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28 Funny Kids' Books about the Easter Bunny

The Bunny Who Found Easter

A soulful little bunny is on a quest to find Easter. He woefully hops through three seasons until he finally arrives at Spring where he finds his bunny friends and the reason for his very existence. A lovely book for young children with softly provoking illustrations.


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Humorous Children's Easter Bunny Books

Spring has sprung and so have the imaginations of all your little readers. If they open their eyes, they will surely see potential Easter bunnies furtively watching from under bushes and other outdoor hiding places, nibbling on carrots. We've gathered together a list of the best children's Easter Bunny books about the furry friend who fills baskets with chocolate versions of his likeness, a rainbow of jellybeans, and other deliciously gummy, yummy treats. Pair a cute plush Easter Bunny with some of these fun stories for a wonderful gift this season.


How to Catch the Easter Bunny

A best-selling story that will surely give your kids some ideas of their own. The thought of catching the elusive rabbit is kind of exciting. But can you really outwit this sneaky creature who has one of the biggest jobs in the world on Easter?  And if you do, who will fill baskets with colorful eggs, chocolates and jellybeans? A fun book for creative thinkers who may just put their engineering skills to work after a reading this one. 




 The Story of the Easter Bunny

Another best-selling book that gives readers a bit of history about how our hopping friend discovered his purpose in life. A long time ago, a little rabbit lived with his human mother and father. To pass time in the winter months, they would weave baskets and make chocolates. He honed his skills after years of watching them, only he took the task one step further by secretly delivering his homemade goodies to the children in town. A sweet, imaginative story of how the special delivery critter came to be.

Betty Bunny Loves Easter

Betty is a feisty, determined critter who stars in a series of picture books worthy of many readings. In this book, we learn that Betty has always dreamed of becoming the most famous rabbit herself one day. Who else could be better equipped for the job? Unfortunately, her confidence goes down the drain when she finds out that her brother and sister bunnies have actually been helping her find Easter eggs all these years. Maybe Betty isn't as clever as she thought. An entertaining look at Easter from the perspective of an ordinary animalwith extraordinary dreams.



The Littlest Easter Bunny 

What a perfect little book, with a bonus sheet of stickers, to place in an Easter basket! Penny is simply the cutest, littlest bunny with the biggest heart. She desperately wants to participate this year but her tiny stature does not lend itself to painting gigantic eggs, weaving large baskets, or making huge marshmallow treats. Readers, little like Penny, will be eager to find out how this teeny bunny can join in on the festivities.



The Berenstain Bears' Baby Easter Bunny

Quite an adorable, lift-the-flap book featuring our beloved Berenstain Bears! It's a very special morning and, much to the surprise of Brother and Sister, they find a baby bunny in their basket. Instead of going on an egg hunt, the siblings and their new pet head out in search of other baby bunnies. Toddlers will love peaking under each flap to find all sorts of little critters. 



Splat the Cat: Where's the Easter Bunny? 

A fun lift-the-flap book for Splat the Cat fans. Even kitty cats love the mysterious critter who delivers colorful eggs every year. Splat wants to ensure that he gets a gigantic egg this year, so he heads out in search of the evasive rabbit to make his request. Little kids will love lifting all the flaps as they help Splat the Cat on his mission.

The Easter Bunny's Assistant

Well, of course there is an assistant. How could he possibly do such a big job all by himself? There is one big problem, though. His helper is as bit too excitable, and as a result, emits an odor that does not bode well for egg preparations. A humorous, silly book with cartoon-like illustrations is perfect for some lighthearted fun.



Fancy Nancy And The Missing Easter Bunny 

Fancy Nancy is in a little bit of trouble. A class pet, one that is perhaps very important to kids all over, comes home stay with her family for the weekend. In true Nancy style, things don't go according to plan and the critter goes missing. A cute book with all the frills that Nancy brings, and a page full of colorful stickers as an added bonus.


 Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny!

Duck and Goose, the cutest, most clever best friends ever, have hatched a plan!  A sturdy, vibrant board book takes toddlers on a fun adventure searching for Easter eggs and participating in other fun activities. Lots of giggles in this colorful holiday book for toddlers.


The Easter Bunny’s Present Hunt 

A delightful seek-and-find book that takes children on a tour through the famous bunny's chocolate factory. This beautifully illustrated book is packed full of interactive elements on every page and intricately detailed pictures to explore. Children will come away with a new appreciation for all of the hard work as he makes his rounds filling baskets with toys and candy.



Easter Bunny's Amazing Day

In a less commercial story, this book focuses on the real meaning of Easter. Told from the perspective of a shy and timid little bunny, children learn about love, comfort and joy through their relationship with Jesus. 



Bunny's Easter Egg:

Simply the sweetest bedtime story around! A little bunny is so worn out from delivering eggs to all the girls and boys that he just can't muster up the energy to make his final stop. So he takes the egg back home and prepares to settle in for a much deserved night of sleep. But when the egg starts crackling, the bunny moves from place to place trying to find a quiet resting spot. Beautiful artwork enhances this gentle Easter story.

