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18 Valuable Children's Books About Manners

do unto otters 

Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners

Live by the Golden Rule. That's the message in this humorous book about manners with a creative play on words. The story is about a rabbit who is unsure how to behave around a family of otters that moved in next door. A wise owl informs that rabbit that it's quite simple- just treat the otters the way you would like other to treat you! A creative and animated tale that will open the conversation with your child about manners.


say thank you  

Kids' Picture Books That Teach Manners

Teaching our children good manners from the time they tiny tots will serve them well in life. A simple "please" goes a long way in making a good impression. Sometimes when we try to teach our children to speak politely and respectfully, our intentions seem to fall on deaf ears. But even if children do use polite words, remember that good manners extends beyond speech, like learning to share, listening to others, and respecting those around them. Here are some helpful, humorous books for children about manners that may just teach your kids all the etiquette they need. 

 time to say please

Time to Say "Please"!

A cast of children move a bit cluelessly about, forgetting (or perhaps not knowing in the first place) how to use their manners. Fortunately, a crew of hard-working mice shift bubble words into place when necessary. A kid needs something? "Please" is maneuvered into the right spot. All the other polite words- Excuse me, Thank You, I'm Sorry, etc.- are all also used as visual cues in this Mo Willems manners book for kids.



 please mr panda 

Please, Mr. Panda

Quite a charming book about manner for toddlers! Mr. Panda generously offers all of his friends one of his delectable donuts. Unfortunately, while penguin, skunk and whale all reply with an enthusiastic "yes!", they forget the more important word. Do any of them deserve a treat if they didn't say please? That's the question for readers to ponder. 



 rude cakes

Rude Cakes

 Not all cakes are sweet, readers will learn in this award-winning book about manners. One particularly rude confection learns a lesson the hard way. He is the brattiest of them all who disobeys his parents, butts in line, and never, ever uses polite words. In a science-fiction-like turn of events, a cyclops whisks this naughty cake away for a lesson that will never be forgotten. A non-preachy, unpredictable, and humorous book about the importance of courtesy and etiquette.



 my mouth is a volcano

My Mouth is a Volcano!

 Teaching children the art of listening, taking turns speaking, and using self-restraint is not easy. This book is perfect for kids who constantly interrupt and should be on the shelf of every classroom. Told from the perspective of Louis, a little boy whose thoughts escape through his mouth no matter who else is speaking at that time. When he gets a dose of his own medicine, he finally has his "aha!" moment and learns the importance of waiting his turn.



 clifford's manners

Clifford's Manners

You may want to hire Emily Elizabeth to be your dog trainer for she has done a magnificent job with Clifford. Sure, he may goof up and forget what he has learned now and then. But that's ok because this big red dog almost always says please and thank you. Clifford also shares with his friends which is something most toddlers need to work on now and again.



 bear says thank you

Bear Says Thank You

A polar bear remembers to thank his mother for all her help on his project. Bold illustrations, simple text, and smiling faces all add to the appeal of this book for toddlers about manners.  This adorable book ends with a sweet surprise that will put a smile on your face.



 if you see a lion

If You See a Lion

This lion is rude, rude, RUDE! Don't be deceived by his dapper clothing and perfectly coiffed hairdo. You see, there were many more characters in this hilarious picture book about manners, but the lion has eaten all of them. Well, almost all of them, with the exception of a rabbit who makes discreet appearances to warn the readers and ultimately confront the predator. A hilarious book that covers some important topics like boasting and lying.





 This is a funny book just right for kids who need a lesson on managing their crabby moods. An unfriendly, unhappy, downright disagreeable gnome just wants to be left alone at his favorite fishing spot.  But this pond is on a witch's property, and she wants him to leave. Kids will get a kick out of what happens when a gnome says "No!" and the consequences of being a Class A grump.



richard scarry's pig will and pig won't

Richard Scarry's Pig Will and Pig Won't

 Richard Scarry's book of manners is about two pigs who take opposite approaches in their willingness to help around the house. Pig Will happily lends a helping hand wherever it is needed. He's friendly and good-natured. Pig Won't- well, his name says it all. But will he eventually learn that life is so much sweeter with a smile on your face and friends by your side? An important message delivered with humor.


the berenstain bears that's so rude

The Berenstain Bears: That's So Rude!

Mama Bear can always be counted on to teach her cubs a good lesson. In this Berenstain Bears book about manners, the cubs wake up with a case of the grumps. Their sour moods lead to name calling and rude behavior that is unacceptable. The important moral of this story is that there is never an excuse for treating others poorly. A humorous and helpful picture book about good manners for kids who wake up on the wrong side of the bed from time to time.


 chick and brain smell my foot 

Chick and Brain: Smell My Foot!

This hilarious, award-winning graphic novel delivers a message about the importance of good manners. Chick and Brain (a misnomer, for certain) are a comical duo can't get through a single day without head-scratching mishaps and misunderstandings. This silly book is all about the misuse of manners that will tickle the funny bones of little readers.



 hippo says excuse me

Hippo Says Excuse Me

A study board book for toddlers ready to learn their first lesson about manners. In this funny story, a hippo finds himself bumping into and displacing other animals no matter where he goes. He quickly learns that two simple words- Excuse Me- go a long way in smoothing things over.





An adorable board book about a little sheep who can't remember the magic word. He needs to ask for something, and he knows there is something he is supposed to say. The word just doesn't come easily to him, but luckily his farm friends come to the rescue. Please! Pastel illustrations of charming animals add to the appeal of this toddler book about manners.



 the bad seed

The Bad Seed

A best-selling children's book about manners and the ability to change. The Bad Seed goes through life exhibiting the naughtiest behavior and the most sour disposition. If there is a right way to do something, he does the opposite. This miserable guy stares rudely at others, cuts in line, and is just generally a negative character. Then one day he decides he's tired of being so misable and unhappy. Readers will enjoy The Bad Seed's journey of self-discovery and transformation.


 what if everybody did that

What If Everybody Did That?

A little boy moves carelessly through his day without thinking about the consequences of his actions. After all, what does it matter if he litters just a little? Or interrupts during storytime just once? Or takes just one little lick of frosting from the cake? When he is asked to consider what the world would look like if everyone behaved as he did, the picture becomes more clear.  Humorous illustrations reinforce the message that all of our actions have consequences.



 decibella and her 6 inch voice 

Decibella and Her 6-Inch Voice

Isabella has a new nickname- Decibella- that has not been bestowed upon her fondly. This energetic little girl who yearns to be the center of attention uses her voice to dominate everyone around her. Every thought, idea, and opinion that crosses her mind comes out of her mouth several decibels above the acceptable level. When a creative teacher finally gets through to her, Isabella learns an important lesson about how and when to use her voice.


may i please have a cookie 

May I Please Have a Cookie?

A best-selling book about manners perfect for toddlers! Alfie loves cookies more than anything else, but sometimes he forgets how to use his polite words to ask from them. Alfie grabs the treats with greedy enthusiasm and goes to great measures to get his sneaky hands on his mother's fresh baked goods. When he finally learns that one little word is all it takes, Alfie's relief is both funny and relatable.

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rude child

Children's Stories About Being Polite

The best kids' books about manners will reinforce all those lessons in courtesy and etiquette that your little ones need to hear. This collection of books will entertain young readers with stories of manner missteps, mishaps, and mistakes. There will be many laugh out loud moments while reading these books about all the ways the characters misbehave.  Kids may even recognize a few of their own not-so-good moments reflected in the stories. But even more importantly, they will learn how to put their good manners to use next time around! 

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