24 Smelly Children's Books About Poop

24 Smelly Children's Books About Poop


Where's the Poop?

 An interactive, lift-the-flap book perfect for kids who are potty training, or just happen to find the topic of poop pretty funny. Kangaroos, tigers, monkeys and every other creature has a place to poop. Kids will love lifting the flaps to discover where each of them pooped. Each time the animal's parent asked them if they did the deed, and the little creature responds with a remark about how much better they feel. A book for kids about poop that highlight this very natural biological function.







Best Kids' Books About Poop 

Parents of toddlers, preschoolers and even (admittedly) much older children often find that poop is a topic of conversation on a daily basis. Sometimes these little discussions are very necessary as they involve hygiene and health related concerns. But more often than not, poop is just that stinky subject that little kids love to talk and joke about all the time. And no doubt, children's books about farting will generate lots of laughter, too.

No matter how hard we try to educate our children about the appropriate time and place to discuss this unmentionable topic, sometimes it can feel like an exercise in futility. So rather than fight the good fight, maybe it's time to embrace the potty talk and start reading children's books about poop. These stories remove the stigma and toss in a few biology lessons. Consider reading some kids' books about hand washing and germs so they remember this very necessary task they must complete after pooping.

For toddlers transitioning out of diapers, poop is an especially popular topic of discussion. For these tots, read the best potty training books for toddlers to show them that pooping on the potty is a much better alternative. Reading these stories along with silly kids' poop books will not only tickle the funny bone of your little readers, but they will teach them a thing or two about how, why and where everyone poops. 



There's a Zoo in My Poo

 This is a poop book for kids of all ages, and in fact, one for adults, too! Written by an expert in nutrition and gut health, this book could be used as a required reading for a health or biology class. Kids will be interested learning that trillions of bugs live on the human body. They will read about to keep the good bugs alive while eradicating the bad bugs. There's also a ton of information about how a child's health can be assessed by what doctors find in their poop. 


Everyone Poops

A best-selling poop book for kids that is doesn't beat around the bush. The straightforward tone of this educational book about pooping is enough to elicit giggles. The bottom line- if you eat, you poop. That's it! Poop size varies by animal (i.e. mice and elephants produce very different sized poops!). For humans, what and how much you eat determines the size, consistency and health of the output. A factual romp about digestion for inquiring little minds. 





Poop or Get Off the Potty!

 A bright, fun book for toddlers who are just learning to poop on the potty. Twins Mason and Mia are thrilled to be rid of diapers. Readers will get a kick out of learning that the potty is not for taking naps, reading books, or playing drums!  Short, repetitive text on each page is paired with charming illustrations of a pair of toddlers who are so happy to poop on the potty.




Poo in the Zoo

 For little kids who giggle at the word "poo", this book is right up their alley. It's the story of a zookeeper, Bob McGrew, who loves (almost) everything about his job. The animals all have a piece of his heart, but what they leave behind causes Bob great anguish. Day after day, Bob picks up their poo (warning: every single page has a picture of the stinky pile with a description). Just when he's had enough, he stumbles upon some unique iguana poo that captures the attention of the curator at a poo museum. And with that event, Bob stumbles upon a solution that makes his life as head zoo master not so stinky anymore.




It Hurts When I Poop!

For some little kids, pooping on the potty is much harder than it should be. Sometimes the pain is real, due to constipation from dietary or medical issues. Other times, the fear that it will hurt becomes almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Kids hold in their poop over a few days until they actually do suffer. In this story, Ryan finally gets over his pooping anxiety after a visit with his pediatrician. His doctor explains to him how his body works and what foods to eat to keep his bowels moving. A terrific book for any child who is afraid to poop.




Where Do You Poop?

 A sturdy, slide-the-tab board book for kids who can appreciate a little poop humor. All kinds of animals describe where they do the dirty deed when nature calls. Funny rhymes accompanied by pictures of creatures leaving their droppings will keep your preschooler engaged, perhaps even while they are sitting on the throne themselves.




Doing Business

There is a mystery that needs to be solved in this silly picture book about poop. Someone has committed a faux pas by taking care of business in the absolutely wrong spot. This funny book walks readers through a process of elimination- daddy used the potty, baby is still in a diaper, the lion at the zoo would never risk it, and so it goes. A silly book for preschoolers about pooping in the right place.



We Poop on the Potty!

This vibrantly illustrated, sturdy board book will get toddlers excited to use the toilet. Each page features a different animal in its natural habitat, pooping wherever it sees fit. There are even imaginary creatures like unicorn, aliens, and dragons who all have to poop somewhere. The very last page is the big grand finale- a little human pooping on the potty.




Whose Poo?

