26 Wicked Kids' Books About Witches

26 Wicked Kids' Books About Witches

Excuse Me, Are You a Witch?

Herbert is a lonely cat in search of friends and a loving home. When he learns that witches love pet cats, he sets off on a mission to find a witch. He encounters lots of interesting characters but none of them match the profile of a witch completely. Feeling dejected, he heads over to the library for warmth and shelter.  Much to his delight, he discovers exactly what he is looking for between the bookshelves. Adorable book with some not-so-scary witches. 


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Spellbinding Children's Books About Witches 

Are witches real? Well, that depends on who you ask. What we do know is that they most frequently appear as women in movies, books, and throughout history. Kids may think of witches as beings who brew magic potions in cauldrons, fly through the air on broomsticks, and cast evil spells. They make appearances around Halloween, along with ghosts, goblins, and other scary creatures. Add some kids' books about haunted houses for stories that include all sorts of Halloween spooks.

More often than not, witches have been treated as pariahs and outcasts in society, with pain inflicted upon them far worse than any harm they have done to others. These children's books about witches feature more whimsical characters who cast a few harmless spells and befriend everyone they meet. Add a few of these fun stories to your child's Halloween story time! When you are finished reading kids' witch books, move on to the best children's books about ghosts.


A Very Brave Witch

An adorable witch book for the preschool crowd from an award-winning author/illustrator team. A little witch lives by herself far away from humans, but she has certainly heard about them and the scary holiday they celebrate, Halloween.  She has managed to avoid this spooky night until one year everything changes. A fun, friendly witch book for the youngest of readers.




Wanted: Witch's Cat

Living life as a witch can be very lonely. And finding the perfect feline companion can prove to be a challenge given the very specific job requirements. A delightfully witchy read-aloud in rhyming text is at once heartwarming and comical. After interviewing many, many cats of different breeds, will our crafty lady finally settle on a candidate? A fun Halloween book that kids will want to read all year long.



The Witches' Supermarket

Funny, suspenseful, and whimsical book about witches who need to eat, too! One Halloween night, a little girl and her god (disguised as a witch and a cat), happen upon a food store that caters to a unique set of customers. Her curiosity piqued, the "witch" and her "cat" enter the store to do a little grocery shopping. Will they be able to mingle with the rest of the shoppers without their true selves being exposed? Readers will be on the edge of their seats until they turn the very last page of this really entertaining witch book.



Old Black Witch!

Classic, not-even-remotely-scary, witch book for preschool and young elementary aged children. It's about a little boy and his mom who move into an old house that, much to their dismay, has a resident witch. Their plans to convert this house into a tearoom are upended by this cranky witch who doesn't want company. The pair are in despair until they discover that their broom-wielding friend is a master blueberry pancake chef! After reading this darling witch book, try your hand in the kitchen with the recipe in the back.




The Witch with a Twitch

Poor Kitch, the cat, has not been paired up with a normal witch. Instead of bravely flying through the sky on a broomstick, Willa is a ball of twitching nerves. She's fearful of all things witchy, especially toads, spiders and nighttime. But what happens when Kitch needs to be rescued? Can Willa muster up the courage to save her cat? Kids will laugh and cheer for this witch with a twitch.




The Good Witch of Salem

A poetic book about a lovely witch who make it her mission to deliver happiness to anyone suffering. Her cat Aura works by her side to create the most magical, colorful potions. She hopes her concoctions will help people heal and find peace in their lives. A most gentle witch book for children who will enjoy pouring over the adorable illustrations.




Lulu Goes to Witch School

A highly enjoyable, beginner reader chapter book about a little girl who is excited to start witch school. With a new dracula lunch box packed with her favorite treats, she heads off to begin a new adventure. Almost everything about school is perfect. There is just on problem, though. There is another witch-in-training who seems to be better than Lulu at all of their tasks. Will Lulu get over her jealousy and make a new friend? Young readers will relate to Lulu's social situation even if her school is a bit unconventional.




Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches

Two little witches attend the same school of magic, but they take two very different approaches with the skills that they learn. One casts amazing spells for the good of others and the other makes all kinds of mischief with her magic wand. Lots of lessons learned for the kindergarten and up crowd in this witchy book about reaping what you sow.




