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15 Stinky Kids' Skunk Books

Skunk and Badger
A funny, award-winning book that tells the story of Skunk who moves in with Badger in a less-than-ideal roommate pairing. The problem is that no one ever wants to live with Skunk, for obvious reasons, so he is accustomed to not receiving warm greetings. The ensuing scenes, brilliantly depicted through textured artwork, deliver many laughable moments both in the chaos and facial expressions of the characters. 


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Smelly Kids' Books About Skunks

Kids probably know the most important thing about a skunk. When the black critter with the distinctive white stripe is spotted, head in the opposite direction to avoid a very stinky encounter. These animals are actually quite a nuisance beyond their notorious behavior for spraying a terrible odor on anyone or anything that crosses its path. They dig holes in lawns and can even damage a home's foundation if they burrow underneath. Skunks rummage through trash cans, much other equally unpopular animals whose behaviors are described in kids' raccoon stories. Poultry farmers especially dislike skunks as they often will break in to pilfer eggs and sometimes even the chickens themselves.  


If You Wake a Skunk
A couple of cute campers spot a skunk that is deep in slumber. Told in fun rhyme, this story captures the curiosity of youngsters who wonder whether or not to disturb the furry critter. Readers will be begging them to leave the animal alone, knowing full well the outcome of their actions if they disturb the skunk. A page in the back includes a lot of factual information for kids who want to learn a bit more.



The Secret Life of the Skunk

The perfect non-fiction book to read for kids who want to learn more about how skunks survive in the wild. Readers are introduced to baby skunks, or kits, who learn how to forage for food, defense themselves against predators, and find the perfect place to establish a den. Enchanting illustrations take readers on a picturesque journey into the mysterious ways skunks communicate, behave, and navigate the world around them.




Skunk on a String
A wordless picture book takes readers on a journey through the urban skies of a busy city. A skunk whose tail is tied to a balloon sails above a parade, past windows of skyscrapers, over a zoo, and eventually lands atop a ferris wheel. Along the way, the skunk pleads with those around him to free him from the string. Eventually he is released only to find life on the ground dull and uninspiring. So the clever skunk finds a way to fly once again.




A silly book that will appeal to little ones who love to laugh about stinky things. Pure, rhyming nonsense about skunk volcanoes, skunk King Kongs, and other preposterous versions of the smelliest animal around. Funny pictures of characters experiencing the gross odors emitting from giant, fluffy tails of oversized skunks.





 A fantastic book for kids who want to learn everything possible about skunks. The photographs are interesting to explore, depicting a variety of skunks with different stripes, coloring, and physical features. Readers will learn about the habitats, behaviors, diets, and other aspects of this highly recognizable mammal. As an added bonus, kids will enjoy the Native American folktale that offers an interesting explanation for the smelly nature of skunks.




Something Stinks!

 An ironic story about a black and white critter that is overwhelmed by a pungent odor. The pervasive stink invades his sensibilities, sending the super-sleuth skunk on a mission to find the source of the offensive smell. Kids will laugh at the ridiculous, not-so-smart mammal as it cannot seem to escape, or identify, the root cause of the problem.



The Skunk

A proper, tuxedo-clad man finds himself in a bit of a predicament. Ever since a skunk appeared at his front door, the man has not been able to shake himself free of the pesky pest. Through the city street, a fairground, and even the opera house, the skunk is always just a few steps behind. But when the determined man finally leaves the city to escape his annoying follower, he finds that he may be just a tad lonely. Funny illustrations and lots of different ways to interpret this clever story.



A Skunk in My Bunk!

A terrific book on phonics for kids who are beginning to sound out words on their own. Catchy rhymes and creative word positioning provides context clues for kids learning how to read. In addition to a skunk on the bunk, readers will laugh at the other humorous scenarios while building confidence in their reading ability.



Skunk Kits in the Wild

The cutest baby skunks, called kits, are raised by a loving mother who shows them how to find the perfect den, search for food, and survive in the wild. A non-fiction book full of skunk facts and accompanied with fascinating photographs will satisfy the curiosity of kids who want to learn more about these stinky animals.