 Parents will relate to Daddy Rat's frustration. His baby rats are fascinated with poop and talk about it incessantly. No matter how often Daddy Rat tries to steer the conversation in a different direction, his kids always come back to the same stinky topic. One day when they are headed out to the zoo, Daddy Rat makes them promise not to utter the word poop, which of course doesn't last very long. When they arrive at the zoo, a place overflowing with poop, a surprising turn of events will have readers doubled over in laughter.




Where Does My Poo Go?

 This unique children's book about poop takes kids on a stinky journey through the sewage system. Most children don't think about what happens after they flush the toilet, but there is a lot to be learned when it comes to waste management! Believe it or not, poop is first turned into sludge at the waste treatment plant and then is sometimes converted into electricity. There are also other paths poop may take, like being recycled. This illustrations and concepts may appeal to preschoolers, but grownups will learn a lot, too.





The Great Big Poop Party

 Julian has the coolest parents in the world. When they ask him about his choice of themes for an upcoming birthday party, he steers clear of the usual superhero or dinosaur options. Instead, he excitedly opts for a Poop Party, which his parents begrudgingly supports. But soon they put their heads together and each family members comes up with their own creative contribution to the biggest, brownest, smelliest birthday party ever. This funny book comes with some poop-themed party recipes in the back just in case your kids wants to follow in Julian's footsteps.



From Chewing to Pooing: Food's Journey Through Your Body to the Potty

Sometimes the best way to help a kid with pooping anxiety is to arm them with facts. This non-fiction picture book about pooping explains the journey food takes from the mouth, through the digestive system, and out the back end. The rhyming text adds a bit of fun to this rather smelly topic, and the illustrations are also quite humorous. Kids will walk away with a good foundation in digestive health and and better appreciation for the process of pooping.


What Do They Do With All That Poo?

Well, that sure is a good question. Think about all the poop zoo animals of all sizes produce, and then the problem of disposing of it safely and effectively! This non-fiction book about poop takes an in-depth look at all the shapes, sizes and colors this stinky output.  Readers learns all kinds of scientific terminology and interesting animal biology. But most importantly, they learn about all the places the poop goes, from science labs to backyards, and how it can be used beneficially.



You Poop Here

 At first glance, this looks like a potty training book. And it definitely can be used to coax resistant toddlers out of their diapers. They will learn about where all kinds of animals poop (i.e. snakes like to poop in the sand and elephants prefer the grass). After running through a long and funny list of poop locations, the book leads readers to their own preferred pooping spot- the toilet! Kids are also treated to some funny and interesting facts about poop and how bodies function.



Baa Baa Smart Sheep

A hilarious poop book about a prankster called Little Baa Baa. He is a bit bored one day so he drums up some fun at the expense of Quirky Turkey. When this buddy of his comes along and discovers a pile of suspicious-looking pellets on the ground, the sheep convinces him they are edible smarty tablets. You can draw your own conclusions about how this humorous book about (eating) poop goes from there. All in all, the pure grossness combined with utter naivete are guaranteed to make readers laugh!



Who Gives a Poop? Surprising Science from One End to the Other

 Kids will learns that scientists care a whole awful lot about poop in this lengthy non-fiction book packed with humor. Most of us flush the toilet and don't give a second thought to the waste that our bodies produce. The reality is that studying poop has produced some pretty important knowledge. For example, elephant birthing patterns are now understood thanks to tracking the dung they leave behind. Also, healthy human poop is often transplanted into folks who have unbalanced bacterial levels in their gut! There is so much to be learned, by children and adults alike, in this non-fiction book about poop.



Who Flung Dung?

 There is nothing educational, factual or informative in this story which is, quite simply, a funny book about poop for preschoolers. Furley the monkey is having a perfectly fine day until he is smacked with a pile of dung. His mood turns sour as he sets out on a mission to find out who flung dung. Furley works his way through a cast of animal characters  (Lion , Vulture, Crocodile, Python...) and no one fesses up to slinging poop. As Furley's frustration mounts, so will the laughter of children who love a little poop humor.



Everything I Know About Poop

 Toddlers resisting the practice of pooping on the potty will find this book to be just what they need to read. A playful, humorous story about how every single person (including grandma and grandpa!) poops is accompanied with cartoonish pictures. A long list of the pooping habits of both people and animals is covered. And although it's not always an easy process, especially for toddlers on the brink of eliminating diapers, it's a very necessary and healthy part of life.



Poop: A Natural History of the Unmentionable

Both adults and kids alike will enjoy this highly informative and super fun book about poop. Scientists have learned a tremendous amount of history just by studying it, like how T. rex ate triceratops millions of years ago. Kids will be fascinated to learn how all kinds of living creatures use poop in their daily lives- hippos use it for directions, dung beetles eat it for nourishments, and sloths use it to keep in touch with each other.  This non-fiction picture book about poop is more than 60 pages of facts that will shed a new light on this smelly matter.


