14 Sneaky Raccoon Books for Kids


you are a raccoon
A fun, interactive story that teaches little readers all about the life of a raccoon. Kids will learn about their nocturnal habits, when they first develop stripes, and how they hunt for food. Sweet pictures and engaging text is on level for toddlers and preschoolers.



Fascinating Children's Books About Raccoons

Although it's always a good idea to stay away these sneaky creatures, reading about raccoons is good, harmless fun. The best picture books bring these nighttime critters to life with their uncanny ability to solve problems, climb trees, hunt for food, and generally cause quite a bit of mischief. The stories are usually about secretive, solitary adventures, though some authors deviate a bit by featuring friendly, good-natured raccoons. Be sure to read non-fiction raccoon books for kids who are interested in learning about the habitats, behaviors, and other interesting facets about these mysterious nocturnal critters.


revenge of the raccoons
The raccoons are sick and tired of sneaking around eating scraps left behind by humans. They have a reputation as scavengers that steal food, knock over trash cans, frighten pets, and scamper through the streets like bandits. These bold animals have decided it's time to take back the city that belongs to them, so they boldly bother the police, run through subway cars, and cause massive chaos. A humorous book that will only reinforce how most people already feel about these scoundrels.



Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories 

A touching story about woodland creatures who are mourning the loss of a beloved squirrel. Skiddel has had a accident and will never return again to play with his friends. Chester Raccoon, with the encouragement of his mother, organizes a gathering whereby all in attendance share their favorite memories. A wonderful story to read when a child experiences a loss.



the kissing hand

The first book in the best-selling series about a mother raccoon and her son who have a very special bond. In this story, Chester is headed to school for the very first time. Like many young ones, he is nervous about being separated from his mother. To make him feel at ease, Mrs. Raccoon shares a special that will warm Chester's heart every time he feels insecure or alone.




the secret pizza party

A hilarious book about a raccoon who will go to great lengths to get his hands on some pizza. Thoughts of crispy, cheesy delicious pizza consume his thoughts all day long. Whenever he gets a whiff of a hot, pipping slice, the raccoon does his very best to get his paws on it. Unfortunately, humans always catch him in the act and chase him away. So the clever critter decides to plan a secret pizza party. He's so excited about the event that he forgets one important detail- it needs to be kept a secret! 



super manny stands up

An empowering story about standing up to bullies features an unlikely protagonist- a superhero raccoon. This masked figure faces all of his imaginary nemeses with unwavering courage. He defeats alien robots and cloud monsters just by staring them down. But the real challenge is confronting a mean kid in the school cafeteria. Readers will cheer on Manny as he valiantly faces the one person who makes him quiver in his cape.



raccoon and the hot air balloon

An inspirational story told from the perspective of a raccoon who is always dreaming of adventure. After helping a baby bird back to its nest, the raccoon decides he wants to fly. As luck would have it, the animal comes across a hot air balloon that whisks him high into the sky. When he's ready to land, an eagle friend cleverly solves the problem by weighing down the balloon with stones. Not satisfied with living a slow life on land, the raccoon embarks on an exciting ride in a speed boat. Lots of important messages shared in this colorful book about a curious raccoon.



Poor Granny makes a terrible mistake during her duties as a cat sitter. The job should be an easy one, mostly involving cuddle time on the couch with the family kitty. But when Granny loses her glasses and the cat slips out the door, all kinds of trouble follows. When an opportunistic raccoon enters the home, Granny mistakes it for the cat. From there, the illustrations perfectly capture the utter chaos and confusion that follows.

moonlight madness

An illustrated chapter book for beginners about a devoted ranch dog who has met his match. When an orphaned raccoon comes to live on the property, the little scoundrel causes a whole lot of trouble. The frisky critter is especially active under the light of the moon. No matter how hard Hank the Cowdog tries to keep the situation under control, his plans backfire.



bedhead ted

A quirky story about a boy who is the target of teasing due to his unruly red hair. His carrot top is so wild that it traps all kinds of that get buried deep within. Lucky for Ted, his best friend Stacy doesn't mind his hair. Together they go on a quest to capture the Brookside Beast, a terroristic raccoon that is wreaking havoc everywhere. On this adventure, Ted finally learns that having a head of hair that can catch even the most elusive targets can be a gift. A ludicrous cartoon that generates lots of laugh out loud moments.



