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51 Festive Christmas Books for Toddlers and Babies


Where is Baby's Christmas Present?: A Lift-the-Flap Book

All the fun, festive Christmas treat can be found under each flap as baby is searching for his special gift. Christmas ornaments for the tree, delicious holiday cookies, and lots of other bright, cheery objects will add to the cheer of the season. Colorful illustrations will grab the attention of babies and toddlers in this delightful book.



Best Toddler Christmas Books

The Christmas season is all the more special when a  toddler is part of the family. There are a lot of first year Christmas traditions and holiday festivities especially for families with tiny tots to enjoy. While all of the fun events, like Christmas parties and visits with Santa, makes the holiday special, it is really important for families to carve out some quiet time together.  Reading a variety of  Christmas books for toddlers as a family is a wonderful way to slow down and enjoy the season.

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Christmas Lift-the-Flap and Touch & Feel Books  

 Interactive board books are important for the development of eye-hand coordination in addition to language development and word recognition.  Christmas lift-the-flap books have fun surprises for preschoolers to discover like elves, presents, Santa Claus, reindeer, and other fun pictures of Christmas objects.  These Christmas books also contain a variety of textures for little hands to touch and explore, as well as buttons to push for silly noises. Here is a list of the most fun, engaging Christmas books for preschoolers with tactile features. 



Dear Santa: A Lift-the-Flap Book

Preschoolers will love this interactive Christmas book from the author of the wildly popular Dear Zoo, Rod Campbell. Santa is trying to find the perfect gift to leave under the tree on Christmas eve. Babies will delight in lifting the flaps and examining all the fun objects and toys underneath. Finally, the last flap reveals the present Santa has chosen as the best Christmas gift this holiday.



Merry Christmas (Bright Baby Touch and Feel)

Simple, bold illustrations with touch and feel features sprinkled throughout the book. Die-cut holes add a fun dimension to a little book sturdy enough to withstand a lot of handling. Colorful Christmas presents, friendly reindeer, adorable elves, and Santa Claus all add to the holiday cheer on every page.



Nutcracker Crunch: A Pull-the-Tab Book

A nutcracker immerses himself in Clara's dreams in hopes of finding the perfect snack. It is Christmas Eve and he's really hungry. Preschoolers will love pulling every tab until they find exactly what the nutcracker needs to feel satisfied. This novelty board book is a great first introduction to Tchaikovsky's famous ballet.



Jolly Jingle Christmas (Interactive Christmas Sound Book)

Toddlers will love pressing all the buttons to produce festive Christmas sounds. They will hear jingle bells, reindeer pattering, children's laughter, elves tapping, and more fun noises. Each button corresponds with a page in the book.  An adorable book that kids can interact with all by themselves to get into the Christmas spirit.



Santa's Workshop: Christmas Lift-a-Flap Board Book

There is so much to explore in this tabbed Christmas book! It's ideal for toddlers who like to read alone sometimes and practice their fine motor skills. This fun book is chock full of Christmas festivities, like Santa stuffing his sleigh with toys, delicious treats being sold in the candy store, and elves buzzing around. Young children can flip through this colorful book, lift the tabs for surprises, and and explore all the Christmas activity in Santa's workshop.


Never Touch a Grumpy Elf!

Fun Christmas rhymes fill the pages of this book that tempts your preschooler to touch all of characters- simply by telling them not to!  This fun book contains right, bold pictures of a very grumpy elf and all kinds of other funny Christmas figures with tactile elements. Perfect stocking stuffer gift for a preschool child!


Baby Touch and Feel Merry Christmas

A sweet Christmas book perfect for babies who will love to feel all the different textures. This little book showcases a festive Christmas image with tactile features. Lumpy antlers, felt Santa hat, a velvety-smooth Christmas sack, and lots of sparkles, sequins, and other attention-grabbing decorations adorn each page. 



My Very Merry Ugly Christmas Sweater: A Touch-and-Feel Book

A super funny touch-and-feel Christmas book chock full of interesting sweaters! Lots of fun objects for toddlers to touch throughout, including a soft sweater adorning the cover.  Kids will enjoy all the holiday characters as much as the ugly sweaters they are wearing. 



Christmas Cookies for Santa: Touch & Feel & Smell

Maybe your toddler isn't quite ready to bake real cookies, but this must-have tactile book will sure get them excited! Scratch and sniff the delicious cookie smells, touch the gooey frosting, and roll out the dough over and over again. The best thing about this book is that there is no mess to clean up afterwards!




