Whimsical Unicorn Gifts for Kids

Unicorn Gifts for Kids 

One of the most magical benefits of playing with unicorn toys is that there are no rules. These imaginary creatures know no scientific boundaries or biological limitations. Reading children's books about unicorns can give a child's imagination a jump start. But from there, unicorns can be or do anything a child desires. Pair some stories with a unicorn toy below for a whimsical gift that will deliver hours of playtime.

Unicorn Plush Toy Set

A darling mother unicorn comes with four baby unicorns that can be safely stored in her pouch. The big unicorn measures 24 inches and the babies are 8 inches. This adorable set is available in a variety of colors.



Stuffed Unicorn Night Light

Dark bedrooms will come to life with the patterns created by a light inside the unicorn's belly. Stars and other fun shapes can be reflected across a child's walls and ceiling. By pushing the button, the colors will change. A comforting and magical toy that will make bedtime fun.



Squishmallow Unicorn

 A 12-inch, soft and squishy unicorn that is ready for lots of snuggles. It's a good thing this plush unicorn can be easily washed because kids are guaranteed to take it everywhere. 



Crayola Color 'N Plush Unicorn

Children can get their creative juices flowing with this unicorn craft. The kit comes with a plush unicorn and a set of washable crayola markers. Kids can color the unicorn over and over again. This toy can be thrown into the washing machine and will come out as good as new.


Unicorn Night Light

This beautiful unicorn night light adds a touch of magic to a child's bedroom. Using a remote control, kids can change the color of the unicorn. They can also alternate the mode of the light by selecting flash, strobe, fade, or smooth. Children of all ages will love the detail of this unicorn preparing to leap into flight.



Bouncy Unicorn Plush Toy

A soft unicorn for kids to bounce on and ride. They will love to imagine all the magical places their new unicorn friend will take them. This darling unicorn toy is well-made and sturdy enough to handle hours of jumping and playing. Whimsical rainbow details on the horn and rear leg add a colorful touch to this fun toy.


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unicorn party 

Children's Unicorn Books are Pure Magic

Unicorns are one of the most friendly, magical, gentle creatures that grace toy shelves, come to life in picture books and star in children's television shows. Reading unicorn books together can cultivate a child's sense of wonder and comfort in imaginary play. Here are some pretty neat tidbits about unicorns that kids will love to know.

  • Unicorns are considered the national animal of Scotland. There are tales of dominance and chivalry associated with the unicorn, dating many centuries ago. This is the likely reason why Scotland chose as the official animal of the country sometime during the 15th century.
  • skull fossil found in Kazakhstan is the closest representation to a real unicorn. This animal roamed Earth about 29,000 years ago and looked more like a rhinoceros than a horse.
  • In mythology, unicorns derive their energy by absorbing sunlight through their horns. You'll never see them eating grass or other food consumed by more ordinary animals.
  • white unicorn is believed to grant eternal happiness to whomever can get close enough to touch it.
  • At one point in time, wealthy nobles paid a high price for a unicorn's horn, called an alicorn. They believed these horns would give them good luck, healing, and even the ability to fly. In reality, the horns they purchased belonged to narwhals or rhinos.
  • Pharmacies were known to sell unicorn powder during the 17th centuryIt was thought to cure a long list of ailments, but only rich people could afford it. The unicorn's horn was reduced to powder and mixed with pearl, ivory and grains, all rare and expensive ingredients.
  • The association of unicorns with rainbows is a modern day development. Images of unicorns riding rainbows or creating colorful arcs as they fly through the sky is an invention of recent children's television shows and picture books.




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