27 Magical Kids' Books about Reindeer

Olive, the Other Reindeer 

"All of the other reindeer..." and you know how the rest of the song goes. But one zany dog, named Olive, doesn't get the lyrics exactly right and experiences a case of mistaken identity. When he determines that he is such an animal (because the song says so), Olive embarks on the trip of a lifetime along with Santa and the rest of the flying four-legged creatures. An enjoyable book for kids about a wannabe who finds that his special skill set comes in handy this Christmas Eve.



 Children's Reindeer Books to Read This Christmas

Rudolph is the most famous  of all. He and eight other magical, flying creatures carry Santa's sleigh all over the world delivering presents to good girls and boys. Santa Claus  may get all the credit on Christmas morning, but he couldn't get the job done without his trusted crew, navigating dark, snowy skies, and pulling a sleigh overflowing with bags of toys. 

The littlest of readers will love these sturdy, chunky board books about reindeer flying through the dark night while the rest of the world is sleeping. Made to withstand clumsy fingers eager to explore every page filled with Santa's most beloved animal. These charming stories make wonderful gifts for baby's first Christmas or to slip into the stocking of a toddler who will love reading all about Rudolph and the rest of the gang. Lots of interactive, touch-and-feel, lift-the-flap elements that will keep little ones engaged.


 This Little Reindeer

A bright, cheery book set to the classic rhyme "This Little Piggy Went to Market". Toddlers will learn about all the things they do to get ready for Christmas, from loading to sleigh to making treats. A cute story that makes a great gift-topper for babies this holiday.


The Itsy Bitsy Reindeer

 This Christmas edition of the Itsy Bitsy series features the cutest little animals. This special helper works alongside Santa and the elves to build and deliver all the toys. Bouncy text and charming pictures will keep your toddler's attention.



 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The classic Rudolph story is condensed into this attractive board book perfect for preschoolers. On a dark, stormy night, Santa reaches out to the one with the bright red nose to safely guide the sleigh. Dreamy illustrations capture the magic and mystery of this special night.



 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Lift-the-Tab

Images from the original Rudolph television special fill the pages of this tabbed board book. Toddlers love exploring the winter wonderland and learning all about the unlikely hero who saved Christmas. This lift-the-flap interactive book is a favorite book for toddlers. 



 Jingle, Jingle, Little Reindeer 

An adorable hand-puppet book perfect for baby's first Christmas. A cute rhyming story is brought to life with the plush reindeer. Bring a touch of holiday cheer to a nursery by propping up this festive book on a shelf. 



 Little Reindeer: Finger Puppet Book 

 A plush finger puppet provides animated entertainment during story time. Die cut holes allow babies to steal glimpses of the Christmas pictures that appear on the next page. Simple text and bold illustrations will keep baby's attention.



 Ten Little Reindeer 

 A large, interactive hardcover book for toddlers packed with Christmas activities. Lift the flaps to find out what the busy reindeer are doing to prepare for the big day. Flying Santa's sleigh, helping him navigate down the chimneys, taking potty breaks, and causing a little chaos. Toddlers will practice counting and work on their eye-hand coordination.



 Peek-a-Boo Little Reindeer 

A cute little animal has picked out the perfect Christmas present for each of his friends. Toddlers can lift the soft, felt flaps to discover the hidden treats he will use to spread holiday cheer. 



 Reindeer of the Year 

A contest is underway to find the best one this Christmas. Santa and his helpers are the judges in this jubilant, rhyming book for preschoolers. Dazzling, two-way sequins decorate the cover of this festive read aloud.



 Rudolph the Changing Nose Reindeer 

Toddlers know the Rudolph has a red nose. But watch what happens to his nose when they shake this book!  Young readers will practice naming the colors as his nose changes with each wiggle. 


 Never Touch a Grumpy Reindeer! 

