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17 Stinky Children's Books About Farting

Walter the Farting Dog

Walter the Farting Dog

 No dog is perfect, but Walter's flaw is about to get him sent to the pound. His flatulence is out of control, wreaking (smelly) havoc wherever he goes. Although the kids, Betty and Billy, can overlook this unpleasant behavior, their father has had enough. Just when he has reached his breaking point, Walter proves that his good deeds outweigh his bad gas. 


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 Silly Fart Books for Kids

The good news is that kids usually outgrow their obsession with farts, or at the very least, learn to exercise restraint based on their audience. Interest in potty humor often begins around the time they are learning to use the bathroom, so perhaps reading children books about potty training will help address some of the silliness. But for now, if you've decided to throw in the towel and just embrace their gross sense of humor, these children's books about farting will do the trick. 




 The cover alone is enough to elicit giggles from fart-obsessed toddlers. In this silly book, a baby learns that every animal and every person (even Mommy!) farts. Leslie Patricelli's beloved cherub with the curly cue on top even farts while running. A funny gift for a baby shower or first birthday.



Does It Fart?: A Kid's Guide to the Gas Animals Pass 

Does It Fart? A Kid's Guide to the Gas Animals Pass

Part science, part trivia, this fart book answers all the questions your kids never knew they had about farting. This comical picture book opens with a lesson on the anatomical features of all kinds of animals and how they pass gas. It moves on cover all the obvious farters, like dogs and horses, before addressing less well-known gas-passers such as snakes and spiders. Readers will be tickled to learn about the species that farts the most and lays the stinkiest bombs. If your kid is a reluctant reader, this may be just the book to get them hooked. 




No One Likes a Fart

No One Likes a Fart

A fun twist on the typical book about flatulence. This is the story of a fart personified. He has a heart of gold and is longing to make some friends. No matter how hard he tries, other dismiss him for his embarrassing odor and gross demeanor. This is really a story about friendship and finding others who love you just as you are, but it's cleverly disguised as a funny book about flatulence for kids.



There is a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts 

There's a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts

For kids who don't own up to their own flatulence, this children's fart book is the one to read. A little boy tucked into bed is overwhelmed with a noisy and foul-smelling toot. There are no other humans in the bedroom to claim the fart, therefore, it must have come from the monter under his bed! Simple text and cartoonish illustrations bring humor to this taboo topic and encourage kids to be proud of their farts.



 Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder

Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder

A chapter book for tweens about farting taps into the humor of so many middle graders. In this preposterous story, a popular boy and a brainy girl befriend a quirky scientist who develops a patented farting powder. When they team up to sell this stink powder, they rise to celebrity status in the hallways at school. However, a big problem arises when the scientist develops a super-strength version that could turn ugly in the hands of criminals. 



 Farts in the Wild: A Spotter's Guide

Farts in the Wild

Kids will get a kick out of learning about all the different animal farts and how they vary in sound and odor. This battery powered book provides extra entertainment for kids who can listen to the thunderous boom of an elephant fart and the subtle, bubbly sound of a fish fart. Lots of other sound effects accompany each animal that is featured in this fart book for toddlers.



 Find the Farter

Find the Farter

A funny, seek-and-find book that will keep your kids busy and laughing for hours. Amongst the crowds of people visiting zoos, flying on airplanes, and watching basketball games, kids need to find the farting culprit. Hysterical visual cues and witty text provides readers with guidance in finding the farter as well as other objects in each picture. This is a one-of-a-kind activity book for kids and adults with a juvenile sense of humor.



 Someone Farted

Someone Farted

 There is nothing worse than being stuck in a car and hearing the words, "Someone farted".  For a family heading out on a typical Saturday to run some errands, their day takes a turn for the worse when the car fills with the most offensive odor anyone has ever smelled. The family members turn against each other and no one will own up to dropping the stink bomb. One thing leads to another in series of events that all started from one (albeit outrageously smelly) fart.



 The Fartionary

The Fart-ionary

Over 250 pages of fart facts fill the pages of this dictionary of sorts. This grossly funny book is a combination of slapstick fart humor, real life fart trivia, and tips for getting yourself out of stinky situations.  



A Giraffe Did One

A Giraffe Did One

Charming pictures of animals, big and small, bring to light a bodily function that they all have in common. For kids who fear tooting in public, this gentle story will show them that passing gas is a natural experience all living creatures experience.  But emphasis is placed on exhibiting good manners by saying "Excuse Me" when this somewhat embarrassing passage of gas occurs.  


  the toot fairy

The Toot Fairy

The big day has arrived for Jessa to choose the type of fairy she will be.  In a hilarious misunderstanding leading to the invention of a brand new kind, she becomes the official Toot Fairy. Her mission in life is to swoop through the world collecting farts from the pants of children and depositing coins in their place. Whimsical pictures paired with impeccable rhyme make this fart book for children a winner.



The World's Biggest Fart

The World's Biggest Fart 

Monkey has a big idea for an epic contest involving all of the animals in the jungle. Who can make the biggest fart? In the days leading up to the event, some creatures brag about their ability to toot while others are a tad offended by the lack of impropriety. When each of the creatures takes a turn to pass gas, the results are unexpected and especially funny for kids who are fart-obsessed.



Gas Happens! What to Do When It Happens to You

Gas Happens!

Jelly fish and coral sponges are the only two living things that do not pass gas of any sort. Despite the fact that we all experience this very natural biological process, releasing an accidental fart is cause for public humiliation. In this highly informative, non-fiction picture book about farting, the author provides a biology lesson kids of all ages will understand. Children also learn about the commonly accepted social norms about how to handle a fart when it happens to you or someone near you.



No Tooting at Tea

No Tooting at Tea

There are certain rules of etiquette that must be followed at tea parties. These formal social gatherings demand attention to detail in both attire and manners. Saying "please" and "thank you" are a must, just like folding a napkin in your lap and taking small, quiet sips of this hot beverage served in delicate china. Although it should not have to be mentioned, apparently someone has forgotten the single most important rule- no tooting! A children's fart book for those formal events that require the best behavior.



 Don't Hug The Pug

Don't Hug the Pug

Anyone who has ever loved a pug knows all about their flatulence problem. This silly book about farting, which reads like a cartoon strip, is about a baby who is learning some valuable lessons about his surroundings.  He explores the rug, the jug, a bug, and a slug...but beware of that farting pug! Speech bubbles filled with rhymes reveal the one trait that makes pugs so stinkin' cute! 





A highly original, sort of true story about a man who made a living by farting on stage.  Joe, the Fartiste, is a headline grabber at the famed Moulin Rouge in Paris. While other acts feature artists who sing and dance, Joe has perfected the fart to the level of performance worthy entertainment. Hilarious rhyming story with even funnier illustrations for all the kids, and their parents, who are willing to embrace a man with a very smelly talent.


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Funny Picture Books About Flatulence

Want to make your child laugh? These picture books about toots will do the trick. While kids are going through this phase, they will find books about poop particularly funny and interesting, too. Chances are you've spent a lot of time and energy trying to steer your kids' conversation away from farting. And you may find that your lessons on etiquette, especially when it comes to potty talk, seem to fall on deaf ears. So rather than fight the good fight, maybe it is time to embrace the potty humor, snap up some funny picture books about underwear , and enjoy some giggles about characters showing off their undergarments. 


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