Snitchy Witch

A witch gets herself into some trouble with her friends at Spellbound Camp. Rather than relaying only the important events that could be hurtful, she snitches about every single thing that happens. Her witch friends cast a spell on her that can only be broken once the incessant snitching ends. Lots of good, rhyming fun and valuable lessons tied into this cute witch book.




Which Way to Witch School?

A charming witch book with valuable lessons learned by all! Some things may look quite different at Mrs. Thornapple's school. For instance, instead of working on reading and arithmetic, these darling students practice magic broomstick skills and experiment with potions. But never fear, there are plenty of relatable situations that arise for your witch-loving readers.




The Littlest Witch

The cutest witch book perfect for every little kid eager to do big kid things. Wilma the Witch may be little, but she has mastered her broom skills and is ready to fly. There is a big event where all the witches get to demonstrate their broom expertise. Wilma is not allowed to be part of the program so she figures out other ways she can be a helpful.  A page of sparkly stickers enhances the fun of this non-scary witchy read. Here are more books in The Littlest Series your kids will love!



The Worst Witch

In this first installment of a chapter book series for new readers, a witch named Mildred can't seem to do anything right. She's attending an academy to work on her witch skills but things are not going well. Mixed up spells, an uncooperative kitty, and a rough start with the teacher's pet are just a few of problems. This classic series has been reissued with new illustrations sure to appeal to kids who love witches.




The Witch Who Was Afraid of Witches

Not every witch has a knack for riding brooms, casting spells, and scaring others with her cackle. In this short illustrated chapter book, Wendy is terribly afraid of her big sisters who happen to be very accomplished witches. Wendy must do some soul-searching and seek for ways in which she can prove she is just as witchy as the others.




Which Witch?

A fantasy chapter book for teens and tweens about a wizard in search of the most evil witch to marry. All of the witches in town sign up for a contest where they can showcase their skills at whipping up magic potions, casting evil spells, and trying to prove they are the most powerful of them all. Poor Belladonna has fallen for the wizard and wants to win his heart. But all she can seem to muster up with her witchcraft are baby birds and lovely flowers. Readers will be eager to find out if she can whip up anything sinister enough to win.



The Little Leftover Witch

A timeless witch book about the importance of belonging and family. Felina was flying far from home one Halloween night when her broom breaks. She is forced to find herself a new home with the Doon family who welcomes her with open arms. They even happen to have a black cat! Felina and the family learn how to make their living arrangements work despite their differences. 




It's Raining Bats and Frogs

Delia is the cutest little witch who has been looking forward to the broom-flying parade all year. When the weather forecast shows rain on that evening, Delia puts her witch spells to work. She substitutes other objects for the rain, like cats and dogs, hats and clogs, and finally bats and frogs. Each change in the weather brings hilarious problems that Delia did not anticipate. A fun book brimming with non-scary witchcraft.



 The Girl Who Drank the Moon

A Newbery Medal Winner, a New York Time Bestseller, and many other accolades issued by public libraries across the country. This fantasy chapter book is about a misunderstood witch with a kind heart. The local people offer up a baby every year to the witch in exchange for a promise of peace. What they do not realize is that the witch has no intention of terrorizing the town. She safely rehomes the babies to loving families on the other side of town. One year, the witch accidentally nourishes one of the babies with moonlight, instead of starlight. The baby is  filled with magical gifts, and the witch decides she must be the one to raise the girl. A beautiful journey packed with love, fantasy, danger, adventure, and imagination.




A Woggle of Witches

A classic children's picture book about witches who are more inclined to be frightened than to do the frightening on Halloween. On this very important night, the witches gather together for a feast of bat stew and spider web bread.  When they take off on their brooms for their journey into the night, they spot all kinds of creepy critters (errrr....trick-or-treaters) that scare them into retreat! Reminiscent of Tim Burton-ish, spine-tingling fun.