The Daily Sniff

Ted is a darling dog who sniffs his way around town, learning everything he can through his sharpened sense of smell. One day he has the chance to put his special skill to good use. Ted comes across a baby skunk who has been separated from his family. Putting his nose to the test, the pup searched high and low until he finds the matching odor and reunites the little kit with the rest of his bunch.



Sydney & Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World

 The most unlikeliest of friends, a skunk and a hedgehog, live a very peaceful, safe life in a burrow they call home. One day the two decide that they are missing out on all the beauty and adventure the world has to offer. So they set out on a journey to explore and experience all the natural wonders, and learn how to navigate a few dangerous obstacles along the way. An easy chapter book for beginner who will want to dive into the rest of the series.




The Not-So-Stinky Skunk

A short and sweet chapter book about Lily, a rescue dog who was adopted by a loving family. Knowing what life is like struggling to survive, the tender-hearted pup has a soft spot for animals who are struggling. So when Lily goes camping with her family and has an encounter with a skunk that lost its stink, she knows the poor critter can't survive an attack by predators. Lily decides she must rescue the most unlikeliest of animals to join a shelter- a skunk! A heartwarming, feel-good story about the importance of taking care of others.


Sammy the Skunk's Super Sniffer

A fun alphabet book for preschoolers about a skunk who does his best to help whenever he can. So when a new cook is hired at school, Sammy eagerly runs to the kitchen to help. But this time, his super sniffer causes more hard than good. A cute story with whimsical pictures will appeal to young readers.



Smelly Skunks

Large, close-up photos of skunks fill the pages of this non-fiction picture book. Readers will learn facts about how and why they spray smelly odors. Lots of other information about the lives, survival strategy, habitats, diets, and mating rituals is included. Great supplemental, easy-to-understand material for young children interested in animals.


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Kids Love Children's Books About Skunks 

Reading to children about the kinds of animals they don't get to readily observe will keep them engaged and interested in learning more. And more importantly, kids will understand more about natural wildlife and how to stay safe when playing outdoors. Fun stories about skunks weave facts about their behaviors and personalities by the way they engage with others, sneak around in the dark, and cause a lot of mischief. An excellent way to supplement fictional stories is by reading non-fiction skunk books. They are filled with facts about what they eat, how they reproduce, where they live, and what to do if you cross paths with a sneaky, stinky skunk.


skunk book



Interesting Facts About Skunks

For obvious reasons, skunks are not the most popular animals to spot when spending time outdoors. Although they are not feared for their physical aggression, the smelly spray they emit as a defense mechanism is offensive enough to send people running. There are lots of home remedies to get rid of the smell, such as combining hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap into a mixture for objects, pets, or people who have had unfortunate encounters with skunks. But beyond their stinky sprays, there are lots of other facts about skunks that are almost equally unappealing and, well, grotesque.

  • Skunks like to dig. Equipped with strong forefeet and long nails, skunks can tear up golf courses, gardens, and front lawns in search of grubs, earthworms, and other food buried in the dirt. When in search of shelter, these destructive animals have been known to find opening in foundations from which to create burrows. In doing so, they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.
  • Spraying is a last resort. When skunks feel cornered or threatened, they have an arsenal of defense mechanisms they utilize before actually lifting their tails to spray the infamous odor upon predators. Stomping feet, growling, spitting, fluffing its fur, and shaking its tail are all tactics they utilize to frighten enemies away.
  • They carry a lot of diseases. The most serious of these is rabies, which is deadly for humans and pets who are bitten or otherwise come in contact with an infected animal. People should be weary of skunks that are walking around during the daytime, as this is a likely sign of disease. There are two classifications of skunk rabies that are both equally dangerous. Skunks who are "furious" and aggressively attack humans are a serious threat. Equally concerning are skunks who present with "dumb" rabies, and behave in a lazy or indifferent manner toward people.
  • Skunks can survive in a variety of habitats. For this reason, people need to accept the fact that these smelly creatures will always live close by, as long as there is access to water. They set up dens about 2 miles from food and water sources, preferably in brush hollows, logs, and abandoned animal burrows. But sometimes these unwelcome creatures will take up residence under porches, decks, and other structures around a house.


    skunk book


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