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

A true classic about a mother (of 21!) bunnies who somehow still manages to reach the pinnacle of her career by being named Easter Bunny. The illustrations have been cherished by readers for decades, and even more, the story has resonated with millions of readers of all ages. There is a lesson for both the young and the old in this inspirational story of hard work, perseverance, responsibility and goal-setting. Settle in for a lengthy children's book that is well worth your time.


The Easter Bunny That Overslept 

We've all done it- hit the snooze button a few too many times thus arriving late to school, work, or whatever other obligations are on our busy schedules. For this bunny, he happens to oversleep on the single most important day of the year- Easter. He awakes in a panic and hustles to make his special deliveries, but no one seems to want his colorful eggs on Mother's Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween, or any other holiday. An endearing story about problem solving that will elicit empathy for those of us who have been in the bunny's shoes, so to speak.


 The Itsy Bitsy Bunny 

In an adorable twist on a classic, a tiny bunny is busy hiding all of his eggs in time for Easter. Children will get a kick out of singing the words to this book to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider. The chunky board book is perfect for your baby's  basket this year.



 The Easter Egg 

A gorgeous book about a very determined rabbit.  Hoppi wants to be chosen as the special helper by making the perfect  egg. This task does not prove to be easy.  Sadly, Hoppi retreats into the woods and stumbles upon a blue robin's egg. He watches over the egg until the bird safely hatches, and the empty egg is ultimately chosen as the winner by the most famous bunny. Kids and adults alike will appreciate the beautiful artwork on every page.


Here Comes the Easter Cat

A funny book about a cat who wants in on all the fun. Why should a rabbit be the only one who gets to deliver all the eggs? The only trouble is that this cat is not exactly cut out for all the hard work. He knows how to be cool (he drives a Harley) and he knows how to be stylish (he rocks a sparkling outfit), but he sure doesn't know how to put in a long day without his (multiple) cat naps! Lots of fun and laughs in this lighthearted book.


Easter Bunny Flap Book 

Preschoolers will love this lift-the-flap book where they join a cast of friendly animals on an egg hunt. They will have fun searching for and counting the colorful eggs. 



How to Track an Easter Bunny

A group of clever kids comes to the realization that they need to track the elusive bunny in to find all the Easter eggs. So they gather their supplies to expertly track his next move. Vibrant pictures and a rhyming story work well for some fun reading. A bonus page in the back includes the real history behind tracking.



The Easter Bunny's Helpers

It's an Australian Easter! The bunny needs some help delivering all the eggs this year. How will he choose the best animal for the job when Emu, Kangaroo, and Koala are all equally qualified? Maybe he can put everyone to work in this inclusive Easter story to add to your collection.



Peppa the Easter Bunny

Peppa Pig always has a fun plan! In this cute board book, her mom and dad are busy hiding eggs for an  egg hunt planned for Peppa and her friends. Peppa seems to disappear in the middle of the party...but then a strangely familiar, pink, furry animal shows up. A cute, fun book for preschoolers who love Peppa Pig.



The Easter Bunny's Vacation

We all need a vacation every once in awhile to relax and refuel. This is especially true for a very busy rabbit who happens to have a most exhausting job. In this clever and relatable story, a most famous, furry critter is enjoying his vacation so much that he contemplates permanent retirement. But how can he possibly stop working when all the children around the world will be saddened? 


The Berenstain Bears Meet the Easter Bunny

This first I Can Read story is the perfect size to tuck into the basket of a beginner reader. The Berenstain Bears are excited to dye eggs and enjoy yummy treats, but for some reason the special guest never shows up. So the resourceful Bear family jumps into action to save the holiday. 



My Magical Easter Bunny

This darling board book is perfect for babies and toddlers. There are tons of interactive elements, like wheels to spin and tabs to pull, on every single page. The story itself is a short, sweet and simple introduction to this magical bunny that delivers sweet treats on Easter morning. 



Baby Touch and Feel easter bunny 

Toddlers will love all the tactile features in this book about little, furry animals. In addition to the fuzzy bunny, a bunch of other baby animals are introduced in cute rhymes. A hedgehog, a fawn, and a raccoon are just a few. A cute addition to a baby's basket.


Bunny Finds Easter

A rabbit who delivers treats may play a big role in celebrating the holiday, but this book teaches toddlers what Easter is really all about. An easy-to-understand introduction to the religious reason people gather together to worship.


Where's the Bunny?: An Egg-cellent Search Book 

A creative and unique seek-and-find adventure! A terrible disaster occurred in the workshop. After the little rabbit helpers finish decorating the chocolate eggs, they accidentally fall down the rabbit hole into Fairyland. Readers go on a magical journey to find all the eggs, meeting Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, and other popular fairy tale figures along the way.


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Laugh-Out-Loud Easter Bunny Stories

A magical, mystical occurrence happens every year at Easter. A most unlikely creature somehow hops all over the world, delivering the very thing that many parents try to keep out of the mouths of their babes- colorful jelly beans, rich chocolate eggs, gooey marshmallow chicks, and so much more! We work so hard to feed our kiddos the rainbow (of fruits and veggies), but the Easter bunny has an entirely different trick up his sleeve- and it has kids over-the-moon excited at the sugary prospect. Find us a kid who doesn't want to read more all about this bunny's life, how he manages to get his job done, and every sweet detail that goes into his preparations. 



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