Brilliant Rainbow Gifts for Kids


Rainbow Night Light Projector

This cool projector brings a wall to life with a burst of rainbow color. Kids will love this night light that automatically turns off after 10 minutes, just when they have drifted off into a deep sleep dreaming of rainbows.



Colorful Rainbow Gifts for Kids 

Rainbows are timeless symbols of colorful happiness. For this reason, they often appear as part of toys, decorations, clothing and children's jewelry. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a rainbow-loving child, buy a children's rainbow book and add a fun rainbow-themed toy to go with it.  Rainbows after after a storm can be explained scientifically, but for children they are a magical occurrence. They are a mystical creation from a place that is always out of reach. They look like gigantic, colorful sliding boards that drops kids off into playgrounds of billowing clouds.  Rainbows may just be rays of airy light, but for kids they are so much more. There are no rules or boundaries when imagining a life filled with rainbows. So enjoy browsing this list of our favorite children's rainbow gifts and add a few to your child's bedroom.


Rainbow Night Light

This little rainbow provides just enough light for little children to feel safe at bedtime. The smooth finish of the rainbow arches are pretty and the smiling little cloud is sweet. Perfect for a baby's nursery or a young child's bedroom.


Rainbow Sterling Silver Earrings

These darling little earrings will brighten the day of a little girl who loves rainbows. Choose a children's book about rainbows and pair it up with these little rainbow earrings for a special birthday gift.


Rainbow Unicorn Hooded Blanket

An uber soft unicorn rainbow blanket that is perfect for afternoon snuggles. This machine-washable blanket will inspire imaginary play and guarantee peaceful naptime. 



Rainbow Birthday Party Decoration Kit

A rainbow party will come to life with this kit. Includes a cake topper, colorful balloons, a banner, and other rainbow-themed decorations. Bright, bold and festive.




Plush Rainbow Pillow

This 16-inch wide plush and squishy rainbow pillow will add the perfect pop of color to a child's bedroom. Bold and bright throw pillow that is comfy enough for sleepy heads to rest.



Plush Toy Set With Rainbow Case

A darling group of five magical animals that can be easily stored and toted around in a rainbow case. Pair this plush gift with a children's  book about rainbows for a very colorful birthday gift.

Rainbow Necklace

 Little girls will wear this charming rainbow necklace every day. It's the perfect gift for a rainbow-themed birthday party or just to brighten a child's day.


Rainbow Wall Décor

A touch of color to a child's bedroom with this charming rainbow wall weave and coordinating pom-pom strand. Add a couple of rainbow books to this purchase and you've got an adorable birthday or baby shower gift.



Rainbow Pop Fidget Toys

Kids will love this four-pack rainbow fidget toy with a silicone texture. These little gadgets are excellent tools used to reduce anxiety and stress. Plus they add a bold pop of color on wherever they rest.




Camelbak Rainbow Water Bottle

Drinks have never tasted better than when sipping from this colorful 14 oz rainbow bottle. Fill it with some rainbow colored candy and pair it with a children's book all about rainbows. 

Rainbow Stacker Puzzle

A popular silicone rainbow stacker provides endless options for sensory stimulation and play. Preschoolers can practice their motor skills and eye hand coordination with this flexible, easy-to-clean rainbow toy.


Pink Rainbow Stuffed Unicorn

 A soft pink plush unicorn with rainbow wings and a rainbow horn is guaranteed to brighten a child's day. At eight inches tall, she is the perfect size for snuggles and to tuck into a backpack for travel. 


Rainbow Cuddle Pal

A soft, huggable pillow filled with the softest, squishiest stuffing. Kids will love snuggling up with this colorful pillow that will add a touch of whimsy to any bedroom. 





Colorful Rainbow Trivia

  • The longest lasting rainbow ever observed graced the sky for 6 hours. On March 14, 1994 in Sheffield, England, the amazing spectrum of colors lit up the sky from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.
  • Two people observing the same exact rainbow do not see the same thing. Rainbows are optical experiences, not tangible objects that can be touched or felt. They form when light rays bend The arc, shape, and width of its color bands varies based on the viewer.
  • Earth is the only planet that has rainbows due to its liquid precipitation and sunlight. You will notice that rainbows never appear on cloudy, overcast days when the sunlight is obstructed. This optical illusion required both the light from sun and droplets from a rainstorm to be present simultaneously.
  • Rainbows only appear during or immediately after rain. That is because white light is reflected and refracted through water droplets. This light then separates into the seven different colors on the spectrum.
  • Although rainbows are most easily visible during the day, photographers have snapped their beautiful arches at night. This phenomenon is known as a moon bow. The illusion occurs when the light from the moon is dispersed through water droplets in the air. To the human eye, the bow will appear white since moonlight is dimmer than sunlight. But cameras with long exposures are able to capture the colorful arches against the dark night sky.
  • Greek philosopher Aristotle is credited with being an early pioneer in the study of rainbows. He devoted an entire book, Meteorology, Book III, to the study of light and color formation. Some of his theories were later proven incorrect, like the suggestion that rainbows were only made of three colors.  But he was the first to discover that the separation of white light into a color spectrum results in the arches that form across the sky.




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