role of haunting an actual house, instead of simply bus stations and forests. He eagerly moves into a home with an old lady, but much to his dismay, a boy lives there as well. Neither Simon nor the boy are very effective at their respective chores, so they decide to swap. Young readers will enjoy this cute story and perhaps feel less scared next time they hear a bump in the night.



boo who

For every little kid who has had trouble fitting in, this is the story for you! A timid ghost is doing his best to make friends and join in their games. But he runs into some difficulty playing, for instance he can't feel their touch during tag. Will he ever find a way to fit in? Read along to find out how this friendly specter learns to appreciate his own gifts and finally discovers a way to engage with others.



ready steady ghost  

Gilbert is a little ghost who has a big problem. He is much too afraid of the forest to haunt it himself.  So he embarks on a quest to find a place that is just the perfect size for him to do his job. Gilbert finally settles into a castle that is still a wee too big, but it offers a surprise in the attic that is the right fit for our tiny, fearful ghost. A non-scary, unique ghost story for preschoolers.



 the teeny tiny ghost

How could an itsy bitsy ghost who is afraid of his own Boo possibly do his job? That's conundrum of a dear little spirit must solve. He fails miserably at haunting school, and returns feeling dejected to his teeny tiny home. Then one night he hears a scary tapping noise at his door and he musters up the courage to protect himself and the other miniature inhabitants of his home. 



 the ghost-eye tree 

A spooky book perfect for reading aloud. A little boy and his sister are sent out on an errand which requires them to walk past an eery-looking tree. It's scraggly branches look ready to reach out and grab passers-by. And it sure feels like the tree is watching them through an eye, as impossible as it seems. Full of scary thrills especially for kids who are afraid of the dark.



 five silly ghosts 

Toddlers will love to practice counting the cute, little ghosts on each page. A die-cut board book offers little readers a peek at the next page. Told in short rhyming text, this book is a sweet non-scary Halloween story kids will read over and over again.




the berenstain bears and the ghost of the forest

Papa Bear has a trick up his sleeve. When Brother, Sister, and Cousin Fred are on a camping trip with their scout troop, Papa makes plans to scare them.  In a humorous turn of events, Papa ends of getting the fright of his life. A little scary and a lot funny, this is sure to be a favorite for kids who love a good ghost story.




madeline and the old house in paris 

When Madeline and Pepito hear strange moans and groans, they bravely climb up to the creepy attic in the old house to find the source. There they discover a ghost who has been living there for hundreds of years. He is awaiting the return of a comet and begs Madeline and Pepito to return his telescope. 



 mother ghost nursery rhymes for little monsters

Mary Had a Little Ghost is just one of the many spooky twists on popular nursery rhymes. Each Mother Goose tale has been spun into a fun Halloween rhyme, accompanied by black, white, and purple illustrations. Witches, ghosts and goblins take center stage in this imaginative story that will give little readers a good scare.


 a friend for a ghost 

Making friends sure is tough when you're a ghost. In this darling story, a lonely ghost resides in the attic of an apartment. Although surrounded by lots of noise and people, no one notices him. And those that do see him are afraid and unwilling to be his friend. Then one day a red balloon floats by and an unlikely friendship develops. A hauntingly sweet story about the importance of feeling connected to others.



there was an old lady who swallowed a ghost

 There seems to be nothing this crazy lady won't swallow! In this Halloween board book edition, she takes her skills to a new level by ingesting a ghost, a spooky mask, a handful of crows, and even a flashlight. Zany rhymes and hilarious pictures make this ghost book for babies a real winner. 




Eery Ghost Novels for Tweens

Chapter books about ghosts are filled with spooky hauntings, unexplained apparitions, and lots of frightening noises in the dark. These will push readers into a fun realm of spookiness with lots of good scares. For tweens who want to learn more about these ephemeral creaturesthere is so much information to uncover about real life sightings and spine-tingling accounts of their presence in haunted locations around the world.



A graphic novel for the 9+ crowd that covers a lot of ground, including illness, sisterhood, and ghosts! Parents move their family to the California coast seeking an improved environment for their daughter who has cystic fibrosis. The girl and her sister quickly acquaint themselves with their neighbors and soon learn a big secret. The town is occupied by ghosts who are preparing to meet with their loved ones. The sisters must join together and muster up the courage to meet these mysterious beings who live among them. 




ivy and bean and the ghost that had to go

Ivy and Bean, second graders and best friends, have discovered that a ghost is living in the bathroom at school. Always eager to face challenges head on, these girls take it upon themselves to get rid of the moaning creature with glowing eyes. School has just become a whole lot more exciting for this fearless duo!




 scritch scratch

A ghost story for middle school readers ready for a spooky page-turner. The protagonist is a scientific girl who begrudgingly has to help her father run his ghost tour bus business. She doesn't buy into the spooky tales that entertain the customers during their ride. One day that changes when she encounters a spectral boy in the back of the bus. His dark eyes follow her wherever she goes, and she realizes she must figure out what he wants before it's too late.



 roald dahl's book of ghost stories

This ghost book is not recommended for children under the age of 12. It is that scary! Roald Dahl, an expert storyteller, compiled a collection of the fourteen best ghost stories after studying hundreds of them at the British Museum Library.  So settle in for a book that will make you afraid to turn the page. Bizarre and bone-chilling stories that will leave you with a haunted feeling. For brave readers only.



 goosebumps the ghost next door 

Goosebumps is a best-selling  chapter book series for kids who enjoy spooky reading. A little girl senses that something has changed in her neighborhood, and she's pretty certain it has to do with the boy who moved into the house next to her. Every time she approaches the boy, he mysteriously disappears into his house that seems otherwise deserted. Could he be a ghost? This is a book that kids will finish in one sitting, but beware of nightmares to follow!



 the old willis place

This is a ghost book for tweens that they won't put down until they've read the last page. A book full of twists and turns will keep readers on edge.  A brother and sister live next to a crumbling Victorian house and must live by a strict rule book. They see an opportunity for freedom by forging a friendship with a strange girl who moves into the creepy house, but at what cost? Unpredictable, haunting ghost story that delivers plenty of scares.

ghost squad

Action, adventure and mystery prevail in this spooky book perfect for Halloween or any time of the year. Lucely's family is in the ghost business, protecting their town from all the hauntings and disturbances. One day, she accidentally casts a spell that brings to life a myriad of evil spirits. Lucely, with the help of her friend Syd and his grandmother (who happens to be a witch), must fight the wicked beings and restore peace to her city. A definitively scary chapter book sure to entertain the 10+ reading crowd.

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