Little tots love touching all the familiar Christmas figures in this fun, novelty book. A silicon elf, Santa Claus, a snowman, and more friendly figures are ready for hands to explore. But be careful! There is one very unhappy reindeer who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Whatever you do, do not even think about touching him! Kids will love this rhyming story and will struggle to resist the temptation to touch the grumpy animal.


  What is Reindeer Going to do? 

 Toddlers will be thrilled to peek behind each flap and explore the little Christmas scene. This colorful board book allows little ones to practice hand-eye coordination. It's also an opportunity to have a little question and answer session with tiny tots about the scenario on each page. Bold colors with sparkly pictures will stimulate and entertain preschool readers.





Heartwarming Stories About Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

These beautiful reindeer picture books feature the iconic Christmas animal made famous by a song and classic TV special. This special  story is about the amazing transformation from outcast to hero. Rudolph graces the shelves every year in the form of plush toysChristmas tree ornaments, and book covers. And here we have presented all the best stories for you to enjoy!


Rudolph Shines Again

This is the original Rudolph story written in 1939 by the owner of the Montgomery Ward stores. In this tale, he is teased by his fellow, jealous reindeer for his shiny nose. When he turns sulky, he nose loses its special shine. It's not until he uses some of his other gifts to help a bunny family in need that his inner shine restores his nose.



 The Little Reindeer 

Black and white illustrations punctuated with red foil highlights bring to life this magical story. A little girl is awoken from a deep sleep by the jingling bells of a lost little animal She is whisked away on a whimsical adventure in the forest. A dreamy, magical story with die-cut pages that very well could become your child's favorite.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 

A beautiful hardcover gift edition of the classic Rudolph story. Unlike other versions, this 50th anniversary version is the complete, comprehensive story with many long-forgotten passages. Beautiful illustrations and gold trim add a touch of elegance to this keepsake.



 The Wild Christmas Reindeer

A best-selling masterpiece by Jan Brett about a little girl who has a most important job. She is responsible for preparing the reindeer for their Christmas Eve journey delivering gifts around the world. The more that Teeka tries to control it, the more mischievous their behavior becomes. This beautiful picture book, filled with wondrous wintery scenes, will fill your home with yuletide cheer.



 Last Stop on the Reindeer Express 

An imaginative, interactive Christmas book that takes children on a journey never to be forgotten. A little girl hops aboard the express so that she can deliver a card to her grandfather who lives a far distance away. Die cut holes and doors with flaps give readers a glimpse into exotic new places they will visit before reaching the final destination. An evocative picture book particularly touching for families who are separated by great distances over the Christmas season.



 The Littlest Reindeer 

This inspiring story is about a tiny deer who desires to be Santa's helper despite her stature. Dot tries her best to fly with the others but she just can't get it right. For every child who has ever struggled, this story will teach them to never give up. Charming pictures reflect a whimsical winter wonderland.



 Reindeer: On the Move! 

This level 4 non-fiction book is perfect for independent readers interested in learning all about these special animals Fascinating photographs of these amazing creatures fill the pages. Readers will learn all kinds of interesting facts like how fast and far they travel. Are these animals really capable of pulling Santa's sleigh?



 Santa's Story

Christmas traditions and customs are a big part of what makes the season so special. Santa learns this lesson the hard way when he can't seem to rally his reindeer on Christmas Eve. Each one is preoccupied and otherwise uninterested in doing the work the lies ahead. Santa finally remembers their ritual of reading a Christmas story together before heading out to deliver presents. After gathering around, they are ready to head off into the night.



Comet the Unstoppable Reindeer 

Hilarious twist on a Christmas Eve gone haywire. Comet experiences an unfortunate injury at the hand of an elf and finds himself replaced by an inexperienced reindeer. In all of the chaos and distraction, Comet realizes that Santa and his able-bodied reindeer have taken off without the toys. Determined to save Christmas, Comet crosses the globe frantically delivering presents, but not without some outrageous obstacles along the way.



