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5 Best Plush Bunnies for Easter Baskets


gund easter bunny with basket 

GUND Easter Bunny With Basket

This ten-inch, plush bunny is holding a basket full of colorful eggs. Toddlers will love snuggling with this cute, soft friend while listening to their favorite holiday stories.


Plush Easter Bunny Stuffed Animals

A child's imagination is a beautiful thing. Reading expands creative thinking and teaches kids to believe that anything is possible. The best Easter Bunny books for children capture the whimsy and magic of a furry critter filling baskets with the most colorful sweet treats, like colorful jellybeans, chocolate eggs, marshmallow chicks, and lots of other surprises. There is no better way to enjoy these stories than with a soft, snuggly bunny to cuddle. Here are some of the cutest stuffed bunnies around!


Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny

This quite adorable, floppy-eared bunny is so very soft and plush. Realistic features and oversized feet add to the charm of this stuffed toy.



 personalized stuffed bunny 

Personalized Easter Bunny

 A beautiful, white bunny  is waiting to be personalized with your child's name! This plush bunny has floppy ears, black button eyes, and a cute, little nose. A very special addition to a basket full of candy. 



gund animated stuffed bunny

Baby GUND Animated Bunny

A sweet, animated bunny that is perfect for baby's first Easter.  This stuffed toy plays a song- Do Your Ears Hang Low?- when one foot is pressed, and plays peekaboo when the other foot is activated. The floppy ears even move up and down! This bunny is so soft to snuggle when toddlers are ready to quiet down and read a story.


vermont teddy bear company stuffed bunny

Vermont Teddy Bear Stuffed Bunny

The ultimate, plush bunny made of the softest material. Like all Vermont Teddy Bear products, the bunny comes with a lifetime guarantee. This high quality stuffed bunny stands eighteen inches tall, and has the longest, floppiest ears ever. If you want to spoil a little one with love, this adorable bunny is just what you need to share.


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easter bunny    

Fun Facts about the Easter Bunny 

How exactly did this unlikely critter rise to a most exciting role as the Easter Bunny. The idea that a cute bunny rabbit fills baskets with candy all around the world is magical and mysterious. But how did people come to elevate the fluffy bunny to supernatural candy-giver? Here is some fun trivia that sheds some light on this beloved bunny. 

  • The origins are traced back to the German Lutherans in 1682.
  • This first Easter Bunny was actually hare that judged children for being naughty or nice.
  • German children built nests using their hats, in hopes of the bunny leaving eggs as a  reward for good behavior.
  • Bunnies, who typically produce large litters, are associated with new life. This is why the bunny has been associated with Easter.  

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