4 Hot Facts About Firefighters

Firefighters are heroes who devote their lives to saving others. Every single the alarms sounds, these brave people jump aboard a fire truck and race to the location of the fire emergency. They risk their own lives every day of the week in order to rescue people and extinguish flames that have the potential to destroy land and property. 



Incredible Facts About Firefighters For Children

Firefighters risk their lives every single day when they gear up and head out to rescue people from burning buildings. Kids who are enamored with the excitement of blaring fire engines will be interested in learning more about the equipment, training, and dedication of the heroes who put themselves in very dangerous situations in order to save lives. Children's books about fire trucks share all the ways these heroes help people who are in trouble.Here is some interesting information that give kids more insight about what it takes to do the job.

(1) To be a firefighter requires hours and hours of practice.

In fact, every firefighter needs to put in 100 hours of training before ever stepping foot inside a burning building.


(2) Firefighters have a high risk of dying while on the job.

One might think this would be due to burns or smoke inhalation, but this is not the case. 45% of job-related deaths are due to heart attacks while fighting fires.

(3) Dalmatians are the official firefighter dog for a surprising reason.

Back when firefighters were transported by horse and carriage, Dalmatians were selected to accompany them. This breed of dog gets along well with horses and is capable of running alongside the carriages for miles.

(4) The protective clothing worn by firefighters can withstand temperatures of up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.

This allows them to enter burning buildings while minimizing the risk of burns in the hottest of temperatures.

firefighter in gear


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