Eat, Sleep, Poop

The life of a newborn follows a very predictable pattern: eating, sleeping, and pooping. Some babies are fussier than others, especially those who take a little longer to master the sleeping part. And while some eat voraciously, others may be grazers and less efficient taking in those necessary calories. But the one thing they all seem to do very well is poop! This humorous book will resonate with parents who feel like their lives and conversations revolve around the output in their babies' diapers.



I Eat Poop: A Dung Beetle Story

Dougie wants nothing more than to fit in with his beetle friends. Unfortunately, this is difficult due to his somewhat gross dietary requirements. Unlike most of his friends who are ordinary ground beetles, Dougie is a dung beetle who eats poop for nourishment. Even though he helps eliminate waste and helps the environment in other ways, Dougie keeps his food preference a secret. When another beetle is outed at school for poop in his lunchbox, Dougie must decide whether or not to stand beside the other beetle at the risk of being teased as well. While this story is about poop, the overriding theme of standing up to bullies is the real message.


The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet!

 This hilarious, rhyming book takes pooping to a whole new level- into outer space! Danny and his best dinosaur head out into the solar system for an epic adventure. When it comes time to eat, Danny realizes that he forgot to bring his buddy's lunchbox. Unfortunately, the very hungry dinosaur consumes everything in sight, including the rocket they need to get home. And when this dinosaur eats, he produces an insane amount of poop, which only adds to the mayhem. Readers will get lots of laughs, perhaps to the dismay of their parents, over the prolific poop references in this insanely funny book.


Wish Upon a Poopicorn!

Everything is magician about unicorns, including their poop. It may like cupcake frosting, but don't eat it! What children can do is wish upon unicorn poop. These wishes turn into rainbows that fill the sky with beautiful color. Fairies then appear with wands to make all these wonderful wishes come true. Not your ordinary unicorn book, but toddlers will find it silly. They will especially like touching the soft, rainbow-colored unicorn poop that appears through the die-cut pages.


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Funny Picture Books About Poop

If you can't beat them, join them! So you may have told your kids over and over again that poop is not an appropriate topic to talk about all the time. But the truth is, lots of kids will go through a poop phase. It may start during potty training, but for many it can continue well beyond the diaper days. So if you've decided to jump on board, read the funniest and most informative children's books about poop. And while you are in this phase of potty talk, toss in some children's books about underwear for a few extra laughs!


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Tips for Kids Who Are Reluctant Poopers 

Pooping is a very natural biological function, and yet it comes with a lot of stinky baggage. It's a topic that is often considered uncouth to discuss, unless its a very specific conversation about the health of bowels. Yet lots of little kids, to the dismay of their parents, go through a phase where they talk and laugh incessantly about this taboo topic. This behavior is temporary and will thankfully pass. However, a more concerning situation is when kids seem to have fear, aversion, or general anxiety about pooping. This can lead to discomfort, and in some cases, more serious medical issues. Here are some tips to consider if your child is having difficulty doing the deed.

  • Increase the fiber intake of your child to expedite the process of pooping. Sometimes kids don't like to take time out from playing if it takes too long to poop. Other kids may be embarrassed about a prolonged visit to the restroom during school hours. By adding some fiber-rich foods (like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables)  into a child's diet, pooping will be fast and easy. And in turn, they will be less resistant about taking care of business.
  • Talk to your children about never holding in a bowel movement. Kids should be encouraged to go to the bathroom as soon as they feel the urge. Sometimes getting to a restroom right away is not possible, so in those rare situations, it's ok to wait. But kids should not get in the habit of holding it in. Serious conditions can arise, like fecal impaction, incontinence, and gastrointestinal perforation. Although you may not wish to scare them with these medical terms, kids should understand that they could get very sick if they regularly avoid pooping.
  • Do not forbid talking about poop in your home. This does not mean that you have to embrace potty talk in your household 24/7. However, if you abstain from  any sort of discussion about pooping, children may start to feel like they are dirty, smelly, or gross for having a bowel movement. Even more important, parents need to know if their kids are pooping daily and if the consistency of the fecal matter is normal, hard, or loose. An easy change in a child's diet may fix a problem, or there could be a more serious, underlying medical problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Never stigmatize the act of pooping. Teasing a child for stinking up the bathroom may seem funny, but sometimes it can lead to embarrassment and discomfort. Kids will quickly steer away from pooping in public restrooms, which can be problematic once they are spending all day at school or other locations. Most people, adults and kids alike, prefer the privacy of the bathroom at home. But that is not always a practical or possible. If you treat pooping like it is no big deal, kids will feel less self-conscious about having bowel movements. 
  • Read lots of children's books about poop. Normalizing this subject through stories is a good start. Kids need to understand that every single living being poops. Read silly, fictional books to keep things light and funny. And read non-fiction books about poop so kids understand how bodies function and why this is a healthy habit. 


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