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4 Freaky Facts About Haunted Houses

Old houses where spirits roam the hallways, lingering around instead of passing on to the otherworld, are the subject of nightmares. Horror movies centered around haunted houses serve up endless jump-scare moments where the living dead torture anyone who dares to take up residence. Halloween is the time of year when old structures are converted into spooky attractions mimicking the real homes to unsettled spirits and ghosts. Reading stories about haunted houses is a fun way to learn more about what happens behind the rotting wood and broken glass.  For inquisitive kids who want to know more about the abandoned, decrepit structures where unexplainable presences reside, here are some interesting facts.


haunted house

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Not all haunted houses are filled with evil spirits.

Portland, Oregon is home to the Pittlock Mansion, imagined and designed by publishing magnate Henry Pittlock. The homeowners passed away shortly after construction was completed on this magnificent property. Visitors have observed windows closing, doors latching, and the movement of Henry Pittlock's portrait. Word on the street is that Henry and his wife, Georgiana continue to live in the lavish mansion, although they are reportedly very happy spirits.

haunted house

Homeowners selling a house must disclose if it is haunted.

In the some states, people are legally required to let prospective buyers know if the home is haunted. Specifically, in New York and New Jersey sellers must be up front with buyers about a home's reputation for being haunted or the detection of paranormal activity on the property.

haunted house

Walt Disney was the first to make a big profit.

The forward-thinking businessman pioneered the original, commercial haunted house using advanced technology to bring spirits to life. The wildly popular Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World offers a creepy, interactive ride, sort of like an indoor rollercoaster, through a cold, dark mansion where creepy witches, ghosts, and other ghastly critters are patiently waiting.

haunted house


Carbon monoxide is the likely explanation for supposed hauntings.

When residents of older homes report problematic occurrences, like pets barking or meowing for no apparent reason or the sensation of being watched, it may sound like the house is haunted. Sometimes people think they see ghosts or hear footsteps even though no one else is in the house. In reality, carbon monoxide is often present, and this chemical can cause hallucinations. Furthermore, older homes usually have aged appliances that can bang, rattle, and make other frightening noises that sound a lot like a haunted spirit.


haunted house

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