the robber raccoon
A highly original, rhyming story about a raccoon with a surprise happy ending! Like most raccoons, Rosie seems to be a critter up to a bit of mischief. She has entered the homes of her friends (Bear, Flamingo, and Snake) and taken objects that do not belong to her. Officer Skunk jumps into action and catches Rosie red-handed, only to find she has stolen worthless junk. In a nod to the importance of recycling, the story concludes with Rosie repurposing all of these things into something everyone can enjoy.



amazing animals raccoons 

A non-fiction book about raccoons for elementary school children is chock full of close-up photographs. Readers will learn all about where raccoons live, what they eat, and how they behave in a variety of situations. An engaging Native American folktale provides some thought-provoking ideas about why raccoons have masks. A solid addition to include for kids curious about raccoons.



raccoon cubs in the wild  

Beautiful photographs of a mother raccoon and her cubs give kids a chance to examine these elusive critters. Readers will be fascinated to learn about all the important things the cubs need to learn before they are ready to venture off on their own. This accessible non-fiction book provides information about the diet, habitat, and behaviors of baby raccoons. There is also an informative diagram labeling all of the body parts along with a helpful glossary of terms.



raccoon's perfect snowman

Raccoon has spent an entire season becoming a master at building snowmen. So during the next snowfall, he invites Fox, Mouse and Rabbit to follow his instructions for crafting the perfect snowman. Not surprisingly, the other animals are not very successful. It seems Raccoon has taken all the best snow, necessary tools, objects, and other items to finish the job. A valuable lesson about sharing and being a bit more cooperative during playtime.


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Why Read Stories About Raccoons

Some children's books get creative by presenting these furry mammals as woodland creatures ready to befriend others. The reality is that raccoons prefer to be alone most of the time, much the same as other nocturnal animals like porcupines. They will get together to mate and raise the offspring, and may even live in small groups with other raccoons. Otherwise, these animals prefer a life incognito and spend all daylight hours hiding high in trees or in the shelter of dens. When raccoons do come in contact with humans, they behave aggressively by hissing, scratching, and biting. So be sure to remind kids that despite the friendly nature raccoons display in books, in reality they are quite nasty and should be avoided at all costs.

There are lots of critters that emerge from the darkness like skunks, and slink through backyards when humans have retreated into their homes for the night. These animals do not like to be seen during daylight hours, so they stay hidden in dens, burrows, and deep in the woods until the sun sets and they can move about freely. There is something creepy, mysterious, and fascinating about nighttime critters that creep, crawl, and swoop through the darkness scavenging for food and avoiding human contact. These stories will give kids a look at what these animals, just like raccoons, do when the rest of the world is sleeping.


Facts About Raccoons

Inquisitive kids who want to know even more about raccoons will find these facts about the sneaky critters to be pretty interesting. Similar to bats, they are nocturnal by nature. There is something mysterious and perhaps a little frightening when a child catches a glimpse of the bushy figure slinking away in the dark. Since these animals are notoriously private and difficult to observe in action, here is some trivia for kids curious to understand raccoons and their behaviors.
  • Raccoons are carriers of parasites and disease. Kids should always be warned to stay far away from raccoons. Second to bats, raccoons are the most rabid wild animals, oftentimes without displaying any obvious symptoms. Rabies, although rare, is fatal in humans unless treated immediately. Raccoons also carry raccoon ringworm, leptospirosis, and distemper. These diseases can cause neurological damage and other serious problems. Since raccoon feces contaminates soil, it is essential that kids always wash hands after playing outdoors.
  • Raccoons are opportunistic eaters.They can survive eating pretty much anything. Raccoons feed on acorns, grasshoppers, mice, frogs, insects, and berries. They are also rummage through trash, so if when garbage cans are tipped over with contents spread across the driveway, chances are a raccoon is the culprit. These scavengers will gobble up pet food, bird seed, small mammals, bird eggs, and pretty much anything that catches their attention.
  • Raccoons are highly intelligent. Research has suggested that a raccoon's intelligence is higher than a domestic dog or cat, and perhaps just slightly lower than that of a monkey. A series of cognitive studies demonstrated that they can work through a variety of challenges in order to get their paws on food. They are incredibly curious and persistent in nature, and will not give up easily when trying to solve a problem usually around acquiring food.
  • Raccoons have incredible dexterity. With five long, slender toes on each of their front and back paws, they can manipulate objects their environment much like humans. These clever animals can turn doorknobs, open boxes, lift latches, and even twist the lid of jars. For this reason, it is very challenging to keep outdoor areas safe from raccoons prying paws.




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