7 Fun Jellybean Books for Kids


the giant jellybean jar

 A candy shop in town holds a weekly contest. The person guesses the answer to a riddle wins a big jar of colorful jellybeans. Ben has had his mind set on winning for quite some time, and even though he always knows the correct response to the questions, he can't find the courage to shout out his response. Feeling despondent, he hangs his head and shuffles home each and every time. When his friends recognize what is happening, they rally behind Ben and give him the boost he needs to find his voice.


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Sweetest Jellybean Picture Books

Every year when Easter approaches, bags of colorful jellybeans line the shelves of stores, waiting to join chocolate eggs, plush bunnies, and other small gifts for  baskets overflowing with goodies. The most famous brand, Jelly Belly, offers over 100 flavors that are consumed in enormous quantities- somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 billion per year- by people all over the world. Although the exact origin of this popular sweet is difficult to trace, we do know the term "jellybean" has been used for more than one hundred years. No doubt this chewy candy has evolved over the years into one of the most delicious treats delivered by a special Easter bunny. For little ones who can't get enough, here are some of the cutest children's books about jellybeans.


never feed a queen a jellybean

Hilarious and highly original board book for toddlers who will be tickled by all the silly rhymes. Never feed a queen a jellybean is just one of the many little poems about all the foods that should not be consumed by the smiling, gap-toothed characters on each page. Felt teeth encourage tactile engagement throughout. 




 it all begins with jelly beans

An engaging novel about an unlikely friendship that is forged over a bag of jellybeans. Meg and Riley are both fifth graders who are facing their own personal struggles to fit in with their peers. Life at home for Meg is a struggle, where food is scarce and money for clothing and shoes is tight. She often finds respite in the school nurse's office, a safe haven from judgmental peers and stocked with snacks. Riley, dealing with the daily challenges of diabetes, also feels better with the nurse and a bag of jellybeans in her hand. In this safe space, the two girls bond over their personal problems and figure out how to support each other.




 how many jelly beans

Math has never been more fun than in this oversized book all about jellybeans. A couple of kids, Aiden and Emma, solve a variety of numerical problems seeking the answer to a very important question- exactly how many jelly beans is too many? They work their way through an entire year figuring out how many of these delicious pieces of candy they need to satisfy their sweet tooth.



  jelly bean jumble

A darling chapter book about a fairyland, Sugar Valley, that is experiencing the dire effects of a thunder storm. The pouring rain and howling winds are disrupting life for all the fairies, ruining homes, and interfering with visits among friends. But worst of all, the jelly bean crop planted by a sweet fairy named Berry is in danger of being ruined. Will all the little fairies be able to work their magic and save the colorful candy growing in the fields? A sugary sweet book to tuck into baskets this Easter. 



my magnificent jelly bean tree

 Readers are whisked away to an imaginary land where anything is possible. From the vantage point of a spirited little boy, jelly beans grow on trees that reach high into the sky. From atop the branches, he observes a parade of clouds and glides down the magical branches of a tree that bears delicious candy. Quirky, whimsical and simply delicious treat of story that will pique the interest of kids who love fantasy.




Kids will love this fun activity book chock full of puzzles, seek-and-finds, math problems, and brain teasers all involving piles of jellybeans. Plenty of easy little tests will build the skills and confidence of young children. For kids ready for more advanced challenges, there are plenty of higher-level activities, too!



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Fun Jellybean Activity Books and Stories

Jellybeans were the original penny candy, sold by the scoopful in small markets more than a century ago. Originally a candy that was associated with Christmas, this small oval-shaped treat is now almost universally an Easter treat. First introduced in a limited number of flavors, between 5 and 10, there are now well over 100 varieties ranging from commonly sweet to outrageously disgusting. Kids who love these chewy candies will love these stories filled with jellybean facts and characters who share their passion, and especially the vibrant, colorful pictures of irresistible treats.

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