The Witches

Roald Dahl is a master storyteller and this witch book does not disappoint. A little boy is enamored with his grandmother's knowledge of everything witch. She shares with him the evil nature of these spell-casting creatures, especially their hatred for children. They boy learns that witches have plotted to turn all kids into mice, sending him on a mission to stop them in their tracks! A story of magic, fantasy, and bravery complemented by pencil illustrations.




I Want to be a Witch

A cute witch book about empowerment. A little girls dreams of being a witch, but she doesn't have plans to follow the witchy rules like cooking up stinky potions or casting spells that would turn people into frogs. Instead, she plans on wearing a sparkly hat, not the black pointed kind. And of course, her pet cat would be her companion wherever she goes! This adorable book is all about finding your own path in life, even for little witches.


Humbug Witch

This is one of our favorite witch books for preschoolers! A little girl with a big imagination dresses the part of a witch to a tee. Her costume on point, she does her best to put her magic wand to work. She grows more and more discouraged when none of her spells work. Young readers will find her antics funny and her failures relatable.




The Junior Witch's Handbook

This fun handbook for the 8+ crowd is chock full of witchy entertainment. It's a how-to for kids especially interested in witchcraft and incorporating some practices into their lives.  It is a beautiful book divided into sections about friendship, family, and personal fulfillment. Whether your child is simply curious about exploring their magic from within, learning about rituals, spells, and potions, or delving deep into facts about chakras, herbs, and crystals, this handbook has it all.



Only a Witch Can Fly

An enchanting, poetic book about flying like a witch, but even more about following your own path in life. A little girl dreams about soaring through the sky on a broomstick with her faithful cat by her side. She musters up the courage one day, and after several failed attempts, she magically takes off on the journey of a lifetime. Simple prose and magical illustrations define this non-Halloween, non-scary book about witches.




The Wednesday Witch

A classic witchy story perfect for the 7-10 age group ready for shortish chapter books! Everyone knows that a witch's magic is most potent on Wednesdays. When Mary Jane hears a knock on her door, she opens it to find a suspicious-looking lady with a cat (who arrived by vacuum cleaner). A good old-fashioned tale of mischief, magic and witchery.



Old Witch and the Polka-Dot Ribbon

An oldie but goodie witch book packed with a whole lot of humor. In this story, Old Witch is determined to win the baking contest at the annual local carnival.  After she is told that Mrs. Butterbean always wins first place, Old Witch sulks for a bit and then decides that this year things will be different. She gets to work right away on her magic nut cake, determined to take home the blue ribbon.


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Fun Facts About Witches

  • Witches are typically associated with Halloween. However, in Sweden the witches come out on Easter.  It is believed that the witches flew on broomsticks to an island to dance with the devil on the day of Jesus' resurrection. Hence, kids dress up as witches and trick or treat, but they do so around Easter. 
  • Cats and toads are also known as "familiars" to witches, and connect them to the world of  magic.
  • The term "witchcraft" is falsely been assumed to have a negative connotation. In fact, it is an umbrella term that refers to both black magic and white magic. Practitioners of white magic are actually good witches.
  • Although witches did indeed carry brooms, they were not used to fly through the night sky. Rather, witches always swept the floors clean before a healing ritual.
  • Pumpkins are considered the one vegetable that is capable of keeping evil spirits at bay during Halloween. Witches are known for using pumpkins as part of their witchcraft activities. Kids will love learning more about this seasonal vegetable by reading children's pumpkin books.


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Kids' Books About Witches: Evil Enchantress or Magical Sorceress?

Halloween is the time of year when witches make their appearance. They appear as spooky decorations swinging in tree branches and hovering on front porches ready to greet trick-or-treaters. For kids are a little timid, check out this list of non-scary Halloween books for children.

Long pointy noses, green faces dotted with moles, long, black hair, and cackling laughter are traits that often appear in kids' witch books. They are almost always portrayed as friendly creatures with the ability to cast magic spells. Sometimes they make funny mistakes and more often than not they are never to be feared. Older children ready for scary witch stories will enjoy Halloween books for tweens.

So gather some of these fun children's books about witches and settle in for some spellbinding fun. For more Halloween fun, read children's books about skeletons next! And don't forget to include kids who are experiencing their very first time trick-or-treating and grab some Halloween books for toddlers and babies, too!




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