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14 Adorable Santa Claus Books for Babies and Toddlers



Dear Santa: A Lift-the-Flap Book

Babies will love this interactive Christmas book from the author of the wildly popular Dear Zoo, Rod Campbell. Santa is trying to find the perfect gift to leave under the tree on Christmas eve. Little toddlerswill delight in lifting the flaps and examining all the fun objects and toys underneath. Finally, the last flap reveals the present Santa has chosen as the best Christmas gift this holiday.



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Santa Claus Books for Babies

 The spirit of a jolly, old man delivering presents every Christmas is captured in the best Santa Claus books for babies. These sturdy board books include a variety of cheery, interactive stories about Santa Claus traveling through snowy weather to bring a little bit of joy to babies everywhere. Lots of tiny tots are scared and cry the first time they get their picture taken with the big-bellied, red-suited man. Reading Santa stories ahead of time is a great way pave the way for a little smile when that first photo is snapped sitting on his lap.


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Dream Snow

Eric Carle's dreamy Christmas book is about a farmer who can't imagine the holiday without snow. He falls into a deep sleep about a winter wonderland. When he awakes, he realizes his dream has come true. He quickly dresses up as Saint Nick and delivers special presents to all of his beloved farm animals. 



Hurry, Santa!

Santa has been preparing for this night all year and he's ready to get started! There is so much to get done in one short night. But right before he is ready to board his sleigh, he realizes he has to the potty! Toddlers will laugh at this truly silly, witty Santa book.


My First How to Catch Santa Claus

Preschoolers who want to catch Santa Claus in the act of delivering presents will love this charming book. This is the story of toddler who sets creative traps all over the house with the hope of capturing Santa and giving him a great big hug.



Santa Claus and the Elves

Toddlers will love this adorable board book shaped like Santa's cottage. There are lots of slides to pull and tabs to lift the reveal little pictures of objects around Santa's home. Little ones will enjoy exploring all the cozy rooms filled with Christmas decorations and Santa's favorite things.



The Animals' Santa

Jan Brett's lusciously illustrated Christmas classic takes readers deep into the forest. A little rabbit does not believe there is a Santa for animals. When presents are magically delivered for all the furry animal friends, the inquisitive little bunny has a change of heart. Readers will love this Christmas book about a beautiful winter wonderland.


Seeking a Santa

All the little critters in the North Pole are on the lookout for the absolutely perfect Santa Claus this Christmas. The elves and the reindeer spell out all of the characteristics and job responsibilities of the jolly fellow who has a very big job. Fun prose full of Christmas spirit. 




Santa's Christmas Train

Excitement builds from the very first page as children board a train to the North Pole. Colorful Christmas pictures and fun rhyming text make this board book a fun read aloud. Follow along a joyful train ride until the kids finally arrive at Santa's workshop where they receive presents and meet Mr. & Mrs. Claus.



Teeny Tiny Santa

Teeny, tiny babies will adore this book about a pint-sized Santa with gigantic responsibilities. The charming, folksy artwork perfectly depicts a world where no one is too small for Christmas. An adorably miniscule fox is worried that he will be overlooked. When he hears Santa's tiny "Ho, Ho, Ho!", the little fox is reassured that the Christmas season includes all critters, no matter their size.




Where's Santa Claus?

Toddlers will love lifting the soft, felt flaps hiding Christmas surprises on every page of this adorable Santa Claus book. Little kiddos will enjoy exploring all fun, colorful details until the very last page! Simple word, bold illustrations, and the cutest little Santa you have ever seen.



My Santa Claus

A Santa-shaped book is a fun stocking stuffer for toddlers this Christmas. Shiny, foiled pages and a fuzzy beard add to the appeal of this simple story. Little ones will love this colorful, little book that looks great displayed on bookshelves for a special holiday touch. 


Santa and the Goodnight Train

Hop onto the Goodnight Train as it embarks on an epic race against Santa Claus and the reindeer. This magical train is headed to Dreamland, but not before it makes a special stop at the North Pole. Gorgeously illustrated bedtime book that will help your preschooler drift into sweet dreams filled with candy canes and jingle bells.



Bear Looks for Santa Claus

An endearing little bear is looking for Santa everywhere. Toddlers will have fun lifting tabs on each of the pages in search for him. Festive pictures with a variety of Christmas scenes add to the charm of this curt book.




Don't Feed Santa Claus

 Preschoolers will get a good laugh out of this tactile rhyming book. Each page features a Christmas character, starting with Santa Claus, whose mouth is wide open and ready for a treat. There are very good reasons why little kiddos should absolutely not reach through these toothy mouths with food in hand. A silly Santa Claus book just right for babies ready to explore with their little fingers.


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Best Santa Claus Books for Toddlers

Christmas is especially magical when witnessing all the sites and sounds from the perspective of a toddler. The holiday decorations that adorn storefront windows are captivating, especially when a Santa Claus is waving and smiling at passersby. Houses are illuminated with beautiful Christmas lights that twinkle in the darkness, and front yards are filled with enormous blow-up decorations in the form of various holiday figures. Toddlers in daycare have Christmas celebrations of their own, where they make little crafts, eat sugar cookies, and sing holiday songs. And the most memorable moment of all is when a little toddler has a chance to sit on Santa's lap and share a Christmas wish. To get ready for this big event, it's a good idea to read the best Santa Claus books for toddlers. 


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Fun Santa Claus Facts for Toddlers

The arrival of Santa Claus is big part of Christmas for toddlers. Little ones will leave cookies by the fireplace and perhaps even sprinkle some reindeer food across the front lawn. And best of all, they will come up with a few special gifts they hope Santa will deliver for them, wrapped up in a beautiful bow under the Christmas tree. Here are a few fun things about Santa Claus to share with toddlers during this holiday season.

  • Santa Claus has nine reindeer. Teaching toddlers the names of all the reindeer can be tough, but singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is the way most little ones learn. Their names are  Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and last but not least, Rudolph!
  • Santa does not have any children of his own. He is married to Mrs. Claus and they have lived together happily for hundreds of years in the North Pole. The generous couple devotes all of their time to children all over the world, working hard to make sure each and every one has a very special Christmas. This does not leave them any time to care for their own offspring.
  • The jolly man's favorite snack is cookies along with a cold glass of milk. It's no wonder Santa Claus has such a big belly. With kids all over the world leaving out a plate of cookies on Christmas Eve, Santa is tempted to eat them all. Sometimes he gobbles up every one, leaving just a few crumbs on the plate. But if he has had his fill, he may only take a nibble. Toddlers will kick a good giggle out of seeing just a bite out of a cookie, which probably means Santa has been to thousands of homes already.


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