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14 Valuable Kids' Books About Listening

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen 

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen

Listening does not come easily for Howard. The active bunny has a hard time sitting still and following instructions. As a result, he finds himself in various situations that get him into trouble and could put himself in danger. An educator-approved picture book that addresses this topic in an accessible way for toddlers.



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Children's Books That Focus on Listening

Listening is a skill that takes a bit of time and guidance for lots of little ones to master. Kids who cannot sit still, constantly interrupt others, and do not follow directions struggle in school and social settings. The good news is that many times listening problems are resolved as kids mature and develop longer attention spans. To help young children along the way, reading a variety of kids' books about listening will reinforce valuable lessons. The characters in these stories don't always wear their listening caps and as a result face some unpleasant consequences. These books will open a conversation with kids of all ages about what it is important to listen to others.


   listening time

Listening Time

A fun, rhyming book for toddlers about how to become better listeners. Available in a sturdy board book format, the author encourages little ones to sit still in their seats, seal their lips closed, and open their ears wide. This helpful story focuses on all the things little kids need to do with their bodies to become the best active listeners.



 Teach Your Dragon To Follow Instructions 

Teach Your Dragon to Follow Instructions

 A helpful story about a little boy who grows increasingly frustrated with his pet dragon who does not want to listen. The reptile is very smart and capable, but he has one big problem- he doesn't listen! Teaching him how to bake, light campfires, and sit still are particularly challenging when the dragon refuses to follow directions. This story is packed with lots of lessons for young readers who perhaps also try to do things their own way instead of listening.



 listen up louella

Listen Up, Louella

For every kid who has every gotten so carried away with excitement that listening takes a back seat. Louella is very excited to arrive at summer camp and participate in all the fun activities. In fact, she's having so much fun that she doesn't pay much attention to those around her and overlooks an important invitation. Fortunately, her best friend, Tarantula, is there to make sure Louella stays on track. Little readers will have fun trying to find the tiny spider hiding on each page.



The Worst Day of My Life Ever!

The Worst Day of My Life Ever!

 Best-selling author Julia Cook takes readers on a journey with RJ, a little boy who has a very bad day. Because he struggles to listen and follow directions, everything goes wrong. His parents, teachers, and friends all have a lot to tell him, but unfortunately RJ doesn't pay them one bit of attention. As a result, everything that happens is a total and utter disaster. Through fun rhyming verse, readers will learn the importance of listening and how they can improve their own skills.


 listen buddy

Listen Buddy

Buddy the bunny was born with big ears well-suited for listening. And yet despite this physical gift, he is a terrible listener. Sometimes he just doesn't hear what others are saying, leading to some humorous mishaps. But one day he simply doesn't listen and finds himself in a very dangerous situation. A fun story for kids about how tuning out others can lead to negative consequences.




An accessible book for the youngest children about the benefits of focusing on all the surrounding sounds. Readers join a little girl who lives in a busy, noisy city. She moves through her day in a meditative state, slowing down to really soak in the sounds around her.  In a meditative process that begins with the loud honking of car horns and ends with the soft beats of her own heartbeat, the girl learns to appreciate the benefits of slowing down and listening.



 listen like an elephant

Listen Like an Elephant

Kids who need to check out from the busyness around them will benefit from owning this valuable book about listening. The goal of this picture book is to provide little ones with tools to quiet their minds. The art of practicing mindful listening is taught using a variety of techniques that can be put to use in a variety of noisy settings. 



 Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker

Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker

Lacey Walker never seems to stop talking. She chats up a storm wherever she goes and never stops to listen to what anyone else has to say. When she loses her voice, the little owl has no choice but to listen. And what she learns is a valuable lesson about how her own talking gets in the way. A popular choice amongst elementary school teachers who frequently see this behavior in their classrooms.



 Quiet Please, Owen McPhee!

Quiet Please, Owen McPhee!

Owen McPhee likes the sound of his own voice so much that he never stops to listen to others. The chatty little boy never stops talks from the moment he wakes up until he falls into bed at night. He talks incessantly to everyone around him, including his dog, and even just to himself when no one else is around. When his vocal cords get tired and his develops a case of laryngitis, Owen is finally forced to listen to what others have to say. The talkative little boy learns that he has been missing out on a lot of important things by talking too much.



Little Elephant Listens

Little Elephant Listens

Little elephant has big ears that are just the right size for listening. In this sweet board book, babies will follow along as the elephant listens during all of his daily activities, including bath time and playtime. 



The Listening Walk 

The Listening Walk

An inspiring picture book about the importance of slowing down and really soaking in the sounds of the surrounding environment. A little girl sets out on a walk in the city with her dog. With no one to talk to, she focuses her senses on the noises all around her. These ordinary, everyday sounds take on a heightened level of interest. A simple yet powerful book about making a conscious effort to keep quiet and listen to the variety of noises that are constantly at play.



 wordy birdy

Wordy Birdy

A hilarious story about a bird who likes the sound of her own voice. The little feathered friend is so busy talking incessantly that she doesn't pay attention to the hazards surrounding her. Instead of listening to surrounding sounds that provide cues, Wordy Birdy continues chattering about anything and everything. Fortunately, Squirrel, Rabbit, and other friends are used to her distracted ways and have her back.



listen and learn 

Listen and Learn

A very useful and straightforward picture book that tackles the topic of being good listeners. A friendly teacher talks to her students about sitting quietly and actively paying attention to what others are saying. This simple, no-nonsense picture book is filled with colorful scenes portraying young children practicing their listening skills, and sometimes making mistakes. A solid addition to help with toddler behavior.

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Picture Books for Kids About Following Directions

 Toddlers and young children develop at different rates both socially and emotionally. So when it comes to listening, caregivers need to exercise a little bit of patience when their own little ones do not appear to be on track compared to their peers. However, when poor listening skills interfere with a child's ability to follow simple instructions or stay on track in preschool, it may be time to address the issue directly. Reading kids' books about listening is a good first step. By shifting the attention away from the child an onto the characters in the stories, kids have an opportunity to look at various situations more objectively. It's easier for kids to recognize and talk about the poor behavior demonstrated in these stories. Over time, kids will soon learn to apply the lessons shared in books to their own lives.   


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