 How to Catch a Reindeer

A festive addition to the "How to Catch" series about Comet, a who leaves the group to go on an exploration. But without Comet, the rest of the pack can't fly Santa around the world to deliver the rest of the presents on Christmas Eve. It's a good thing the Catch Club Kids come to the rescue by setting up their clever traps and rein in the errant animal in time to save the holiday. This action-packed book is part of a best-selling series that challenges the imaginations of little readers. 



 Uni the Unicorn: Reindeer Helper 

What happens when one of Santa's reindeer goes missing? This sparkly storybook highlights the importance of being a good helper during times of need. Uni recognizes that her magical powers are needed to find the missing member of the crew. Unicorn lovers will adore this cheerful story which is part of the best-selling Uni the Unicorn series. 



 Randy, the Badly Drawn Reindeer!

 Randy is back in his third book and this time he is wearing his best Christmas gear. Kids will love his uncanny resemblance to Santa's furry helpers. This funny fellow secretly wishes he could fly through the sky with Santa and the rest of his crew. Randy loves everything else about Christmas, too! The candy canes, the twinkly lights, and a sneak peak at the guy who delivers all the magic.



 The Pug Who Wanted to Be a Reindeer

Part of an entertaining chapter book series with illustrations to keep newly independent readers engaged. In this spirited holiday story, Peggy is the furry member of a very busy family. Like many households, the holidays bring about some degree of stress with a few arguments here and there. Peggy is unhappy about the state of affairs and is determined to do something about it. Dressing up as a reindeer and the disaster she leaves in her wake only makes things worse. Desperate to fix things, she plans a trip to visit Santa and seek his advice. 



 I'm a Reindeer

 Be sure to add this Little Golden Book to your child's bookshelf. This darling animal shares all kinds of fascinating information about himself. Readers learn why his fur changes color throughout the year, how he could run on his wobbly legs just a few short hours after birth, and lots of other things about himself. The most adorable pictures show this little reindeer in his natural habitat and showing off all his amazing skills and traits.


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 Reindeer Plush Gifts and Toys

A fun Christmas gift is to pair a plush or toy with a picture book. You may consider a snuggly stuffed animal, an animated toy with lights and sounds, a puzzle, or even just a matching article of clothing - like a pair of socks or shirt with a character on it.  We've saved you some time and compiled the cutest toys to give alongside a storybook.


plush reindeer toy

White-Tailed Stuffed Animal

This 12-inch stuffed toy is super soft and perfect for cuddling during story time. This little buck is also makes a great decoration during the holidays.



baby reindeer toy set

Rudolph the Toddler Set

This adorable set includes a little plush, a cute rattle, and an indestructible teether book. What a fantastic gift for baby's first Christmas!



rudolph the red nosed reindeer puzzle

Rudolph Jigsaw Puzzle

This 500 piece puzzle is based on the classic television special. All the North Pole friends appear along with the iconic animal right in the middle. Putting together puzzles with children is a magical way to spend quiet time together over the holidays.



 reindeer socks 

Soft Socks for Kids

Kids love these Rudolph no-skid socks to wear during the Christmas season. These socks are a warm and snuggly gift to give along with a  book for children.


rudolph operation game

Rudolph Operation Game

A fun twist on the classic game of Operation. This time the snow monster is the patient. The anatomy and medical terms have all been modified- jingle tingle, mistletoe, cold-shoulder- for this holiday-themed game. 




Fascinating Reindeer Facts 

Kids will be interested to learn that reindeer are actually real! Here are some pretty cool facts that will add to your reading fun.  

  • Reindeer do have red noses: Veins circulate  blood around their noses which warms up the air they breath so they don't get too cold.
  • All antlers are unique: Just like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two antlers are alike. Both male and female reindeer have them.
  • They have different names: We call them caribou if they are wild and reindeer if they are domesticated.
  • No herd is too big: Reindeer typically travel in herds ranging in size from 10 to a few hundred. Super-herds have been spotted with as many as 500,000 reindeer.
  • They like their veggies: The average adult reindeer consumes between 9 and 18 pounds of vegetation every single day!




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