Christmas Pop-Up Peekaboo!

Toddlers will love lifting the flaps to find their favorite Christmas objects. Brilliant pop-up pictures feature chimneys, stocking, Christmas trees, presents, and more! A highly interactive, engaging book for little readers eager to learn new Christmas words and study all the detailed pictures in this festive board book.

The 12 Days of Christmas: A Lift-the-Tab Book

Reading this book to toddlers is a great way to teach them the classic Christmas song. Each tab of the book has a picture that provides a clue. As kids flip the pages, they are counting down the twelve days of Christmas. This sturdy book will stand up to little fumbling fingers.




Cozy Nativity: A Touch and Feel Christmas Story

An exciting, engaging book about the birth of Jesus designed for little hands. Touch and feel elements, fun animal noises, and simple text work together to make this the perfect introductory book about the arrival of Jesus. 




Don't Push the Button! A Christmas Adventure

A ton of interactive Christmas fun is packed into the book that tests the limits of temptation. Larry the monster is back and he's ready to cause a little trouble. The elves don't appear to be it is okay to push the button?! Grab a copy this Christmas and find out what happens.


Christmas Songs: Interactive Children's Sound Book

Preschoolers will love this Christmas book that features ten classic Christmas songs. They can push the buttons to play each song while they look at the pictures and follow along with the corresponding lyrics. Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town are just a few of the songs kids can listen to in this musical holiday book.


Dr. Seuss's The Sounds of Grinchmas

This is the ideal introduction to The Grinch Who Stole Christmas for toddlers and preschoolers. The book, which is adapted for a younger audience, has twelve buttons that correspond to various sounds. Kids will hear the Grinch's laughter, the Who's singing, Max's barking, and many more entertaining sounds that bring the book to life. 



Fa-La-La Llama

This festive novelty book, set to the tune of "Deck the Halls", follows a group of llamas decorating for Christmas.  Every single page of this really cute book has a different tactile element. Toddlers will enjoy touching soft felt, crinkly foil, and other interesting materials that are part of the Christmas decor.



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Santa Claus Books for Toddlers

The best Santa Claus books for toddlers capture all the jolly and magic of the Christmas season. Little readers will enjoy learning all about the cheer delivered by Saint Nicholas every Christmas Eve. These books are also perfect for babies experiencing their very first Christmas.  Santa Claus board books are also perfect for little ones who have already experienced this special holiday once or twice before!


Dream Snow

Eric Carle's dreamy Christmas book is about a farmer who can't imagine the holiday without snow. He falls into a deep sleep about a winter wonderland. When he awakes, he realizes his dream has come true. He quickly dresses up as Saint Nick and delivers special presents to all of his beloved farm animals. 



Hurry, Santa!

Santa has been preparing for this night all year and he's ready to get started! There is so much to get done in one short night. But right before he is ready to board his sleigh, he realizes he has to the potty! Toddlers will laugh at this truly silly, witty Santa book.


My First How to Catch Santa Claus

Preschoolers who want to catch Santa Claus in the act of delivering presents will love this charming book. This is the story of toddler who sets creative traps all over the house with the hope of capturing Santa and giving him a great big hug.



The Animals' Santa

Jan Brett's lusciously illustrated Christmas classic takes readers deep into the forest. A little rabbit does not believe there is a Santa for animals. When presents are magically delivered for all the furry animal friends, the inquisitive little bunny has a change of heart. Readers will love this Christmas book about a beautiful winter wonderland.



Seeking a Santa

All the little critters in the North Pole are on the lookout for the absolutely perfect Santa Claus this Christmas. The elves and the reindeer spell out all of the characteristics and job responsibilities of the jolly fellow who has a very big job. Fun prose full of Christmas spirit. 





Santa's Christmas Train

Excitement builds from the very first page as children board a train to the North Pole. Colorful Christmas pictures and fun rhyming text make this board book a fun read aloud. Follow along a joyful train ride until the kids finally arrive at Santa's workshop where they receive presents and meet Mr. & Mrs. Claus.



Teeny Tiny Santa

Teeny, tiny babies will adore this book about a pint-sized Santa with gigantic responsibilities. The charming, folksy artwork perfectly depicts a world where no one is too small for Christmas. An adorably miniscule fox is worried that he will be overlooked. When he hears Santa's tiny "Ho, Ho, Ho!", the little fox is reassured that the Christmas season includes all critters, no matter their size.




