13 Creepy Kids' Books About Scarecrows

The Scarecrow
A heartwarming story about an unusual friendship between a scarecrow and a frightened baby crow who needs his help. Scarecrow is effectively does his job by scaring animals away from the crops, but the life he leads is sad and lonely. When a tiny bird falls from the sky, he immediately develops a fondness for what becomes his very first friend. A hauntingly beautiful book about the power of connecting with others.



Scary Scarecrow Picture Books for Children

These makeshift structures are used by farmers to frighten birds away from open fields where recently applied seed has been applied. The intent is to keep critters from feeding on the seed and crops that are in the beginning phases of growth. They are usually consist of wooden limbs dressed in old human rags and clothing. These statues are prominently displayed during the autumn months and often appear in popular Halloween stories. Children's books about scarecrows tells all kinds of stories, ranging from heartwarming friendships to scary encounters with menacing creatures that stand eerily still.


 hopefully the scarecrow

A beautifully executed story about the power of patience and friendship. Each day an optimistic scarecrow eagerly awaits the arrival of a friend who comes to read. the books give him a boost of confidence and lift his spirits high. Then one season the little girl does not return, leaving her friend alone and wondering if he will ever see her again. This sweet story is a reminder of how stories create a lasting bond.



 The Not-So-Scary Scarecrow

This charming book is about a scarecrow, Jack, whose personality does not suit his role in life. Although his job is to scare away all of the birds trying to eat the crops, Jack is more inclined to befriend the critters and help those in need. He learns to accept his kindhearted ways and realizes that he is in fact brave after all.



  The Little Scarecrow Boy

An endearing story for preschoolers about a little scarecrow who wants to prove he is capable. His father has passed down valuable knowledge about all the things a scarecrow must do. Although his parents have told him he is not ready, the young offspring slips out at night to test his skills. Simple, repetitive story with some invaluable lessons just right for toddlers.


 Otis and the Scarecrow

Otis is a friendly tractor who easily makes friends with all the animals who live on the farm. When a scarecrow is stationed in the field, Otis tries his very best to befriend the new inhabitant. Yet no matter what he tries, the scowl on the scarecrow's face never changes. The discouraged tractor refuses to give up on the lonely fellow, and one cold autumn night, he has a breakthrough that tugs at the heartstrings.



The Scarecrow's Hat

A clever story about chicken who puts some impressive problem-solving skills to the test. The feathered fellow would love to take the scarecrow's straw hat, but he understands he must offer something in exchange. The tired bird scarer sure would love a walking stick, so the chicken seeks out the help of his farm friends to build it. An enjoyable, seasonal read that captures the colorful essence and companionship of life on a farm.




The Mystery of the Haunted Scarecrow

There is something sinister about the scarecrow keeping watch over Aunt Carmen's farm. When Katie and Pedro pay a visit, they hear sounds and take notice of moving shadows. The kids are convinced it is alive and ready to cause some mischief. Together they seek out clues to prove their theory, but they eventually learn something else is behind the commotion.



Crow & Snow

A scarecrow has spent many long, lonely days keeping watch over the field. Then one day after a snowstorm, a group of kids build a snowman right next to him. Suddenly Crow's solitary life is filled with friendship and laughter, at least until winter passes. When the sun melts his beloved Snow, he is alone once again. He waits patiently until the next winter when his companion returns to keep him company. A heartwarming story of patience and hope.


 The Scarecrows' Wedding

A humorous, rhyming tale of an overly confident male scarecrow who sets his sites on a lovely straw lady. His efforts to woe her are misguided and don't get him the desired outcome. After a series of catastrophic encounters, this funny love story has a surprisingly happy ending.


The Scarecrow And His Servant

An unusual and and engaging story about a scarecrow who comes to life after being struck by lightning. He sets off on an epic adventure full of excitement and danger. Unbeknownst to him, a concerned and faithful boy named Jack follows trail behind in an attempt to prevent the dull-minded creature from certain demise.



 The Scarecrow's Dance

A spiritual book about a scarecrow who ventures away from his spot in the cornfield. Enjoying his newfound freedom, the figure eventually finds himself outside a home, beneath the window by which a little boy is praying. When the child whispers his hope for an abundant crop of corn, the scarecrow know he must return to his position keeping guard over the field. Gorgeously illustrated picture book with a thought-provoking message about duty and desire.

The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

This spooky installment of the popular Goosebumps series is not for kids who easily frighten. Jodi visits her grandparents farm every summer, but this year things are different. The cornfields are dried out, Grandma and Grandpa seem more haggard than ever before, and the old, reliable scarecrow has disappeared. In its place, a dozen scary-looking figures have taken over the field. These new scarecrows are pure evil and seem to move about. Jodi is forced to find courage within and face the monstrous scarecrow that are destroying the farm.

The Case of the Haunted Scarecrow
An illustrated chapter book about a mystery-solving duo with a brand new case. Jigsaw Jones and Mila Yeh are experts at following clues to find things that have gone missing. All of their friends know to call them when a prized possession disappears. So when Kim cannot find her favorite necklace, Jigsaw and Mila jump into action. Their search takes an unusual turn when they spot a scarecrow that appears to move. A fun Halloween installment in a chapter book series for beginners.

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Read Kids the Best Scarecrow Stories at Halloween

Reading kids' scarecrow books during the fall months, especially around Halloween, is a fun way to get into the spirit of the season. Most picture books share stories of lonely souls, much like skeletons dangling from trees, who want nothing more than companionship. They are often stuck in a field passing the time away wishing for a visitor to stop by and say hello. Sometimes they spring to life and find a new, fulfilling purpose beyond scaring away the crows. Their stories teach lessons about perseverance, bravery, patience, and kindness. Chapter books for older kids sometimes present scarecrows in a more sinister role, creating fear and havoc to anyone who crosses their path. Collecting a variety of the best stories filled with facts about scarecrows to read for Halloween is pure entertainment for all ages.




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