Where's Santa Claus?

Toddlers will love lifting the soft, felt flaps hiding Christmas surprises on every page of this adorable Santa Claus book. Little kiddos will enjoy exploring all fun, colorful details until the very last page! Simple word, bold illustrations, and the cutest little Santa you have ever seen.



Santa and the Goodnight Train

Hop onto the Goodnight Train as it embarks on an epic race against Santa Claus and the reindeer. This magical train is headed to Dreamland, but not before it makes a special stop at the North Pole. Gorgeously illustrated bedtime book that will help your preschooler drift into sweet dreams filled with candy canes and jingle bells.



Don't Feed Santa Claus

 Preschoolers will get a good laugh out of this tactile rhyming book. Each page features a Christmas character, starting with Santa Claus, whose mouth is wide open and ready for a treat. There are very good reasons why little kiddos should absolutely not reach through these toothy mouths with food in hand. A silly Santa Claus book just right for babies ready to explore with their little fingers.




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Religious Christmas Books for Toddlers

Most of the Christmas books for preschoolers are all about the commercial aspects of the season- Santa Claus, elves, reindeer, gingerbread houses, and presents under the Christmas tree. All of these books are so much fun to share with toddlers who are ready to embrace the magic.

If you want to read religious books for toddlers about Christmas, there are plenty of amazing choices. These books for preschoolers about the real meaning of Christmas introduce the story of Jesus' birth in the manger.  The events of this very special night, what the birth of the savior symbolizes, and why we celebrate his birthday every December.  


Who is Coming to Our House?

Mary and Joseph are making their way by donkey, and there is much work to be done to get the stable ready. Pig, Lamb and Goose busily complete chores so that baby Jesus will have a warm reception in their home.



The Story of Christmas

This is a best-selling, comprehensive story of the Nativity told in terms that are accessible by preschoolers. The sequence of events, from the angel's announcement of the birth to the journey of the wise men, are all beautifully illustrated. This is the classic Christmas story for toddlers that they will be able to enjoy for many years.


Christmas in the Manger

A simple, joyous introductory book about the Nativity. Sparse text paired with warm illustrations make this the perfect first Christmas book for babies. 




What is Christmas?

Some adorable little cherubs brainstorm about all the things that define the Christmas season. Told in rhyming text, their insight is funny and endearing. In the end, these smart munchkins finally conclude that Christmas is all about Jesus, the Savior. Delicate, detailed watercolor illustrations will keep toddlers engaged and entertained.




The First Christmas

Read about the first story of Christmas in this sweet, lift-the-flap story for toddlers. Follow Mary and Joseph to the town of Bethlehem where they welcome baby Jesus into the world.  Simple and engaging Christmas story is a perfect introduction to the meaning of Christmas.



Silent Night

A Caldecott-winning illustrator delivers a beautiful Christmas book based on the carol, Silent Night.  A diverse group of characters appear on the pages of this calm and serene interpretation of a very holy night.



Happy Birthday, Jesus!

A cute family gathers together to celebrate the real reason for Christmas- the birthday of someone really special! They decorate the house, bake a birthday cake, and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. A joyous book that even the youngest little readers will understand.




The Christmas Baby

The illustrations are pure magic in this beautiful Christmas book about the Nativity for preschoolers.  The arrival of baby Jesus is a momentous event that spreads from the animals, to the shepherds, to the angels, and to people from lands afar. This re-telling of the classic Christmas story is captivating.




God Gave Us Christmas

An inquisitive cub has a lot of questions for his mother about Christmas. For example- Who is more important, God or Santa? They head out on a journey where the mama bear shows her child all the ways God is present around them. She then goes on to explain the very first Christmas and the best present of all, Jesus Christ. 


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Baby's First Christmas Books 

A wonderful way to spend quality time with children is to read Christmas books together. These fantastic Christmas board books capture the loving spirit of family and friends who join in celebration. Trimming trees, caroling, baking cookies, wrapping presents, and lots of other magical festivities are enjoyed by the characters in these sweet books for tiny readers. Enjoy these adorable books for baby's first Christmas.



10 Trim-the-Tree'ers Book

Adorable little neighbors come together in the lobby to decorate their Christmas tree. Practice counting the colorful ornaments until the tree is finished and the sweet revelers are ready to celebrate.  This sturdy Christmas board book is a must-read for baby's first Christmas.




A Magical Christmas

Little mouse knows that something special is in the air. Winter is here and the world around him is sparkling with excitement. Will he ever figure out that Christmas Day is right around the corner? The laughter and frenzied activity of all his friends stirs his curiosity and adds to the magic of the season.




Llama Llama Jingle Bells

Llama Llama Jingle Bells is the perfect Christmas book for all babies this holiday season. Llama embraces all the special festivities like exchanging gifts with his friends and decorating Christmas treats to share.Sparse text and vibrant illustrations will have your toddler reaching for this cute Christmas book time and again.



Duck and Goose, It's Time for Christmas!

Duck and Goose are the best of friends with a little conflict to resolve this Christmas. While Duck is busy trimming the Christmas tree, Goose is having a blast playing in the snow. Poor Duck is frazzled and frustrated doing all the work himself while Goose does not help one bit in preparing for the big day! Babies and toddlers will fall in love with these two characters and their antics from best-selling Duck and Goose series.



My Baby Loves Christmas

Cute, rhyming book talks about all the sweet things to love about Christmas. Candy canes, snow, jingle bells and all of the other festive reminders of the holiday are appreciated through the eyes of a baby. Warm and vibrant illustrations perfectly complement this lovely, little story.




Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Bear sure loves to sleep but his friends are determined to make sure he doesn't miss the most special holiday of the year. They awake their big furry friend in time to partake in all the fun festivies like trimming the tree and singing Christmas carols. A most important lesson is learned by bear this Christmas- that is it always better to give than to receive! A special book to read to all babies and toddlers when the gift-giving season is upon them.



Snowmen at Christmas

A most magical Christmas story about what snowmen do once all the little children are tucked into bed. Toddlers will be enthralled to see their daytime creations come to life dancing, caroling, and visiting with their own special snowman Santa Claus! Magnificent pictures illuminate every page of this whimsical book that you must read to your toddler this Christmas.




Baby's First Christmas

A vibrant and visually appealing little board book perfect for a stocking stuffer! Simple Christmas terms are introduced on each page. Easily identifiable objects presented in a raised format add a nice tactile touch. Little ones will expand their vocabulary in this spirited holiday book.



Little Blue Truck's Christmas

If there is one Christmas board book to add to your toddler's collection, this is the one!  Little Blue Truck is a best-selling series and this Christmas edition does not disappoint. Follow our favorite truck as he delivers Christmas trees to all of his forest friends. The pictures, which  capture an abundance of Christmas spirit, are complete with adorable twinkling lights. Extremely sturdy pages will withstand many years of Christmas story time.



The Snowiest Christmas Ever

Everyone dreams of a white Christmas. But could there be such thing as too much snow? Two little bears go to bed happy as can be as the white flakes are falling hard and fast. When they awake the next day, snow is filling the chimney, blocking the windows, and now threatening the arrival of Santa Claus. The bears have their work cut out for them if they want to save Christmas.


Christmas Parade

Sandra Boynton delivers a quirky parade of Christmas characters in her latest board book. Toddlers will enjoy counting all of the musicians marching to the tunes. Silliness abounds in this cute book filled with holiday charm.





The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish

Poor Pout-Pout Fish is completely consumed with holiday shopping that he practically forgets the real meaning of Christmas. Sweet illustrations and cute rhyming text work so well together that toddlers will beg to read this every night during the Christmas season.




Biscuit Gives a Gift

Our favorite pup, Biscuit,  is working hard to find the perfect gift for all his friends.  He is a very loving dog and wants to everyone to have a very special holiday. A sweet Christmas board book with brief text perfect for little ones. 




Where Do Diggers Celebrate Christmas?

Toddlers will be delighted to learn that diggers, tractors, forklifts, and all other things-that-go celebrate Christmas just like people do! Read about how these adorable characters sing Christmas carols, exchange presents and get ready for Santa's arrival. 




Merry Christmas, Little Pookie

 Adorable Little Pookie and his mom are spending precious moments together getting ready for Christmas. They bake cookies, sing Christmas carols with neighbors, decorate the house, and snuggle up for a peaceful night of sleep. Babies will fall in love with Little Pookie's charm and zest for celebrating this very special holiday.


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